The Wall

It was three years ago that she came into my life. She was the best lay I ever had, bar none.  That woman would do things to me and make me feel more like a man than anyone else ever had.  The things she did with her mouth…man alive, no wonder I dealt with her shit.

Don’t get me wrong, she was a good woman.  She took care of herself, she worked, she never asked me for money or to take care of her.  She was very self sufficient.  But, she was evil.  There was something in her that was pure darkness.  It didn’t take much to set her off.  Sure she’d get mad just like any other woman, but the times when she touched the darkness were absolutely horrifying.

You wouldn’t believe it, looking at her.  You wouldn’t believe any of it whether I talk about her being a sexual deviant, an absolute goddess in the bedroom,  or an evil, dark horror of a woman.  She was about 5 feet tall with tiny, graceful hands and feet, but long legs and a short torso that she held tall and proud.  Her golden hair fell in curls just past her amazing tits, covering them if she wanted to walk around naked and playful, which she did often.  Her skin was always glowing, making her look like the most pure little angel you had ever seen.  But, when you looked into her eyes, deep into her eyes, you would swear you could see the devil.  Her eyes were as green as emeralds, which was intriguing in itself.  I had never seen eyes that color.  They made you want to look deeper.  Deeper is where you found the darkness.  Trust me.

The last time I saw her was probably the most sexually gratifying but most horribly terrifying day of my 28 years.  We lived in a loft apartment overlooking the warehouse district. The walls inside were traditional, red brick.  The appliances were modern in an open floor plan so that no matter what “room” we were in, other than the bathroom, we could hold a conversation with each other.  It sounds like it would be a boring view of the city, but actually it wasn’t. Something about the smoke stacks and that gentle layer of haze made for the best sunsets and sunrises I had ever seen…until I realized the truth.

It was a lazy autumn Sunday and we had slept in just long enough to make us feel a little guilty.  We were talking about going for a walk in the city park to check out the colors of the changing leaves when I saw something flash across her eyes.  I guess she changed her mind at the last minute because before I could ask her what was in her mind, she slipped below the sheets and wrapped her pretty little lips around my cock, coaxing it to life. She loved to bring him alive using only her mouth. She’d lick the head from front to back, front to back, then circle it with her tongue.  God, her tongue was so pink and well…perfect.  She’d flick and taunt the opening which drove me crazy.  As he grew for her, her mouth would take him deeper and deeper, repeating the whole motion.  First the licking from base to tip, base to tip, then circling around the head before taking him so deep in her throat that I was surprised she never gagged.  I had only seen the glistening in her eyes like perhaps she was close to choking, but oh I’d never know for sure.

The pressure she used with her tongue was none other than perfect.  I’ll never know how she found exactly what I would need without any coaching.  Like I said earlier, she made me feel like a man.  My cock got bigger than it ever had before while in her grips.  I came more than I ever had before, and I was ready to go at the drop of a hat anytime she wanted.  When I was in a relationship with her, I never even got a twitch in my dick from looking at another woman.  Never.

She finished licking and sucking on me till I was as big as I thought I would ever get, then she climbed on top.  Her pussy was amazingly tight.  Even the few virgins I had been with before her didn’t have pussies as slippery and tight as hers.  She knew how to work those muscles to clench and pull at my cock as she rode me, and even when I was supposedly in control, she worked it like no one else ever had…or, most likely, even knew how.

Sorry, I’m rambling.  She got on top that day, no, not looking at me, but with her back facing me.  It was always a nice treat to watch the gentle curve of her back as she grinded on my cock hitting all the right spots inside herself.  It was nice to see her use every inch of her glowing, little body to please us both.  She’d play with me though.  Any time I got close to blowing a load, she’d switch positions and make me want to hold out longer just so I could watch her and feel my cock throbbing inside her.  I’m telling you, she was magical.  A fucking goddess…literally.

She had turned around to face me and laid her head on my shoulder while she worked my cock with her tight little pussy muscles when she asked me a question I had never hoped to hear.

“Let’s make a baby,” she whispered.

I couldn’t help it.  My first reaction came out without thought, without discussion.

“Absofuckinglutely not,” I said and kissed her forehead.

She sat straight up on my cock and squeezed it with that vice grip pussy harder than I had ever felt before.  I winced and grabbed her waist hoping to move her, but she was like stone.  Her eyes turned dark, almost muddy, and it seemed like the room got darker.

“What did you say to me?” she asked.

“Baby, can we talk about this later? You know I don’t want a kid.  I like our life without adding any complications,” I said trying to soften the blows that I knew would be coming.

“You will get me pregnant and you will do it with this fucking load, I assure you, sweetheart,” she growled.

When I say “she growled” I mean SHE GROWLED.  I knew my eyes widened and I tried with all my force to move her off of me with just my arm strength, but that wasn’t working. She had a death grip on my cock and it was throbbing hard, just dying to cum.  No way in hell was I letting that happen after she just jinxed the whole situation.  I am and always will be superstitious.  When I was able to turn my body and spill her off of me, she turned full blown evil.

She clawed herself back up onto the bed and started throwing punches.  My cock was still rock hard and she was doing all she could to try to mount me again.  I ran from the bed to the bay window overlooking the warehouses, and she followed, kicking, screaming, throwing punches.  It seemed like her nails had grown to talons and with each swing, my skin split open into bloody gashes.

I tried throwing her off of me, but she kept coming back like a feral cat.

“Get off of me, you bitch!” I yelled trying to pick her up and throw her.

“You fucking bastard!  You son of a bitch, asshole!! Give me that cock, you KNOW you want to cum in me, cum all over me, fill me up and cover me in your seed, stop making this so difficult and feed me!” she shrilly screamed.

She was absolutely bat shit crazy.  There was blood pouring from my wounds and my stupid cock would not retreat to save my life.  It’s like it WANTED to impregnate that evil fucking cunt.  She took at flying leap as me, wrapped her legs around my neck and her legs around my waist.  She managed to get the head of my cock back in that needy cunt of hers.  It felt so fucking amazing, it took all my strength not to thrust the whole length deep inside her.  I wanted to split the bitch in half, but I knew if I came in that perfect, tight little crazy whore cunt, that there would be a little bastard just as evil as her running around in nine months.

I turned her around and slammed her against the window.  It shattered into little shards of what looked more like a mural than a window.  What the fuck?!  I shoved her hard against what was once our view of the district and watched as the rest of it fell to the ground.  I watched as she crumpled to the ground bleeding and whimpering.  I looked to see that what was once a view of warehouses and hazy skies had been transformed into a solid brick wall.


She cackled.  “Did you think that was real?! I couldn’t give you a window to escape from when I knew you were going to be this way.  Nor could I give you a door,” she looked towards the door to the loft and threw a hand out.  The door disappeared into solid brick just as the window had.

I backed away from her as she laughed.  I tried looking for a seam by the door that would show a way out, but there was none.  I went back to the window area, but there was no way out.  I was in a solid brick room.  I made the mistake of turning my back towards her and before I could think, she was on my back clawing and biting.  I was losing a lot of blood and a lot of strength.

She kept beating on me as I slid to the floor, helpless but at least I was no longer harboring a big, hard cock for her to mount.  As I lay there, cured in a ball, hoping she would stop, she put her mouth on my cock again.  I moaned half out of pleasure, half out of pain and fear.

“Why are you doing this?  I fucking love you!” I said as a last resort to make her stop.

“No!” she screamed.

“I love you,” I said.

Her eyes grew softer even if just barely.  She cried as if she had been shot.  I grabbed her hair and slammed her head into the ground.  I slammed it until I broke her stupid little nose and blood was flying everywhere.  I slammed it until she stopped screaming and was like a rag doll in my hands.  I slammed it until I was able to reach up to the bricks in hopes that somehow I would find an opening, and I did.

3d rendering of the unzipping wall

As she lay there naked, bloody, and in a useless heap of flesh, I reached up and peeled back the brick to reveal a blue sky I had never seen before.  No longer was the sky hazy.  No longer was I looking out at the warehouse district.  All I could see was blue sky for miles and miles and I was fine with that.

She had died from the repeated blows to the floor.  I was also fine with that.  When I opened the wall to reveal a freedom I had never seen or had before, I swore I would never let s she-bitch back into my life again.  I would never shack up with another woman, and no way in hell would I ever have a bastard child.

But, I met this girl today and she might be a game changer.  And God those green eyes…

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  1. Great short story , I really enjoyed it ; as it was very descriptive ( I like the fuck scescene , detail of that hungry vagina ) .However , I equally acknowledge the terrifying , message that the devil has some demons out here , and they are real and work through people . HAYES

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