Yes, Another One!

Hello There Readers!

Yes, it’s time for another story.  head over to Singles Warehouse and read my SWSEXPERT post called Inch By Inch . I think it may become a little series of sorts.  I kind of like James’ style!

I was invited to be on of the Singles Warehouse editors and I am pretty excited about it.  I think once I get a bit more organized and get the Naughty Writers as excited as I am, it will all flow very easily and will be a fun project!

I do have another super secret project in the works that I am hoping comes to fruition soon. I’ll give you a little hint…it’s a magazine opportunity 🙂  I am so happy to have been invited to partake in such a great experience and can’t wait to get it rollin’!

Eventually, I will get back on track with my regular blogging and catch you up on some things, but until school starts, i am trying to stay away from the computer desk a little bit and clear my head.  I hope you understand and will forgive me.  I have come to some very interesting revelations about my life and I will share soon!

For now, go read Inch By Inch and be sure to leave me some comment love!