The Thrill of Secrecy

Happy Saturday Readers!  Here’s a bit from my daydream today.  Sometimes you can look but you can’t touch.  At least I bring my fantasies to life here.  Enjoy 🙂

Usually once a month I take myself on a date.  I find something new to do and then end the night in a movie theatre.  Sometimes it’s a good way to meet people.  Other times it’s just a nice escape.  Tonight I went downtown to a couple of art galleries and decided to end the night with a horror flick.  It’s my usual movie of choice and rarely do any of them actually get my heart beating.  Tonight was different, but it wasn’t the movie.

I settled into my usual spot, top row-center, and watched as people came into the theatre.  Nothing special tonight but it did look like the college basketball team and their girlfriends were filing in.  The guys were super tall, well to me anyway since I am a bit…vertically challenged.  A couple of girls came up and sat a few seats down from me.  Their friends, a guy and girl, sat in front of them.  Just before the movie began a tall guy sat one seat over from me.  His voice was deep and perfect.  It was just the right tone to make me want to sit and listen to him all night.  He looked to be more built than the other guys around and he certainly had my attention.

As the lights dimmed, he looked to me and said, “If you get scared, you can move over by me.  I’ll protect you.”  I don’t know what possessed me, I usually try to think before I speak but I responded with, “I’m already scared.”  He chuckled and patted the seat next to him.   I moved over and instantly he had his arm around my shoulders.  Man is he quick!  I certainly didn’t mind because I was a bit chilly and he just emanated heat.  It was like he had an internal furnace!  The only thing between us was the arm rest but I remedied that right away.  “You know these move don’t you?” I asked him.  He looked at me almost surprised and lifted the arm rest so I was completely against him.

As the movie began its precursors to doom, he was already whispering in my ear.  I was loving every second and trying not to giggle as he commented on my breasts and my legs.  His voice in my ear and his warm breath made my heart beat quicken.  His two girl friends decided to move down a row and leave with the whole back row to us.  I certainly didn’t mind.  As he was whispering to me his hand kept slipping off my shoulders and touching just barely below my collarbone.  I’m so ticklish I almost jerked each time.  “I know what you’re trying to do”,  I said, “but you can’t.  I just barely met you and I’m here to watch the movie, not be distracted by your hand clumsily finding my tit.”  With that he chuckled.  “Clumsily huh?  There is NOTHING clumsy about me” he said. 

I was actually able to watch the movie a bit and was into it enough that one part actually made me jump!  He loved that.  He made sure to hold me tight and whisper how he would take care of me.  He was playing the part of the protector, trying to make me feel comfortable with him.  Unfortunately…it was working.  I could feel him growing warmer and I was enjoying it.  He couldn’t do anything about that fire burning inside of him.  We were in a theatre that was half full and I wasn’t budging.  Just as I was trying to convince myself of that he got up then kneeled down in front of me.   He moved so he was between each of my legs and put his face between my tits.  How could I stop him without a scene? I didnt really want to, I was getting turned on.    His hands were on either side of my body as he nuzzled and kissed my neck and tits.  Then, he got up and sat back in his seat without touching me.  His arm was not around me and he wasn’t looking at me.  I didn’t know what to do!!  I moved in closer to him and put his arm around me.  “Oh you want that, huh?  Well I want a lot right now so it’s all or nothing, what will it be?”  I wasn’t quite sure about the “all” part, but I certainly knew I couldn’t deal with nothing. 

I told him I wanted it all and he smiled.  He pulled me up so I was sitting across his lap and he began kissing me more.  He kissed my neck, my breasts, he laid me back and kissed my tummy all while his hand was stroking my pussy though my shorts.  Damn it.  I lost track of the movie and it stopped making sense.   I reached for his cock and it responded instantly to my touch though it was already throbbing through his jeans.  I asked him if he needed to let it out since it couldn’t be comfortable.  Again with the smile.  He was so irresistible!!  He unzipped his pants and let me stroke it while he continued with his nibbling.  Just as I was settling into a rhythm he forced his fingers inside of me.  I gasped but the movie was so loud no one heard.  Thank goodness!!

“You are a bad girl!!  You’re already soaking wet.  What am I going to do to you?”  he whispered in my ear.  I suggested to him that we go outside and play more away from all the movie goers, but he just shook his head.  He said, “No  I am going to fuck you right here, right now.  Don’t question me.  Don’t tell me no.  Pull down your shorts and ride my cock as you watch the rest of this movie.  Do. It. NOW.”  Whoa.  I was being commanded and previous training told me not to mess with the boss when he’s in control.  I did as I was told and slowly eased myself onto his throbbing cock.  Oh it felt so good.  A shiver went through me as I took all of him inside of me.  It was then that he put one hand around my waist and the other around my throat.  He had me.  I didn’t have to do much or…I wasn’t able to do much.  His grip kept me in place as he moved beneath me, lifting me just enough to let his cock slide all the way in…and almost all the way out.  Fuck he felt so good. 

I was shaking from excitement and fear.  I was so afraid someone would see us!  What if an usher walked in and came to the back row?  The position he held me in had his cock rubbing on that nice bundle of nerves with every pass. I was having a hard time controlling myself.  It was hard to be quiet and how was I going to cum quietly?!  I’m not quiet!!  He whispered to me that I had better be quiet.  He must have been reading my mind.  Just after he said that he tightened his grip on my throat, turned my head towards him and consumed me with a kiss.  His tongue was strong and he was biting at mine as he alternated between kissing me and nibbling.  He began thrusting faster with a bit more force.  I was getting close and I let out a whimper.  Nothing else mattered.  I didn’t care who or what was going on around me.  It was all about that slick, throbbing cock inside of me. 

He told me he was going to cum soon and he expected me to cum with him.  No problem, I was ready and I wanted it.  He leaned me forward and started slamming his cock deep inside of me.  I could feel every inch of him, every vein as I tightened on him more.  Damn he felt so good!!  He told me he was going to cum and with one, two, three more thrusts he pulled me back onto him and consumed my moans with the deepest kiss I had ever experienced.  As his tongue danced with mine and he sucked my breath away, we each shuttered climaxing together, hearts racing in a theatre half full of people.  When our bodies relaxed and my moans subsided he pulled away slowly from the kiss and my pussy.  I quickly pulled my shorts back on and plopped down beside him.  My breath was slowing but my brain was not.  I couldn’t believe what we had just done!!

He looked at me and said, “You aren’t done.  Suck our cum off my cock and put me away clean.”  Wow, yes sir!  I leaned into him and sucked our juices from his glistening cock.  I licked and sucked every last drop from him until he was satisfied with the job at hand, then I tucked him back into his jeans.  It was still a tight fit.  We cuddled back up and finished watching the last 30 minutes of the movie.  I had no clue what was going on.  When the lights came up, his friends looked back and asked if we liked it.  “I thoroughly enjoyed it and the company” he said with a smile.  Nice.

I walked out with him and his friends and as we got to our vehicles he took my number.  “I will be calling you to do this again,” he said.  Awesome.  I can’t wait.

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  1. Seems to me, too many folk are ashamed of having erotic fantasies. I think they’re very healthy. Many thanks for sharing yours.

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