Wish You Were Here

 Sometimes readers…you have to take care of things yourself.

I can’t wait any longer.  It’s been weeks since you’ve been home.  I know you told me I’m not allowed to touch my toys but I can’t handle it anymore.   I don’t know what else to do.  I need some release.

When I hear your voice on the phone, I close my eyes and imagine your hot breath on my neck as you’re speaking.  Your voice turns me on and always has.  Then when you sent the photo of you holding the glass of alcohol, I could only focus on your fingers.  I was nearly salivating; I wanted them in my mouth so bad.  You know how bad my oral fetish is.  I wanted to feel each one of them caress my lips before I took them in with my tongue and sucked your taste off of each one.  I want your hands all over me, inside of me.  I want them, I want you.

Just thinking about you has me wet.  I know a toy is no substitute for you, but I don’t know what to do.  My only concern is that you will know when you get home what I am about to do.  I can’t lie to you.  You always see right through me.  I’d never even attempt to lie to you.

My bag of goodies has been tucked away for some time now.  I’ve never needed anything but you, and you’d much rather watch me get off while you are using your hands or tongue than if you were to use a toy on me.  Looking through these toys has me a bit excited I must admit; I absolutely have to get myself off tonight or I will burst!  I think the purple one will do.  It’s not very big but it always touches the right places.   I turn it on and a squeal of delight escapes my lips.  I need to cum.  I hope you won’t be upset.

My nipples are already hardened and sensitive.  A gentle brush over one as I am preparing the bed has sent me into electrifying goosebumps.  I lie down and close my eyes, imagining you with me.  I grab both breasts in my hands and squeeze and knead them roughly as you so often do.  I love when you’re rough with me then calm me with sweetness.  I trail one hand down my tummy to my bare pussy and part the lips to find my clit.  I touch it and oooohhhh the current through my body has me breathless.  I arch my back wanting more…wanting you.

The toy I chose has a powerful vibration and when I place it against my clit, it’s like an electric shock pulsing through me. I continue rolling my nipple through my fingers as I lightly touch my clit with the vibrator and Mmmmmm yeah ohhhh my God that is so good!  I have to take a breath.  It’s so hard for me to hang on and make myself cum.  It’s why I like that you’re so dominant.  You MAKE me take it.  I put the vibrator back to my clit and force myself to take it as I feel the wetness dripping from my pretty, pink pussy.  I move the vibrator down and tease the outer edges of my juicy slit.  Oh  how I wish that was your cock head teasing me.

I drop the vibrator and push my fingers inside my wet pussy, feeling the soft inner walls as my fingers curl into the soft bundle of nerves that will make me cum hard.  I could hear your voice in my head, “Not yet Kitten, it’s not time for you yet.”  I love when you call me that.  I revert to your obedient little girl with the pet names you give me.  I ease my fingers out with a gush of my own juices and bring my fingers to my lips so I can taste what should be yours.  I suck each finger imagining they were yours as the fire burns hotter inside of me.

I’m so wet and creamy, all I could think about is you.  I keep my eyes closed and feel how swollen my clit has become.  My skin, soft and velvety smooth, is demanding more.  I move my fingers over every inch of my pussy before inserting them inside slowly again.  Moaning louder now and imagining you with me I move my fingers faster, thrusting them inside of me deeper as my thumb moves over my clit.  Fuuuuck this is so good, I want to cuuuuuum.  My breath is faster, my heart is racing and I can hear my vibrator still buzzing where I left it.  I pick it up and push it deep inside of me.   OhMyGod I am going to cum!

I feel like I am outside myself watching as I furiously pump my vibrator and fingers deep inside of my throbbing wet pussy.  My eyes are still closed, my back arched and I need this more than ever.  I try to bite my lips to quiet my moans, but the pain just intensifies my need.  Finally my body begins to shudder, my thighs quiver and ohhhhhhh I’m cummming!   The juices are so warm on my pussy lips and all I hear in my head is you, “That’s my good girl, that’s my Kitten, cum for me.”  My senses intensify as I’m lost in an uncontrollable, body racking series of orgasms.  I open my eyes and see stars.  I’m drenched in sweat and cum, and now I’m tired.  Think I better take a nap.  Baby…please don’t be upset with me.  This is all because I need you soooo bad.  I can’t wait until you’re home to take care of me properly.  I wish you were here.