Tumbler On The Lock

It had been awhile since I called him.  What can I say?  Sometimes I just wish for more than a booty call.  I wish for someone to come along and fill that slight void in my life.  But then my needs build to a level I can no longer control and I need to call in a favor.

He has always been kind, respectful, and protective.  He’s not a stalker or clingy which is different from some of my past booty call friends.  The difference with this one is he is aggressive in bed more so than what I am used to.  Sometimes he is scary aggressive though I know he would never do anything beyond what I can handle.  Of course we have a safe word and though the thought has crossed my mind to use it, I never have.  Something about the way he handles me draws me in.

When I sent him a message, all I had to say was, “I need you,”  from there he took control.  I had exactly four hours to complete the tasks he asked of me and be prepared for his arrival.  It wasn’t a hard assignment, I just know I have a tendency to get distracted so I got started right away.  He is particular about everything from the scented candles he wanted to have lit to the color of bed sheets and thread count.  I wish he would have chosen things I already had, but I guess he knows just how to get me on edge.  Trying to make everything perfect for him certainly was a task, but I was well taken care of for doing his bidding correctly.  When I was down to the final hour before his arrival, I slipped into a hot vanilla bubble bath just as he requested.  As much as I wanted to, I was not to touch myself in any way that would give me pleasure.  The pressure was building.  When I slipped out of the bath, I had twenty minutes to spare before his arrival.  I slipped into the blue silk negligee he bought for me on a shopping trip previously, sat on a straight back chair in the front room, blindfolded myself, and waited. 

I could barely breathe as I sat patiently waiting for him.  I could hear my breath, my heartbeat, and the ticking of my small grandfather clock.  My anxiety was growing and my body started shaking with the slight bit of nervousness.  I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect.  Finally, I heard the tumbler on the lock.  I gave him a key many months previous after being scolded for leaving my door unlocked.  He was definitely a protective man.  I sat up straight and waited for him to approach.

I could feel the air around me change as if I was being circled, admired, approved of.  Then I felt gloved hands take my wrists behind my back and bind them.  I said nothing.  I felt hands on my feet rubbing and massaging slowly before the most gentle mouth began kissing and sucking on my toes and up to my ankles.  Still, I heard my heartbeat.   When my focus was on my toes, I suddenly felt a firm grip on my shoulders.  There was more than one person around me!  As the second set of hands massaged deep into my shoulder muscles, and the first person continued kissing and nibbling from my ankles up my calves, I listened intently and tried to figure out who was around me.  My concentration was broken by the lips that suddenly tugged at my erect nipples through the thin piece of material I was wearing.  I sucked in my breath as I felt a slight surge of pain.  My brain was going crazy.  That made three people around me and none of them felt like my lover, yet. 

The hands massaging my shoulders moved down to my breasts, lifting them from my negligee and  massaging them as the other mouth continued nipping and sucking.  The first mouth was now kissing  my inner thighs, also massaging me.  Of course I was in heaven but I had no idea who was with me or where my lover was.  The mouth on my inner thighs moved closer to my clit and I tried to get closer but couldn’t.  I whimpered though I hadn’t meant to.  It was then I felt fingers slowly press into my already wet hole as the first mouth finally took hold of my clit.  I moaned with pleasure.  I still had lips on my nipples pulling and teasing them. Finally what I assumed were the shoulder massager’s lips met mine.  They were soft, gentle, and at first the kisses were sweet but as the fingers in my pussy probed deeper and faster, the lips on mine became more aggressive sucking and biting me.  There were so many sensations, so many questions.  I tried to buck against the fingers fucking me to bring them deeper within my sopping wet pussy, but I was bound and held in place by the other hands and mouths.

All at once, everything stopped.  I whimpered as tears stung my blindfolded eyes.  No one was touching me, no one was kissing me.  I felt no one’s breath upon my skin.  It was like a sudden emptiness had encompassed me.  I sat there for a minute not feeling anything. I could feel the tears slipping beneath my blindfold and running down my cheeks.  I felt my wrists released and I was picked up and carried to my bed.  I laid there, blindfolded, listening.  I heard nothing for what seemed like eternity, but I dared not remove my blindfold.

Finally, he came to me.  I felt his hand close tightly on my throat and his lips lock with mine.  My body relaxed again.  I was with him.  His tongue was forceful as it wrestled with my own.  I wanted him more than ever.  He didn’t make me wait.  He parted my legs with his naked hips and while still gripping my throat and kissing me, he entered me forcefully.  I tried to cry out, but his kiss stifled my cries.  My walls tightened around him, drawing him deeper.  I felt every bit of him as he withdrew and plunged into me completely time and again. 

“Cum for me Kitten,”  he whispered.  That was all he had to say as I was finally given permission to let go.  He thrust deeper inside of me, pinning my wrists to the bed and grunting like a wild animal.  We came together and he rode it out until completion.  HE only laid atop of me for minutes as we caught our breath.  I love the way he smells.  I breathed deeply trying to calm my racing heart and take all of him in that I could.  When he pulled out of me and our juices ran down my raw pink skin, I sighed.  I can never get used to that empty feeling when he is not inside me.  He kissed my lips, oh so gentle before kissing my forehead.  He moved the blindfold from my eyes and I saw his smile.  It wasn’t the smile of the sexual beast who just took me, it was the smile of my friend, the kind, respectful, protective one.  Neither of us said a word.  I watched as he dressed and he kissed me one final time before again, I heard the tumbler on the lock.

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers! I’m sorry I have been neglecting you….Forgive me?

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