Top 18 signs that you were dating sociopath!!

If you have been in any relationship whatsoever, you should read this: Top 18 signs that you were dating sociopath!!.  Do you know if your relationship is actually healthy?  Most of us don’t realize we are in a toxic relationship until it is over and we have healed, or…our friends finally gang up on us and say the dreaded,  “I told you so.”

This is a great article that a friend of mine recently found.  Although not every sign may fit your current or past situations, you may want to think of any of these points that DO fit your current or past situations!


When it comes to love, we are blind.  We’re human, it happens. If we shopped for lovers the same way we shop for cars or electronics, we may be better off.  We don’t get a “CARFAX” on lovers, we don’t spend days and nights or even months researching lovers, reading reviews from previous users, looking at warranties, and having serious conversations with ourselves to honestly make a decision about whether or not this new person will fit into our life and mostly compliment our life.  One of the most influential and important aspects of living is the people we have around us.  Why do we not choose more carefully?  Our hearts are dumb.  Our brains don’t listen.

Take a look at this article and reflect on your past or current situations.  Reflect on who you are.  Learn more about yourself and what you want in this life and what will compliment your life, then choose wisely.