Booty Call-iquette When You’re Single and Dating

Single Dating Diva is just a gem if I do say so myself and her Booty Call-iquette hits the nail on the head. Since most of my Titty Tuesday posts are about Booty Calls, I think we should set some ground rules 😉 When you’re finished, head on over to her blog and check out the lovely Miss Diva!

Suzie the Single Dating Diva

Booty CallBooty Call-iquette?  What’s that?  Well, first let’s define the infamous “Booty Call” … not everyone knows what it is.  A “Booty Call” is a gratuitous sexual encounter with someone who you don’t want a real relationship with.  Typically, these occur late at night and originate in a middle of the night call or text from an ex or a lover looking to get a piece of your booty for some casual sex  Most people have encountered this, whether they take the bait or not is not important, but when you’re single and dating these events occur quite often.  When you’re not in a relationship, and have needs, it works for a while, but there are some essential things to keep in mind when engaging in Booty Call behavior … yes, there is a Booty Call-iquette.

Booty Call-iquette When You’re Single and Dating

The Good

Booty Calls work great for short-term…

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