The Perfect Stranger

I met him on an adult dating site.  When I say adult, I mean ADULT.  It was one of those site where people freely posted photos of their…parts.  It wasn’t always the prettiest of sites, but I actually did meet a couple of decent people on there.  One guy in particular interested me when he friended me and then gave me the warnings about how not everything is what it seems in virtual dating land.  He was very nice but had a very protective vibe about him.  You know me, I have a weakness for dominant men.  I want a man around who is a little possessive and absolutely will protect me.  Just thinking about him now makes my heart flutter.

I wasn’t on the site very long, 3 months at most, but I kept in contact with him because I was intrigued or “curious” as he would say.  We chatted in messenger, emails, texts.  He continually wanted me to webcam with him, but I wasn’t interested in getting sexual on camera with a stranger.  Yes, I realize the lines I will or will not cross are skewed.

His protective nature surfaced one day when I told him I was going to a photo shoot with a photographer I had never met.  It wasn’t a normal photo shoot per se, more of a “bodyscapes” photo shoot where the photographer would take very close photos of various parts of my body.  It was to be a PG-13 meaning a lot of leg and boob shots but I really wasn’t worried after talking to the photographer a few times.  Mr. Stuntman, however, wanted to come with me.  Yep, that’s right, he’s a stuntman.  I won’t go into the things he has worked on, but let’s just say he is a very busy guy!  When I declined his desire to accompany to the shoot, he made me promise to get a hold of him before and after.  I promised and I followed direction.

That night we were texting and he mentioned wishing he was home, home being the same state I am in.  Instead, he was working in L.A.  We chatted for a while and as you could guess, the conversation got pretty sexy.  He told me that if I really wanted him, I would invite him to come over.  It seemed a moot point since he was hours away, but I did.  I told him he could come over anytime.  I was single, why not.  To my surprise he said he was going to make the drive to my place THAT NIGHT!  I almost went into panic mode!  Here I was inviting a guy over for a booty call that I really didn’t know other than from virtual conversations.  The ONLY thing that put me at ease was his protective nature.  Don’t ask why that helped my girl brain.  He told me to go to sleep and he would wake me when he got to my place…when he walked into my place and woke me in my bedroom.

I knew I had hours before his arrival so I showered and made sure there was nothing odd in my apartment like panties hanging on door knobs to dry from the laundry or sex toys lying around in plain sight.  Then I curled up in my bed in a cute little nightie to await the arrival of the kiss from my prince to wake me.

As you could guess, I didn’t sleep very deeply.  I heard every sound for hours until finally I heard him open my apartment door.  Then, it was quiet.  What was he doing?  My heart was nearly beating through my chest as I laid there on my side facing away from the bedroom door.  Finally, I felt his fingers tracing my thigh and up to my side.  I was afraid to look, afraid to see if  the stranger I invited over might be a man 20 years older than the photos he sent me or possibly someone completely different.  I turned slowly and a smile crept onto my lips.  He was beautiful.  The candlelight was shining behind him just enough to illuminate his face.  His dimples were adorable and he had the prettiest brown eyes I had ever seen wrapped in thick brown lashes.  His hair was the color of melted chocolate, almost too perfect.  He was about 6’2″ and had a great build.  He stood before me and slowly undressed as he kissed my lips, my forehead, my neck.  His fingers never left my body during this sequence.  It was like he didn’t want to lose the connection and I didn’t want him to.  We didn’t say a word, just admired what was before us.

Once he finished unwrapping himself for me, he came to me.  He kissed me from head to toe always touching me softly as his lips left my body.  He mixed his kisses with little nibbles just to get me more wound up.  We had spent enough time chatting that he knew my triggers.  He knew too much perhaps because I was like putty in his perfect, meaty hands.  He allowed me to stroke him gently, but only a little at a time.  He was keeping himself in control, and keeping me wanting more.  Every inch of him seemed perfect.

When he moved my legs apart and nestled between them, I was so wound up that I think I completely stopped breathing.  I wanted him inside of me so badly!  He teased me for a bit with the head of his cock before moving down to suck on my already flowing juices.  This is when he started picking up pace.  No longer was he sweet and gentle.  Now he was getting aggressive.  He licked and nipped at me like he had wanted to be between my legs for hours.  This very well could have been true with the amount of teasing we had been doing before his drive.  When he finally spoke, all he said was, “You’re going to cum for me like a good girl”.  When he pushed his tongue into my juicy slit, I lost it.  I was his completely.  I went into a shuddering orgasm that made him moan with delight.  When I had finished, he looked at me with a smile and moved forward.

Now between my legs, he kissed me, nibbled on my neck, then whispered, “I’m going to make you mine”.  He slid his cock slowly deep inside of me allowing me to savor every inch as it filled me completely.  I gripped him tightly so I could feel him throbbing against my pink walls. I could feel his cock head, big and smooth.  I could feel the ridge around that head and every vein on his shaft pulsing inside of me.  He pulled out then filled me time and again never slowing.  There was no mercy.  He kept me pinned beneath him as he assaulted my pussy with all he had.   The muscles in his back rippled with every thrust and each time he bit into my neck, it took my breath away.  When he was close he told me under no uncertain terms that I was to cum with him.  His hand went to my throat and I was more excited than I could have imagined.  I could feel his orgasm building up within him and all at once we both let go.  Nothing mattered but the Earth shattering orgasm we were both experiencing, and it was amazing.

When our heart rates settled and our breath returned to us, he moved over beside me and let me cuddle up with him.  We talked about his thoughts on the drive over from LA, we talked a little about my photo shoot, and he told me, “I’m sorry I’m kind of possessive” I responded with how I thought it was protective not possessive.  We laid there for a bit just listening to our breath before he had to get dressed to go.   He had just enough time to drive back and shower before he had to be on  the set.  I wasn’t sure how he was able to do that when all I wanted to do was sleep.  He tucked me in, brushed my hair from my face, kissed me one last time deeply before kissing my forehead, then he left.

My heart still races when I think about him.  Hopefully, I will see him again one day.

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  1. I only discovered you just the other day. I forget which post first showed up, but I quickly found myself going back and working my way through all of your posts in chronological order.

    I won’t pretend that I am young or hot or TALL enough to have any illusions about being one of those lucky men in your posts, but … Well … Imagination allows wonderful things! LOL!

    Just wanted to say that I have had a very enjoyable time working my way through your posts, and that I hope you will continue.

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