Turning The Tables

Apparently he didn’t realize that once a woman meets me, they love me too.  Yes, that’s right, “Love”.  What can I say?  I’m graced with a natural ability to love and be loved even if I am single, but I think that is more because of the walls I have up than anything else.  Or, maybe it’s because of my poor choice in lovers.  I can’t say this choice was any better.

When he told me he could no longer be a part of my life because of his relationship, I don’t think he realized that I had already begun talking to his girlfriend.  I had known ahead of time that if I didn’t take the first steps and introduce myself, that she would get a bit hesitant about me being around him.  Oh hell, let’s be honest, she would have turned bat shit crazy and made sure he wasn’t allowed to see me.  Funny thing was, this time it wasn’t her banning me, it was him shutting me out.  Apparently he couldn’t trust himself with me.  Guess he forgot that I don’t play games…well, unless I’m invited by both parties.

Before he made his decision to get rid of me, his girlfriend and I had been discussing what to do for their 3 month anniversary.  She wanted to show him right off the bat that she was ok with him being with other women… as long as she was around.  Somehow, as usual, I became the playmate.  When I told her about his text message, she laughed and told me not to worry about it.  We made a deal to keep hanging out, and well, playing around until their anniversary and then we would leave it up to him.  Let’s just say she and I hit it off and I guess technically she was cheating on him with me!  he had no idea how the tables had been turned.

The Big Day

By the time the big third month anniversary came, we had all kinds of plans.  He was at work for the day and since she was still between jobs, we had all day to get the house ready.  We went grocery shopping early so that we could make sure dinner was in the oven, we cleaned like crazy shedding our clothes as we got hot from working so hard, then in our bare nakedness, we went out to the backyard to pick flowers from the garden to place all over the house.  It was a good thing they got a house with a high back fence!

When we had finished with our chores and adorning the house with small luxuries, we decided to shower and get clean for what would be a night to remember…at least for him.  We’d become pros at our little escapades!

Their shower was amazing.  It was literally the full corner of a large bathroom, tiled in, with shower heads on three walls and glass doors.  There were stone corners for shampoo or whatnot, but they kept candles on each corner.  The soaps and shampoos were neatly stored on a little shelf under one of the shower heads but it was classy, not messy.  Each time we had taken a shower together before, it had turned into a little fun.  This time though, we were going to be good and wait to have any fun until he got home.  Well, at least we tried.

Turning the Tables

It wasn’t long before I felt her soft fingers in my folds.  I was going to try to resist, but her kisses on my nipples mixed with how she played with my clit made the moment irresistible.  It was but a moment before her tongue dipped in and out of my pussy making my ass clench and my body tingle.  I could barely stand when she sucked my clit into her mouth moving her teeth gently across the nub making me moan aloud. Somehow, I was always the submissive, but I can’t say that I mind that at all!

Turning the Tables

While she knelt for awhile flicking her tongue on my clit, I kept my eyes closed against the splashing water.  She spread my lips with her soft fingers and ran her tongue up and down my slit stopping only to suck harder on my swollen clit.  When I opened my eyes to look down at her, she smiled.

She stood and we moved to one of the corners where the candles were and moved them aside.  I leaned over, bracing myself on the tile as she fingered my ass before slipping her tongue inside my tightness.  She seemed to love having her face buried deep in my ass cheeks, and who was I to complain?  Oh it felt so good, so sweet.  I couldn’t help but be fully aroused by the tenderness of her touch.  After a little ass play, we sat on the corner ledge together under the trickling water and kissed long and hard.  Each of us had a handful of the other’s pink parts, stroking and penetrating each other as soft moans fell from our lips.  We stroked and penetrated each other in unison bringing each other right to the edge.

We fucked each other harder and faster, sucking and biting each other’s tongues and lips, stifling the moans just a little as the hot water continued to shower down upon us.  We drove each other to the peak and over coming together and flooding what was already wet.  When we finally began to come down from our high and our petting slowed, our kisses stopped and we held a glance for a minute.  It was then we noticed him standing in the doorway stroking his cock from tip to balls slowly…watching.  All we could do was smile.