The World Knows: I’m Your Girl

Happy Titty Tuesday my dear readers…I have been neglecting you by not giving you babble, but alas I will still give you my naughty thoughts.   Here is a little something to get you thinking.  Remember, there is a world to explore and it is sexy!

I had hoped you weren’t the jealous type, I tend to get a lot of attention though most guys are respectful enough not to say anything if I am with a guy.

This day was different, something about the way my top hugged my curves and my cleavage showed a bit more made more people look and the more “compliments” I got about my top or my outfit, the more you seemed to guard me and pull me closer. I loved feeling like you were protecting me, and it almost gave me a nervous energy.  As we walked through town breathing in the fresh air, I could feel everyone’s eyes upon us even if they said nothing.  You told me you wanted to make sure I knew I was yours but I wasn’t sure what you meant at the time.  You took me to the park, in the center of town…there were many trees and a few benches around a little lake, but you took me to the gazebo at the top of the hill.

I could still feel eyes upon us and had no idea what you had in mind but I followed you as you led me to the gazebo.  When we got up there, you turned me toward you and pulled my top over my head revealing my breasts in the most perfect pink lace bra.  We were still being watched.  I could see a couple of people stealing curious glances.  You pulled me close to you and kissed my neck down to my shoulders.  I just wanted to melt right there, I love the attention you give me.

I got a slight chill from the air and the excitement of what was to come.  You turned me away from you and put one hand on my throat as you bent me over and moved my panties aside beneath my skirt using your other hand.  My heart was racing, were you going to do this right here in the park with people watching?  You knew my secret… you took hold of my wrist in your hand and I was calm. Nothing mattered, only us…you had control.

I could feel your cock pressing against my behind as you continued to tease my clit with your fingers.  I wanted you now and you wanted to show everyone that I was yours.  You kept me bent over the side of the gazebo as you unzipped yourself and released your hard throbbing cock.  I wanted it so bad and this was the one time you weren’t going to make me beg.  You slammed it into me bringing a little scream from my lips.  Oh how you liked that.  You loved knowing that you were taking care of me, but more than that, you loved that everyone knew I was your girl.

You continued to slam into me over and over again as I was bent over the rail my tits bouncing from your force.  The louder I was, the more aggressive you got.  Soon, you came in one long hard thrust and filled me with your juices.  Everyone was aware.  Everyone knew.  I was your girl.



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