The Weekend Part 1

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers!  With my upcoming “meeting” today, I thought this was appropriate…Enjoy!

I have wanted and waited for so long  to have one full, lustful weekend with you.  Well, now it will happen.  I am feeling AMAZING.  I can only dream that the anticipation will be half as wonderful as the weekend itself.   Just the thought of being able to fall asleep and wake in your arms….heaven, here I come!

How time drags when I’m counting the minutes, waiting.  But now I can get ready.  Right now, my stomach is fluttering, my pussy is yearning, and my head is spinning.  I need to Breathe and calm down, relax, maybe take a bath as I wait for you to get here.

As I run the water,  I add some vanilla bubble bath, just the smell of that stuff is relaxing. Taking off my clothes, I can’t resist running my hands over by tits,  playing with my nipples,  clit,  fingering my pretty pink pussy,  my juicy pussy.  Before I get in, I grab a toy.  No need for lube,  just roll it around my wet pussy and…. fuck it feels good.  Leaning over the sink,  I thrust it in and out,  my muscles are grasping it,  latching on to it,  propelling it in, out, in, out, ahhhhhh I can feel the climax building,  faster, harder I cram it in,  going deeper,  faster,  harder,  deeeeper, shit, shit, ohhhhhh shit, I am cummmmmmming.  As my orgasm ends I can feel my cum dripping down my thighs.  Time for my bath.
Laying in a lovely bath, I can feel my pussy starting to slow down.  Now all I have to do is get dressed,  and wait for you to pull into my place.  It is a breezy but warm day so I will wear a cute little sun dress and some tall sandals that tie around my ankles.  You’re taller than I, but even with the heels I will have to look up to you.   I’m sure you’ll be happy.  I’m ready with some wine just in case you want it later,  some salad and fruit to keep us nourished,  and don’t forget some toys in case you want to use them.
You come to my door with a grin.  My heart skips a beat as you take me into your arms and tell me we’re going for a ride.  I have no idea where we are going and what you could be up to since you aren’t from here!  You get me situated in the passenger seat and close my door.  At this point I realize I may have lost any control I might have had at my place.  You tell me to keep my eyes on you as we are driving and we chat as you’re taking me to your little secret place.  We finally stop at a park I am unfamiliar with and as I get out of the car,  I see that you have a picnic area set up.  As I go to sit on the blanket you have laid out, I feel your hand cup my ass, today it’s all about dessert it seems!  I know that soon you will devour my entire body, and I can’t wait.
As I go to sit on the blanket, you tell me to lay flat on my back, and spread my legs. After doing so, you come down, running your hands up my legs bringing my dress with them. You lay your body between my legs, putting the pressure of your body against my clit and pussy.  You rub your body in a circular motion, grinding it into my clit, making me jittery with anticipation. You move your hands up my side, up to my tits, holding them, squeezing, rubbing your thumb over my nipples, just making my pussy lift in excitement, against your cock.  Moving the top of my dress down to expose my tits, you move your mouth to my nipples and start sucking hard, teeth scorching my breasts as you lightly pull away only to nip the ends, then sucks them back in again.  Your tongue lightly flicks the tips of my nipples sending electric flashes down to my pussy, wet flicks mixing with cool air,  fuck I am already wanting to cum and can feel my pussy spasming.

You begin to nibble your way down to my clit, leaving very red marks trailing all the way to the top of my hood, passing my clit and pussy you continue to the inside of my thighs, leaving small bite marks and small hickeys, you have my ass and pussy up into the air. You place your hands on the ground mid way up my body, with a rocking motion you run your hard cock between my pussy lips, up to my clit, down and up between my ass cheeks, coming back up, down, around and up, over and over teasing both pussy and clit as you pass over them, my wetness catching you as you tease.

You stop, bringing my knees up and spreading them out, you slide your hands under my cheeks to raise my ass up. Taking your tongue you lick from my ass to my clit, lightly at first them applying more and more pressure as you continue.  Fuck am I horny.  I push my clit up higher into your face, as you clamp your teeth onto my clit, gently you pull upward, stretching my clit, sending shock waves everywhere.  You release it and then bury your face and start sucking.  At first just my pretty pink clit, then taking more and sucking harder, I start really meshing my clit into your face, sighing ohh my god, fuck babe, ohhhhhh  more, more, please, please.  You’re in there sucking, biting, sucking, biting, my orgasm is unbelievable. 

I am clutching the blanket so hard my knuckles are turning white, I can feel the hot juice running out of my pussy and down to my ass, soaking into the blanket. I plead with you, fuck me, fuck me PLEASSSSSE fuck me.  Not yet as you place two fingers into my pussy, still assaulting my clit with your mouth.  I frantically fuck your fingers, just covering them with my cum.  I am going crazy with lust and with vice gripping force I clamp onto your fingers, fucking them like there is no tomorrow, begging you to fuck me,  please fuckkkkkkk me, now please, please, as I feel the cum spew out of a very desperate pussy. I am literally going insane with desire for your hard, huge cock.  As you slide your fingers out, you tell me to flip over and get my ass in the air.  I instantly respond.
In position and unable to wait I reach around and grab your massive cock and try driving my pussy onto it.  But you’re quicker, you pull back, slap my ass, and pin one of my hands behind my back while telling me to play with my clit with the other hand. I do as I am told and start rubbing my clit as finally you slam your cock into my pussy. I automatically push back towards you forcing your cock deeper into me. You grab my hips, holding them tight as you ram me harder and harder, going faster and getting in all the way.  You are now as deep into me as you can go.  I squeeze down hard on your cock and you pull out and push back in. God I am cumming!  I have never felt so full. 

You keep ramming my hips into your groin as you continue to fuck me, over and over. You’re now moaning, groaning with ecstasy. You grunt and give one hell of a shove as you tell me to cum with you and start to fill me with cum. I’ve reached a climax I’ve never before experienced and literally shooting cum out of my pussy all around your cock.  At the same time you give me two more groans and drive the last of your juice home. 

We both collapse, panting, waiting to get our pounding hearts and breath back to normal.  As you roll off of me and onto your back, I turn over placing my head on your chest.  Laying there for about a minute you whisper in my ear, that we should head back to my place and eat so we have energy for the next round.  I knew today would be spectacular but this, this is going to be the most awesome day ever.
Part 2 soon to cum…

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