The Ride Home…

Hello my lovelies,  This is straight from a series of text messages to Mr. Super Sexy.  It’s not very developed but I thought you might enjoy it as he did…

I pick you up from work after leaving you 8 hrs earlier with a raging hard on and your mind in the gutter. When you get to the car, I slide over to let you drive.  I am completely naked and had already begun fingering myself on the way over. You slide in and before we leave, I make you take your shirt off…it is the rule!  As we pull out of the parking lot, I am already partially straddling you, I have one leg curled beneath me and the other over your lap as I face you.

 Instantly your right hand begins stroking my clit and fingering my pussy as I’m rubbing your already hard cock beneath your jeans.  My lips are slowly caressing your ear, your neck, your shoulders as little moans of pleasure escape me while you do your…handy work.  Finally a red light!!  You grab my hair with your left hand, pull me back from kissing your neck, and force a passionate kiss on me as you begin pumping my pussy harder with your right fingers.

 I try to gain control and suck on your lips nibbling just a little, but you pull me back as the light turns green.  I try to dismount your fingers so I can move down to your cock, yet you force me to stay put. You have control and you have a plan!  Damn…I have no clue where we are so I go about caressing your cock and biting at your neck shoulders and arms. We finally pull into a parking lot…I’m not sure where but there are trees all around and its secluded.

I no sooner set foot outside of the car still naked and you grab me, push me face down onto the hood and slam your cock deep, deep, deeper inside of me.  I let out a little scream, not expecting the sheer force of it.  Oh how I love your cock!!  You have one hand on my hips and one in the center of my back holding me down as you thrust inside of me time and time again. Then…you stop. What the!!!  I beg you to continue but you laugh.

You tell me this is what I get for leaving you hard this morning…oh I’m in trouble.  You push me in the car and follow me getting in the driver seat with your pants just below your cock.  You tell me that as we finish our drive home, I am to suck my own juices off of your cock and get it cleaned up for later.  I do as I’m told, but I have a plan… I pop the head of your cock in and out of my lips a couple of times just teasing slightly before I take your cock in my hands and start licking it base to head all over cleaning and tasting my own juices from your throbbing cock.
You reach for my clit but I move away…uh oh. You sense that I’m getting feisty and issue me a warning.  I stifle my laughter with your cock in my mouth…my goal has to be accomplished!!  I push your cock deep in my throat, stroking it with my tongue, sucking gently on my favorite toy…did I tell you I love your cock?  I continue fucking and sucking with my mouth.  You figure out my intention and warn me not to make you cum…ha…I take that as a dare. I have to win! 
My mouth is warm and wet and your cock is slick with my saliva, throbbing against my lips and tongue.  I can feel you getting close.  I fervently continue ravaging your cock with my pretty little mouth, looking up to you once in a while to look into your eyes as they scold me.  Finally, I can feel you’re ready to fill me with your sticky seed.
Just as we pull in the driveway, I reach my goal. You grab my head with both hands and force your cock deep in my throat thrusting twice, quivering as you shoot your load deep in my throat.  I take it all like a good girl, then lick your cock clean again.  When I’m done, you grab my arm pulling me close to you and tell me how much trouble I’m in….I’m a bit worried, but excited all the same.  We get out of the car & head into the house…

Did I leave you wanting more? Aching for more?   Soon lovelies…Soon.