The Texts That Get Me Wet

I decided you should see the texts I was getting last night as I was trying to writ emy post.   They are yummy 🙂  They are from the guy I was with in And The Cum Score is 12-2!  Enjoy!

Him: What’s shakin sexy?

Me: Not much crazy busy night so far. how are u.

Him: I was thinking about you last night.

Me: oh yeah?

Him: I was having a hard time sleeping.  I got on your FB and it seems you are always positive.  It seems I need to change my train of thought.

Him: I can’t tell you the rest of what I did to get to sleep.

We chatted shortly about the upcoming Renaissance Festival because he say a FB post about my dress and wanted to see it.  He responded.

Him:  The things I could do role playing with you…You could not even imagine.

Me: Don’t tease! Do I need to learn all the Kama Sutra so I can play on your level or what?

Him: Being good at Kama Sutra is a primary level, being good at Tantric is professional.  I could help you master the primary no problem.  It would take a few years of hands on experience for you to become professional at Tantric.  I could find you a few of my books to read so you could start the long journey if you so desire.

Me: It’s just going to make me want to try everything and you aren’t available for training

Him: I can do more with my hands and fingers than most can do all together but I would like to pound your mound and hammer you silly.

Him: I forgot to mention I’d like to do that at your work on a 15 minute break.

Him: Inch by inch I would work on your pleasure.  Where should I start?

Me: Start at my fingertips.

Him: Very nice.  They are sensitive but not overly.  But first I would blindfold you to heighten your senses.

Me: Ah man…I have only been blindfolded once

Him: Once blindfolded the fun and pleasure would begin. I would have you melt before I ever made it to your wrist

Me: From you, I believe this.

Him: Your breathing would become excited and heavy you would moan and start biting your lip

Him: Next I would start working on your wrists.  You would feel the pressure and control but I would fel your heat.  now you’re having trouble controlling your breathing and I can tell you’re gettiong very wet.

Me: Hate u.  Shouldn’t have let you start near my wrists.  Damn.

Him: The only thing you would hate is knowing you lost total control

Me: I already have with you and it freaks me out.

Him: I would strip you naked at this point except for the blindfold, then just to be sure I was in control I would bind your wrists behind your head.  My only mistake would be brushing one of your nipples.

Me: Mmmm damn you

Him: Any more talk like that and I might put something in your mouth.

Him: Just know at this point I’m getting excited because I can smell your sex.  Its my weak point.

Me: I might whine a little.  this is hard.

Him: Yes it will be. I am going to make you cum from just playing with your fingers, hands, and wrists.  I might slip a little letting you feel my breath as i whisper dirty in yur ear.  I want  to hear you louder than me though.

Me: I don’t believe you.

Him: Believe me, I can make it happen  the mind is a powerful tool and I will have yours spinning out of control from anticipation and physical stimulation and I’m just getting started, Sexy.  Just hearing you moan and watching your thighs quiver as you start to cum just might make me lose concentration.  I would want to taste your love nectar so bad.  I need to stay strong and remain in control.

Me: No. I am going to do all I can to get what I want.

Him: Tell me what you wuld do then.  Remember you’re blindfolded and your wrists are bound.

Me: I’d beg you.  I’d whisper softly at first and beg you for more.  You know my voice.  You hear it in your head right now.

Him: You will have to be more specific.  Remember the mind is a powerful thing and you have the nicest pussy I have ever seen.  You might be able to get me off my game plan.

Me: I don’t feel you want my pussy.  I don’t believe you.  you’re pleasing everything but her.  Show me you love my pussy.

Him: Your pussy nectar is wha tI want most.  I want to have you sit on my face and cum so hard that your juice spills out the side of my mouth and runs down my chin.

Me: No I’m going to hold back until I feel your cock inside of me.

Him: If I was to give in I would let you feel my cock in your pussy as deep as I could and push you across the bed until your shoulders were off the bed.  Then I would get up so you could suck meoff good.  I might even use my fingers on your clit at the same time.

Me: You would give me excactly what I want.  you can’t deny me.  You want me to be happy.

Him: You have managed to get me off my game plan and have gained back some control.

Me: I’m not cumming until I feel you inside me.  After you make me cum with your cock then you can taste me.

Him: I would never deny you just maybe not do what you want when you want.  When I control your mind and body it equals many many orgasms for you.

Me: Killing me.  Why can’t you have days for me?

Him: Let that be your first lesson in Tantric…somehow, some way we are going to have to meet up.

After that he send me a couple photos.  The bed he said he found on craigslist and the other is the perfect tramp stamp, haha!

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  1. Very hot, it puts all sorts of images in my head! I have a partner who likes teasing me with texts as well, it’s rather tormenting at times but I like it. 😉

    And that’s a pretty awesome bed.

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