The Lunch Date

It was supposed to be just a lunch date.  Seemed innocent enough.  He wanted to buy me the drink he promised months ago and needed to vent about his current situation.  I’m all about helping my friends, and a little lunch and a drink is the perfect way to break up the monotony of a day.  We “met” online through a friend and had spent the past  couple months texting our life stories to each other.  This would be our first face to face encounter. It felt like I had known him forever, so this wasn’t going to be anything out of the ordinary. When I met him at the restaurant, he was already seated in the very back booth, but stood to greet me. 

“At least we have some privacy without other people milling around us,” I thought.  He was just as I had seen in the photos we exchanged, taller than me by a little but not at all stocky.  He has a great build, an even better smile, and happy eyes.  When I got to him, we hugged like we hadn’t seen each other in ages.  I think I could have stayed that way forever if the waitress hadn’t come along to ask about drinks.  We ordered a round and a pizza and started chatting away.  Somehow, we strayed away from the original “venting” and ended up talking about everything else in the world.  Something about his energy drew me in and I just couldn’t help myself.  I had to feel his touch again.

Usually, I make a nonchalant move just to feel a person’s energy but with him,  I didn’t hide my intentions.  I reached across the table and placed my wrists in his hands.  Bad move on my part.  I was instantly speechless and when he grabbed my wrists tighter adjusting without my guidance, I almost begged him to let go as I felt the wetness between my legs.  I was giggling and I know I was blushing as the warmth covered my cheeks.  When he finally released me, I had to sit and breathe a minute. 

He excused himself to the restroom and upon his return, sat with me on my side of the booth.  It took but a second before we were making out in the back booth, his tongue sucking mine as his hands slid down my pants feeling the mess he had already created .  I tried keeping my hands to myself for the most part because I could feel the eyes of the wait staff as they watched our little show.  What I really wanted to do was sit on his lap, wrap my legs around him and ride him right there.

It was time to get out of there before we caused too much of a scene.  The check was paid and we went out to my vehicle in the front lot.  I put the windows down as we chatted for a minute like nothing had happened inside.  Then came the calm before the storm.  There was no stopping it and it didn’t matter that there were other poeple in the parking lot.  He reached to me and kissed me deeply, his fighting for control, drawing me into him.  He reached down to feel the wetness spreading between my legs.  I wanted him and he knew it.  He leaned forward to kiss and bite my inner thighs.  He pulled my shorts down and manuevered to take them off as he continued nibbing and biting, his facial hairs tickling and teasing me.  I moved to slide my legs around him.  I wanted it.


I grabbed his hair and pushed him into me further. I needed his tongue inside me.  He teased nibbling and biting trying to bring me to the brink as I whimpered and begged for him.  Finally his tongue pressed and licked at my wetness entering me at last.  I moaned and arched my back pressing my pussy into his face more.  He felt so good.  He licked me, pressing hard from ass to clit in long slow strokes.  I thought I was going to die breathless.  Just then his fingers slipped inside my tight pussy and he kissed his way up to my tummy lingering there as he pumped my dripping juices from me.  He kept pressure on my clit with his thumb making me squirm.  I looked down to him, biting my lip, trying to be quiet as the people in the parking lot were trying to get a peek at what was going on.

When I caught his eye, I could only say one thing, “Please.”  He continued finger fucking me while reaching down with the other hand to unfasten his pants.  When he pulled his cock out, I whimpered.  I could imagine it throbbing in me and I wanted it.  He moved me down further across the seats, took his fingers from my drippping pink folds, and patted my pussy hard before slowly pushing his cock into me inch my inch.  I let out a moan that I’m sure attracted some attention.  He started pumping me furiously making me cum again almost instantly.  It was his turn.  I wanted him to have his releaase.  I started to beg him.

“Baby please…give it to me…I want it.  Fuck me harder baby, cum for me!  Fill this pussy,” I purred.  He obliged and after a few more deeper thrusts he was moaning and drilling me deep.  He came for what seemed like forever as I screamed with his moans, forgetting all about the people in the parking lot.  When he was completely empty, he laid on top of me for just a second.

“Best lunch date ever, Love,” he said.  I couldn’t help but giggle after a release like that and the look in his eyes.  Slowly we separated and cleaned up enough to be presentable for the ride home.  As I was driving he sent me a text that read, “You should have warned me it was going to be that good.”  I have a feeling we’ll be doing lunch again soon.


Happy Titty Tuesday, my loves!  When was the last time you had a lunch date??