Tied Down

When he called me, my heart beat quickened partially from anger but partially from excitement.  He hadn’t bothered to contact me for weeks.  Either I was just that insignificant in his life and he didn’t care or I had done something to piss him off, but I didn’t push it because honestly…I was scared.  I’m not good at rejection.  When I saw his photo pop up on my phone I had to take a deep breath before answering so my voice wasn’t shaking.


“Hello Pet.  Did you get the toy I requested you order?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Have it out and ready in an hour.  Be naked, on your knees, and waiting for me inside the door.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Fucker.  He knew I wouldn’t say anything to him about his absence no matter how I felt.  I was always his girl, any time he asked.

I jumped in the shower, made sure the bed was in order and the toy was out that he requested, and I was on my knees, naked awaiting his arrival 5 minutes before he walked in the door.

When he walked in, he didn’t say a word and I tried not to show any emotion but my eyes always give me away.  I let go of all my anger and fell in love with him all over again.  He was dressed in jeans and a button down shirt.  He towered above me and as he looked down to me and cupped my chin in his hand. I could see that hint of evil in his eyes, but also that little something that always made me feel so safe with him.  He ran his thumb over my lips.  I opened slightly just wanting a taste, but he pulled back too fast.  His hands went to his jeans and unfastened them enough to pull his already erect cock out and put it to my lips.

I looked to him for just a second before taking him over my lips and into my warm mouth.  I never took my eyes from him as I licked the underside of his thick shaft and circled the perfect head that I loved popping into my lips, and of course my pussy.  I was getting wet just thinking about having him in me again.  It seemed like forever since I had him throbbing deep inside me, but for the time being, I had to focus on welcoming him properly.  I worked him deeper over my tongue and into my throat.  I could feel the veins on his meat pulsing with excitement.  My eyes began to tear, but still I looked up to him.  I knew my place, but apparently my subconscious did not.

“Where are your fingers, Kitten?”

SHIT.  I had one hand gently stroking his balls and sliding up his shaft to spread the saliva that was dripping as I deep throated him.  But, the other hand was lingering near my pussy and gently rubbing my wetness around and to my clit. Quickly I moved my hand to his thigh, but he grabbed it and lifted me to my feet.  His hand went around my throat.

“Did I tell you to pleasure yourself?”

“No, Sir.” I said trying not to let the tears flow.

He pushed me against the wall keeping his hand on my throat as the other went to my pussy and slapped at my clit.

“Already wet, huh? You’re lucky you haven’t cum yet.  Maybe I won’t be as hard on you but you deserve some punishment.”

He took me by the hand and led me to my room.  He was more gentle than I thought he would be as he layed me on the bed. He reached under the mattress for the four-way restraints and one by one secured each of my wrists and ankles to the four corners of the bed. I could barely breathe as my heart was ready to beat out of my chest.  Once I was secured, he stood back and looked me over from head to toe.  The goosebumps rose on my skin almost instantly.  He finished undressing and stood beside me trailing one finger from my lips…to my lips.  Just looking at him above me, naked, strong, and in charge, it was hard for me not to be excited.  He was always the One.  He was the One who turned me on completely and the only One I would ever give complete control to.

“You are not to cum unless I tell you.  Do you understand?”

I nodded.

“Excuse me?”

“Yes, Sir!”

The battle began.  It was my time to fight to keep my thoughts in order so I wouldn’t cum while he was doing all he could to make me disobey him.  The butterflies in my stomach formed such a pit that it was hard to focus.  He kissed me so sweet from head to toe, caressing every inch of my body.  He suckled my nipples, licking and sucking until they stood to erect that they hurt.  But when he lapped at my pussy, nipping and biting my clit to make me squirm, pressing his tongue inside me feeding on my juices, that’s when I had a hard time.  I squirmed and pulled against the restraints trying to get some relief so I wouldn’t cum, but he wouldn’t let up.  I begged him to let me cum, but he only laughed at me.   When my body was near convulsions and I was on the edge, he stopped.

He licked me from clit to collarbone then kneeled above me.  His cock moved in front of my face.  His hand grabbed my chin and faster than I could blink, his cock was deep in my throat and he was fucking me…hard.  I could barely breathe as he kept one hand around my throat while his cock plunged deeper.  All I could do was try not to gag on him or my own spit. After a few minutes of him owning me in that fashion, he stopped.  I took deep breaths trying to calm down.  My clit was throbbing, by lips were swollen, and my throat was sore from him forcing himself into me.  I tried not to cry from frustration.  I was already getting exhausted.

Tied Down

“Do you need a break, Kitten?”

“No, Sir,” I didn’t want to appear weak.

He just laughed and shook his head.  He reached for the toy.  It was one of those Magic Wands with the high powered vibrate.  I had only used it once by myself, and even on “LO” it was too much for me to handle.  I had no idea how I was going to obey him if he was going to use it on me!

I closed my eyes for just a second to say a little prayer for strength when I heard the click-buzz.  I was hoping it was on “LO”.  I opened my eyes and watched as he bounced the vibrating head on the palm of his hand.  My eyes must have widened, and I know I whimpered.

“Shhh, don’t worry Kitten.  I’ll let you cum soon.  Be strong for your Master.”

He touched the head of the wand to my clit and my back arched as far as it would go.  I cried out determined to hold my ground and not cum before he said so.  He rolled the vibrating head up and down my slit and I could feel myself swelling and getting more wet.  I was getting scared.  I knew I couldn’t hold out long.  I squirmed and screamed, straining against the restraints until my limps felt numb from lack of circulation.  I was in tears.


“Please what?”


“Do you deserve to cum?”


“WHAT?!  What did you say?!”


Then he pushed the button to “HIGH”.  I cried out, I could feel myself getting weak.  I was near passing out.

“Cum now, Kitten.”

I released all tension on my body and every ounce of cum that I was holding back came gushing from my tortured pussy.  I was crying and laughing with the release.  I squirt and came for what seemed like forever, then I laid there limp on the bed trying to catch my breath.  I looked down at him, the wand still in his hand…still vibrating…and he smiled.


He touched it to my sensitive pussy again and I pulled against the restraints.  I couldn’t take it.  I didn’t have the strength to hold back.  I let my muscles go limp and layed there quivering and twitching as he continued to torture my clit.

“Look at me, Kitten.”

My eyes snapped open.  I looked at him, one hand on his cock, one hand still holding the wand to my clit.  He pressed the swollen head of his cock to my dripping wet fuck hole and pushed one slow inch at a time.  It had been months since he was inside me, months since anything or anyone was inside me.  As my body spasmed with the heavy vibrations of the wand, it contracted around his cock.  I could feel him stretching me, owning me, making me his again.  No other cock was ever good enough for me.  I was always his, and he proved it. He buried himself balls deep inside of me and I came and came again.

I must have passed out for a little bit because when I opened my eyes, I was untied and all was calm though I was throbbing and sore…and very wet.  He was standing beside me stroking my hair. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“It’s time for Daddy to cum now, Kitten.”

I didn’t say a word as he rolled me onto my back.

“Keep your legs tight together.”

I felt the head of his perfect cock against my ass.  My moans mixed with his as he pushed slowly into my tight little asshole. He stayed right there for a minute as my body shook around him.  Once I settled, he began pounding me…HARD.  He was ruining my tight little ass for anyone but him.  I could feel his hips tight against my ass cheeks as he tunneled all the way in as hard and fast as he could go.  Finally, the moan welled up inside of him from deep in his belly as he let loose.  I could feel his hot seed filling me and gushing out, down my slit as he continued pummeling me until he was through.  When every last drop was inside me…on me…he collapsed on top of me and remained deep in my ass as we caught our breath together. When finally he pulled out, I whimpered at the empty feeling and the warm cum dripping onto my sore pussy.

He laid beside me and held me I his arms until we both passed out exhausted and satisfied.  He woke me later to help me into a bath and sponged my body gently as the bubbles caressed my sore body.  I didn’t know what to say.  I just breathed it all in.

“I’m always here, kitten, whether it seems like it or not.  I’m always right here.”

With that I burst into tears.  My body shook violently letting go of all the anger and sadness from the previous weeks.  He finished sponging me off, helped me to my feet as he dried me, then carried me to my bed and tucked me in.  I fell asleep listening to him…

“When you wake, we’ll begin round two.  It’s time for me to be your Master full time.  Sleep Kitten.”