When You Come

When you come it’s going to be short and sweet.   Well maybe not so sweet…it’s going to be nasty.  Very Nasty.  We’ll never forget it and we won’t ever regret it.

When you come I want to be sucked.  I want to be fucked.  I want to be filled.   We’ve talked about it time and again.  We’ve played it out, now lets put ALL of those naughty thoughts to use, not just the basic ones…EVERY one.  Let’s leave no stone unturned.  If we’ve fantasized about it, let’s make it happen.

Pin Me Against The Wall

I want you to take me.  Pin me against the wall, against the desk, against the bed.  Wrap my wrists in your hands, press your body against mine and take me.  Show no mercy, don’t stop.  Make me scream as you enter me.  Make me squeeze around you as you pound me harder.

When you come I want you to Own me.  I want you to watch as my eyes roll back into my head.  I want you to smile at me knowing the control you have as I lie there sweaty, twitching, crying for more, begging for more, needing you more.  Only you can have this control.

Hips Bucking, Body Trembling

When you come, I want to be your obedient little girl, hips bucking, body trembling…swollen, clenching, responding to your every touch, every thrust, every lick.   I want you to realize how empty I have been without you, how I ache for you every day, how there has never been anyone who could make me theirs before you.

I want you to stretch me to fit you.  I want you to show me what I have been missing, show me what I am here for.  I want you to show me who this pretty little pussy was made for.

Our Stress Dripping Down My Legs

When you come, don’t hold back.  Ruin my pussy so that no other man can please it.  Make me crave every inch of you so that each time you’re in me is better than the last.  Let me milk your throbbing, perfect cock until you can’t hold back any longer.

When you come, I want every bit, every drop.  I want all of you on me, in me, around me.  I want to taste you, please you, obey you, and amaze you.  Every last ounce of your seed is mine.  Every inch of you is mine.

When You Come.

I want you to feel it as all of our stress, our worries, melt away as you fill me then go dripping down my legs.  I need it so badly.  I’ve been waiting for you.  I’ve been saving up all my sexual energy for you.

When you come, I am your toy.  I am your cum slut.  I am your perfect little play thing.  I am yours…and I am Owned.