The Golf Course

Seriously?  I can’t believe I am stupid enough to go rescue him again.  If he wasn’t so damn adorable, I would probably just ignore his drunk texts and hope he found someone else to shuttle him home every time he found himself drunk somewhere.  Of all the places to be off to tonight, I have to rescue him from a golf course!  Well, at least he keeps it interesting.

The parking lot is empty and my phone is going berserk with a constant PING! meaning I have texts.  Guess I better see what My Boy wants.

“Park n meet me @ Hole 11,”  his text says.  He better not be playing with me!  Eleven is my favorite number so this is either coincidence or he is jacking around.  Either way, I am going to give him a bit of an earful.  He’s a bit younger than me, taller of course, and very good-looking.  It’s hard for me to even think about being stern with him without smiling.  I’ve only known him for a year but he knows how to break me down.  He’s such a brat!  Now where in the hell is the eleventh hole?!!  I don’t know one thing about golf!

PING! “Go west young lass!!!”  Great, which way is…. PING!  “Your other west, Girl!!”  Oops.  Hey, I know left and right.  I was never good with directions.  I don’t see anything but darkness and the outlines of some rolling hills.  My damn phone screen blinds me each time I look at My Boy’s texts.  I think I see a faint light up ahead; I’ll go that way.  As I get closer to where I think he is, I notice the trees seem to be fuller.  It’s kind of pretty with all the stars poking through the night sky.  Looks like the moon is a no-show, no wonder it’s so dark.  PING!  “Close your eyes.”  What the hell?!  No.  PING!  “Close your eyes and be still, trust me.”  Damn it.  We made a rule that there would be trust between us and no secrets.  I know that seems odd for just friends, but sometimes you need a friend who can be everything you need, when you need it.  Fine, sigh.  Eyes closed.

I feel his hand grasp my wrist and he whispers, “Walk with me but keep your eyes closed”

“Baby, what are you doing?” I ask.  “It’s the middle of the night.  Let’s get you home.”  I feel him leading me up a tiny hill and to a flat spot.  We stop and I feel his hands around both of my wrists as he stands in front of me.

“Open your eyes, my little Kitten,” he whispers.

I open and he’s smiling in front of me, standing there in only shorts.  Damn it, I can’t help but smile back, he’s so handsome.  Just barely beyond him I see a blanket laid out in the grass glowing in the corners.  Glow sticks!  I giggle as he leads me over to the blanket.  As he sits down, I follow his lead and we both lay on the blanket to look up at the stars.  It’s pretty breathtaking! I barely notice that he is still holding one of my hands until he takes it up to his lips and barely starts sucking on the tips of my fingers, nibbling gently as he finishes each finger off.  “What’re you doing?” I ask slyly.  He doesn’t answer, just smiles.  He throws my hand around his neck as he rolls on top of me.  I have no idea what to think.  He’s not at all drunk and this is not a situation I thought I would be in tonight.  He leans into me and I expect a kiss, but instead he goes for my neck and bites me,  HARD!  I breathe in sharply to lessen the pain, but it’s hard to be quiet.  I can’t help it; instantly I can feel my heart start pounding and moisture between my legs.  I turn my head hoping to meet his lips, but he pins my hands to the blanket near my head and continues biting his way up my neck.

When finally he reaches my lips I want to devour him.  I no longer see him as just my friend, someone I trust and keep no secrets from.  Now, all I want is to experience him to the fullest.  He places a hand behind my head and pulls me in for one of the deepest kisses, devouring my lips and tongue as I return every last bit of his hungry energy.  I want him bad!!  He rolls over, flipping me on top of him and pulls my shirt up over my head at the same time revealing my tits, my nipples already hard and erect.  Rarely do I wear a bra and tonight that was probably a good thing!  His mouth is instantly on my nipples, one , then the other…nipping at them and making me wince, then soothing them with his tongue as he sucks each one to a more erect state.  I can’t handle it.

I pull back from him just enough to lean forward and return his aggression.  I allow him the use of his hands while I bring my teeth to his neck to return the bruise that is slowly getting color on my neck from his attack.  At first, I’m afraid to really bite into him, but when he draws me closer to him I sink me teeth in deep drawing the tiniest trickle of blood.  Fight fire with fire, we shall.

He takes my wrists into his hands and still I pull back as I begin kissing and nibbling my way down his chest.  I feel my fingers over his lips and on his tongue but I continue my nips at his body making sure I bite just deep enough to make him jerk each time.  I get down to his waist and my arms are  completely extended up his body.  He’s not giving me any leeway. Doesn’t matter, he’s mine now.  I grip his shorts with my teeth and begin moving them down his body.  While doing so he lifts just a little to allow them to slide down his body.  Still my wrists are bound by his hands.  I move his shorts down far enough to reveal his fully erect, pulsing cock.  It’s perfect.  I never even imagined this would be happening, but since it is, I am going to take full advantage of it.

I take the tip of his cock into my lips and look up to him.  He’s watching every move I make but restricting the use of my hands.  I’m loving this.  He doesn’t even realize what he has triggered within me by holding my wrists as he is.  I can barely breathe and my heart is pounding out of my chest.  I’m sure he could see it as he’s looking at my naked breasts.  The warmth and wetness between my legs is growing and instead of teasing him, I decide to take him all in right away.  I bob my head and take his cock deep into my mouth and throat.  His grip loosens and he lets out a moan.  I take his balls in my hand, massaging gently as I take every inch of his perfect cock  in and out of my pretty, little mouth.  I slobber all over his length, lubing it with my spit as I milk his cock with my lips.

This has gotten to be too much! I need him!  I back off to come up for air and he grabs me, rolls me on my back, pulls off my shorts and falls face first between my legs forcefully pushing my thighs open.  I know they will bruise, I can feel it already!  He sucks and tugs at my clit with his teeth.  He’s so aggressive!!  I try to pull back just a little and he digs his fingers deeper into my hips keeping me in place as he laps at my already running juices.  I can’t keep quiet, I’m ready to cum and he knows it.  He plunges his tongue deep inside my dripping pussy and that’s it.  I let go, cumming for him while he continues his assault on my pink parts.  Every bit of me shudders in a full body orgasm as he takes me through my climax.

When finally I settle, he moves his body forward and without warning thrusts his huge, throbbing cock deep inside of me.  My pussy stretches around him and I let out a scream but yet beg him to fuck me!  He is merciless as he pummels my pussy, ruining it for any other man.  This is the only cock for me, the only one that will ever feel right.   Though I’m sure I can’t keep it, his cock is mine right now.    As I look at him, I realize that “my boy” has turned into my dominant master and is completely owning me right now.  I’m not complaining, just surprised by the animalistic sexual force within him.  I feel his cock swell just that little bit more inside of me any my body reacts, clenching him tighter with every muscle.  He moans into my ear and I dig my nails into his back pulling him deeper into me.  Again he bites deep into my neck and we cum forcefully together, every fiber of being between us is on fire and releasing it’s energy.

I can feel him filling me with hot seed.   As I squirt and cum around his cock, he continues plunging deep inside of me riding out our orgasms to completion.  Finally, he collapses atop of me, our breath and hearts racing.  I keep my legs and arms wrapped around him.  I don’t want to let go.  He lifts his body just a little and sees the tears in my eyes. He smiles and kisses me gently.  This is the most powerful orgasm I have ever had, and I have it with my friend, the one I trust and keep no secrets from.  Nothing could be more perfect as we catch our breath at Hole 11 under the stars.

When finally we settle, he slowly pulls his cock from my warm pussy and our juices run onto the blanket.  He rolls onto his back and I slide down his body to lick him clean and savor the taste of our night together. Now finished, we lay together not saying a word, both of us with smiles on our faces.

*** Happy Titty Tuesday, My Loves! I told you I would be back 😉

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