The Mystery Man

Happy Saturday, Readers!  As Dude was texting me the other day at Ikea, I was having a little fantasy.  I couldn’t tell him, but I can tell you…enjoy, my loves.


“I can make your body melt like chocolate on a hot summer day” he text.  Pffft.  I liked the thought, I loved the ego, but I highly doubted it.  He admitted he really didn’t know me which meant he had no clue I was a freak and had sexual standards.  I couldn’t help but get wound up as we were texting though.  He was right, I like puzzles and what I didn’t tell him was that I liked that he was in control and had the upper hand.  When he admitted he didn’t know me and it was an accident, I told him we should meet up just for fun.  Why not?  I like meeting new people and he seemed like he could handle my personality.  Somehow the texts turned sexual though and I was a bit hesitant.  I was trying so hard to be good.  At least meeting him somewhere meant I had my own vehicle to escape with if he was a creep.

We agreed to meet at a cute little Mexican restaurant for some margaritas.  He said he was a tequila connoisseur and that was my weakness.  I love my tequila.  Since I was driving, I would only have one with him then bug out.  What he didn’t know was I only lived a block from there and if I really wanted to, I could walk home, but I had no intention of doing that tonight.  I was happy I hadn’t been lazy when I dressed to run out that eve.  Instead of just shorts and a t-shirt, I actually had thrown on a cute jean skirt, the heels that tie around my ankles, and a blue tank top.  It was perfect for some tequila.

He sent me a text, “I’m out front, ready and waiting for the mystery girl.”  I was actually a little nervous.  Hopefully it didn’t show.   The problem was when I get nervous I also get the chills which meant my nipples were erect and poking through my tank top.  I cranked the heat and when I parked, looked for a jacket in my vehicle.  No luck.  Grrr…  I took a second to try to compose myself as I looked to the front of the restaurant to see who the mystery man was.  All I could see was a tall, dark shadow.  Well, at least he wasn’t a midget.  I love tall guys.

I walked to the front of the place and he came out from behind the shadows.  I was pleasantly surprised.  He was about 6′, hazel eyes, bald, and had a great build.  He had strong-looking hands with long fingers and an enticing grin.  This could be interesting.  I tried to contain my excitement, but I couldn’t help but smile.   I had to get a grip real quick so I thought about the fact that my nipples were still looking for glass to cut and I got instantly self-conscious.  He gave me a warm welcome and opened the door for me.

Once inside, we sat at a corner section of the bar.  There was only a handful of people in the bar area; seemed everyone was in the restaurant.  It was quiet enough that we didn’t have to yell so that was nice.  We ended up spending a couple of hours chatting and drinking tequila.  I lost track of how much I had and was enjoying his teaching techniques.  He would have the bartender place a bottle of tequila in front of us and pour two shots.  He’d hold up a shot, tell me the history of how it was made, why it was the color it was, where it came from, then he would make me SIP it.  I had never sipped tequila so I just did as I was told and hoped it wasn’t bitter.  After a couple of shots, I had lost my train of thought and stopped listening.  I was instead focused on his lips and his eyes.  I began fantasizing about how he would look between my legs, looking up at me.

After hours of shots and fun conversation, I gave in.  I knew I couldn’t drive and I was having too much fun to let the night end.  I told him I live right around the corner and we should go back to my place.  I could make a fire and we could eat a little something; in my mind I was thinking strawberries and chocolate.  They’re just so sexy!

As we walked to my place, he teased me the whole way pulling me close and nipping at my neck.  He still hadn’t kissed me, but his mouth felt so good against my skin.  I knew it was going to be good.  We got to my place and I opened the door.  “You leave it unlocked?” he said.  Um yes.   “Don’t you worry about intruders?” No, I had never had a problem and well… what if I needed to get in or out quickly?  My logic is different and I couldn’t explain it to him.

I tried to head to the kitchen but he grabbed me around the waist, kissed me deeply, and pushed me towards the wall.  My heart raced.  “Let’s just get to business, we both want this”  True.  I wasn’t going to play coy with him.  I led him to the bedroom.  He came to me, stood before me and slowly started undressing me as he kissed me slowly on each piece of exposed flesh.  My heels stayed on.  “I like the way your ankles look tied up.”  Me too, I confessed.  “Close your eyes” he said.  I did as I was told.  I was pretty tipsy so I instantly reverted to the submissive without a fight.  He walked around me slowly whispering sweetness in my ear, kissing me softly and touching my skin lightly enough to give me goose bumps.  He was teasing me and I was already whimpering.

He led me to the bed using his hands and mouth to guide me as I continued to keep my eyes closed.  I was smiling.  I knew I would have him soon and I couldn’t wait.  “What’s in this bag” he asked.  Oh.  I forgot that was out.  It’s my….toys.  “Those are never going to satisfy you like I will.  I don’t want you to ever touch them again unless I give you permission.  Do you understand?”  Yes sir.  He touched the furrow in my brow.  He could sense my brain kick into overdrive and he said, “Feel.  Don’t think.  It’s ok.  I’m going to take good care of you tonight.”   I took a breath.

He continued touching and kissing me all over.  But soon, his nibbles turned to bites and he got a little rougher.  I kept my eyes closed but I was already wet for him and he knew it.  “Do you want me to taste you?”  I shook my head, yes.  “What?  I can’t hear you?”  Yes, please!  “Good girl.”   I could feel his warm breath on my slit.  I tried moving towards him, but he stopped me.  “I have control”  he said.  he began licking my slit in long, slow, shallow laps.  My breath quickened as did my heart.  As my moans got louder and more needy, his licks sped up and soon he buried his tongue deep into my pussy.  Deeper and deeper I could feel him lapping at my soft, velvety walls while he rubbed and pinched my clit.  Again, I tried to lift my hips towards him, but he pushed me back down.  I whimpered.  Just then his mouth went to my clit and nipped at the bud as his fingers delved deep inside of me.  Fuck yes baby, give it to me! I was getting louder. I could feel my pussy contract around him as I came hard for him.  Once the quivering of my legs stopped, he slowly took his fingers from inside of me.  “Do you want a taste?” he asked.  I nodded.  He parted my lips with fingers wet with my juices and I took them into my mouth licking and sucking them, savoring the taste of my own juices off his fingers.

When he was all cleaned he said, “Open your eyes.”  He was laying beside me, looking at me with those gorgeous hazel eyes.  I had to take a breath.  He smiled and I wanted him more.  “Can I cum now?”  he asked.  Yes please, please fuck me, please I want it!  He laughed at me.  I couldn’t help it.  I needed to feel him inside of me.  He rolled atop me, kissing me, parting my legs with his.  My heart was racing, I needed him so bad.  He teased my slit with the head of his cock making me beg again.  Please baby, please? I need to feel you.  Fuck me with that cock!  With that he slammed so deep inside of me that I screamed.  I came instantly coating his cock with my juices and pulling him further into me as my muscles tightened.  He kept thrusting deep inside of me, kept kissing me and biting my neck.  I wrapped my legs tighter around him and focused on milking his cock with my tight little pussy.  He moaned with pleasure and told me he was going to cum.  I released just a little and the head of his cock grew tightening what I loosened.  I could feel him throbbing and with that he plunged deeper inside of me throwing us both into an amazing climax I didn’t think tequila could bring.  As our energy subsided, he rolled to my side still keeping contact.  I didn’t know what to say, but I knew I was ready to sleep.  I really wanted to cuddle up with him, but I wasn’t going to say it.   He was a stranger after all and I realized we never exchanged names!

“I hope you know I am staying tonight” he said.  Really?  Ok.  “Well we haven’t even discussed what you’re going to do for me in Round 2….”    To be continued….