The Weekend Part 2

Hi my loves, Here is your Saturday naughtiness and if you haven’t read The Weekend Part 1¬†yet, you better…

After the picnic and back at my place…

I grilled the steaks and got the salad, fruit and wine out. I decided to put on a different little sundress, nothing spectacular and barely enough to cover me or get in my way. It’s nice to be able to be home and comfortable.

We almost finished eating and I take half an ice chilled strawberry, walk over to you, place it between my pussy lips and present it to you. It feels cool and moist as you stick your tongue just under it, hooking it on to your tongue as it slips up to my clit. Sitting on the table just in front of you, my legs spread on either side, I reach behind me and take a wedge of honeydew melon, placing all but a small end into my pussy. You pinch it between your finger tips and slide it completely in, as you move it from side to side, in and out. Pulling it out, you tilt your head back, placing it on your tongue, I trickle some wine on it as you slide it into your mouth. Grabbing a grape and splitting it in half, you rub it up and down my pussy. It’s wet & cool. As you bring it up to my mouth, I open, and you drop it in. I then take a piece of watermelon and rub it all over my tits. I lean forward so that you can suck off the juice while I eat the piece I rubbed on myself. Having you savour the sweet liquid as your mouth devours my nipples and breasts is getting me crazy horny. Before I have too much cum dripping I better move on, there are still a few more pieces my pussy would love to taste. The sliver of cantaloupe is nice and wet, and though it’s chilled it starts to warm up as I run it from pussy to clit letting it slide in and out of my pussy. Taking it out I swirl it in my wine before taking a bite and sharing the rest with you. Taking your glass, you have me lay back and lift my ass. You place your fingers just inside my pussy to widen and keep it open as you pour in the remainder of your wine. Feeling it run in, I get an amazing rush. You take your fingers out and gets on your knees. Pulling my ass just over the end of the table you stick your tongue in and release the fruity nectar into your mouth, finally quenching your thirst. Moving your tongue around sucking as you swallow is just driving me crazy. With the final remains in your mouth you take your tongue out of my pussy, get up, lean over me and give me a deep tongue kiss that sends the delicious nectar down my throat. With most of the fruit eaten, it is time to clean up and move on with our evening.

With our mess cleaned up, we head to the bedroom. Wanting to take that marvellous cock deep into my mouth I start to nibble my way down your chest. You tell me to stop, that tonight, before I get your cock, I will have to prove I can hold back until you are ready or be punished. It could be a long, torturous night!

As instructed I lay on my back, you put my arms over my head and secure my hands in the ties that are attached to the headboard. You put a couple pillows under my lower back to raise my ass up off the mattress, it brings up my knees and you strap my feet into the straps at the foot of the bed. This has my legs spread, exposing my clit, cunt and ass for your playing pleasure.

You place yourself between my thighs, kissing and nibbling from my pussy up to my breasts, sending quivers throughout my body. You reach my nipples and take one in your mouth and one between your finger tips. Rubbing these very tender tips with finger and tongue, you have me sighing in pleasure. Milking one and sucking the other, switching back and forth, milking, rubbing sucking, god it feels so good, I can feel the climax building. knowing if this keeps up I will be punished for cumming. I hold back, knowing it is a fruitless effort. As you gently suckle each tit, I start to thrust them into your face, you suck more, my nipple between your teeth. I start to moan with the excitement that is building down deep inside my body. Ohhhh you are sooo good at this, I am unable to keep from cumming. Oh my god, Ohhh babe, more, more I scream as I go into a orgasm that releases hot cum from my pussy.

I see the look in your eyes that sly, “I can make you do anything” look. You said if I came before you were inside me that I would be punished. So what happens now? I start to plead with you…you are the greatest lover, how do you expect me not to cum, when you are a master at making me want you, crave you, desire you? Doesn’t matter, you want me to learn to restrain myself so that I explode all over you, that is what you want.

You take your fingers and slide them into my wet cunt. Moving them inside of me, I start to fuck them, the faster you thrust them the harder I squeeze my muscles around them. Over and over you continue, as my pussy is getting wetter with every thrust. I start raising my ass to meet your thrusts, you pull your fingers out and rub my clit making my body go into spasms. As I start to sigh and moan with pleasure, I feel your very wet fingers rub against my nipples, covering them with pussy juices. You start to nibble and suck again before moving back to my pussy. Placing your tongue on my clit you start doing little circles, applying more pressure as you go along, placing more of your tongue down each time. You move it up and down my pussy, stopping to add pressure at my clit. Ohhh god how you’re making me soooo horny. I start to raise my ass and thrust myself into your face as your tongue enters my pussy. Leaving your tongue in there I start to go into fuck mode, begging , pleading for your cock. Please baby please, with short raspy breaths I continue to beg, cock, I need your cock. You remove your tongue and slip in two fingers as your mouth goes straight up and latches onto my clit. I am thrusting as you suck and bite. OHHH shit if this keeps up I will cum again. Sooo good, electrifying vibrations are just zipping through my entire body. I start screaming fuck me,. fuck me, please fuck me. I am fucking your fingers and thrusting my clit up hard into your face. This is driving me insane. Still bound I am frantically thrashing my body up and down, panting so hard, with gasps of breath I ,Ohhhh shit, oh babe ohhhhh please, cock inside of me, please, cock NOW, is all that escapes, as cum shoots out. You stop, look at me, with that grin on your face and twinkle in your eye, (you just love making and watching me cum), You say: You couldn’t wait could you!!!!!

Sitting between my spread legs, you rest your cock up between my pussy lips and lean up to bite my tits leaving small welts all over them. I am sorry, please stop. You’re almost giggling you know you have full control. You continue biting down my body. I try to move my legs together but the restraints stop me. You bite the insides of my thighs and again I beg you to stop… I’ll be a good girl.

Given another chance, I start to relax as you gently let you fingers play in my pussy and your mouth is sucking my clit. You suck my bud into your mouth and proceed to massage it with your tongue. I feel sooooo good. Fingers in pussy, clit in mouth, I am in heaven. Just then you bite my hard, swollen bud. Holy fuck, that sends both pain and awesome pleasure sensations surging through out my body. As I close my muscles around your fingers, I feel you pull them out. Without missing a beat I feel my vibrator slide in my pussy, on HIGH. This is hell, it feels so good. Ohhhh Baby, harder, harder, please pleasssssse, my body is starting to spasm, climax is building very quickly. Please fuck me, fuck me please, Oh I need your cock, fuck me, ohhh yeah baby. I feel my toy leave my pussy, making me sigh with disappointment, but also with longing as I know that your cock will only be seconds from entering. OH yeah, Yes babe, yesssssssss, I feel your huge cock penetrate me. You release my legs and I put them over your shoulders, bending at the knee. Using them to lift my ass as I really start fucking that awesome cock. Ramming it in and out, faster, harder, faster, Cum on babe, cum on, give it to me, give it to me. I feel the start of my release, Cum baby please, I squeeze down on your cock and feel it throbbing. I lift and thrust my ass as you ram your cock deep and again deeper. Panting and almost out of breath, I scream your name, I feel your release deep inside as I let my cum go. One, two, three hard frantic thrusts, and your shaft is drained. As you collapse on top of me, we softly feel our body’s slowly wind down.

As we lay entwined in each others arms, savouring what we just shared, I can’t help but think that this has definitely been worth the wait. The best part is that it isn’t over yet, I still have tomorrow morning. It is getting late, I whisper, not wanting to break the serenity, we should be getting a shower and then get to bed. You agree and we head to the shower.

This really feels good as the water rains over us. Our caresses are so soothing and relaxing as we take turns lathering up each others bodies. Just feeling your hands gently scrub all the tender spots you just finished fucking so ravishly and to feel your body slightly quiver in response to my fingers moving over your body is nothing less than amazing. But it is late, we get out, dried off and went to bed. Laying in your arms our body’s entwined, we fall a sleep almost instantly.

I wake to the feeling that someone is watching me. As I open my eyes, it’s you. I stretch and give a big sigh. It is so nice waking up to you in my bed. I wrap my arms around your neck and give you a very arousing good morning kiss. As we lay embracing each other, I feel that something is very much awake already this morning. This is going to be a super start to a great day.