Thursday’s Dirty Little Secret

Like I said last week, I am going to try to do something new.  I want to tell you what inspires my Thursday stories then link them for you.

This one is just trouble.  As I sat here feeling uninspired and frustrated I was bound and determined NOT to give up.  I’m not a quitter, but sometimes things take me longer.  First I started a story about a nice little weekend…erased it.  Then I started a story about a certain someone who contacted me the other night…scrapped it.  I was getting more irritated.

I started off with nothing on the page but, “I need you inside of me.”  From there…it just got dirty.  The more I thought about the first couple lines, the more I thought I could have some fun with it.  it’s a little different, but you know me.  I like different.

Anyway my loves, here it is…My Dirty Little Secret.