Thursday-I Hate You

For some reason I can easily tell my friends that I love them, it’s true, I do.  But the words that come to mind when I have no words at all are “I Hate You”.  It’s a mix of frustration, flustration, and whatever other “ation” you can think of to match.

Generally it comes out when I am being teased.  Not the, “Hey your boobs are bigger than my head” teased, but sexually teased.  I’m not good at being teased.  I have a hard time giving up control which is funny since I WANT to be controlled to some extent.  Hell, sometimes I’m not good at being pleased.  I can’t seem to accept that I deserve the attention I am getting.

My Thursday story on Singles Warehouse is just about that.  There is someone in my life who pushes my buttons and I have only three words for him… I HATE YOU!

Go ahead lovelies, follow the link, get in my head.  It’s a mad house sometimes.