6: The Darkness (Darkness of Eve)


And silence.

It makes me want to hold my breath to slow my heart from beating so loudly in my ears.

I feel like I’ve been lingering here forever… At least years anyway.

Last I remember were her screams.  I never called her mom.  She wasn’t my mother, but now, being so alone, I realize more & more that she was all I had.  Well, her & Bear.

Where is Bear? I lost him for a while but then he came back to me.  I found him as he hung in tatters above her.  Yes, her.  The woman I never called mom.

She laid there, mouth open in a silent scream, eyes dark as night, crumpled into a lifeless ball of flesh & bone.  It was HIM.  He did this to her.  He took away the only person I connected with in this lonely world.  He took away the only person who watched over me as I saw HIM coming to haunt my every slumber.

Now, it’s just me & Bear. Here.  In the darkness.


Sometimes I hear things as I stumble around this unknown place.  I hear the scampering of tiny feet, perhaps rats, going past my bare toes.  I hear heavy, labored breathing as if someone had been running behind me & suddenly stopped.  I hear deafening, blood curdling screams, but then I come to realize they are only my own.

The only time I have seen any hint of light since that time I found her & Bear is when I see HIM.  The light comes suddenly.  I see dust dancing in rays of light giving me a glimmer of hope that one day I’ll find my way out of this darkness, but each time I approach, HE is there out of nowhere calling to me.

He lumbers after me time after time.  Sometimes I get away & this place seems a little brighter.  Other times, he catches me, his grip tight on my wrists.  He hurts me & tells me that I’m nothing but evil in a beautiful shell.  He tells me he’ll keep me here forever just so he could watch me, so he can look at me, so he can hurt me more & see how strong I am.  He tells me that nothing was the same after the accident & I’m safer in this nightmare.

But the accident wasn’t mine, was it? It was hers. I think about it constantly, trying to figure out what he’s telling me.

I stumble around this darkness hoping to never come across her decaying body again, but it seems I’m walking in circles & at times I trip over her.  When I do, I sit beside her with Bear in my lap & I ask her, “What happened to us?”

Originally Published on: Feb 6, 2014

Part 6 of a series. Catch up on The Darkness of Eve

This post was inspired to be written by a prompt from Studio 30+

Prompt: “Hung in tatters above her” inspired by Tara Roberts HAUNTING


7 thoughts on “6: The Darkness (Darkness of Eve)

  1. Man, I’m glad I have time for some nice, colorful cartoons, before I try to go to sleep. This series is intense! Nice job!

  2. Stupid (grumble-grumble) WordPress threw my comment somewhere…

    I love how you’ve changed POV’s from the not-her-mother, to Eve’s. And Bear? Oh this is getting so eerie, your imagination is starting to creep me out! 😉

    p.s. Even the Little Mermaid couldn’t keep the dark images away. Ursula and her scary eels? There’s nowhere to hide from this darkness!

    1. LOVE Ursula! I might have to be her for Halloween. I was hoping the POV wasn’t too confusing or drastic. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you are writing it. Thanks for the comments!

      1. I loved it. I’m in denial about what happened to the not-her-mother (what was her name, did we ever get one?) Just don’t ever let go of my hand when I’m here. Even the dark background scares me. 😉

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