The Attempt

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers ūüôā¬† Here’s a little something special and different for you.¬† My Guiltless fantasy brain is starting to work overtime for you…enjoy.

I’d never done anything like¬†that before, but I was at a point where I didn’t care.¬† I had a void…a hole in my life and I was trying to fill it, or at least take my thoughts aways from it for a while.¬† It didn’t always work when I was in relationships.¬† My thoughts would still overcome me, but something about this guy made me forget about the world and focus only on what was happening when I was with him.¬†
I didn’t even know his name, but what I did know was his mouth and tongue felt really good on my swollen clit.¬† I had found him at a local outdoor concert.¬† He was charming, good-looking, and had a bit¬†of mystery in those hazel eyes of his.¬† Actually, his eyes matched mine.¬† They were golden, light and carefree in the sunlight, but dark, and had great depth in the shade.¬† I think it was his eyes that made me curious.
Not that any of that mattered, I just needed someone to make me forget about the world and fill the emptiness I was feeling, even if just for a night.¬† He seemed to be doing just that as he aggressively sucked and licked me.¬† I wanted to pull away a few times when his nips at my clit were almost too much to bear, but I didn’t.¬† He had control and I was going to give him every last ounce of it.¬† Besides, the pain brought me pleasure.¬† It brought me so much pleasure that I quickly reached my first orgasm.¬† As I moaned though it, gripping the sheets, and trying to breathe, he continued eating my pussy until the last waves of pleasure passed though my body.¬†
As my breathing calmed, he moved up next to me on the bed.¬† He layed¬†there looking at¬†me tenderly…almost too tenderly.¬† He trailed his fingers over my body and cupped my pussy in his hand.¬† The anticipation was killing me as I felt his stiff cock throbbing against my thigh.¬† I hadn’t much chance to look at him before that moment.¬† He had me undressed and was attacking my clit¬†with his mouth so fast when we got to the room, that there wasn’t much time for me to explore.¬† But as I lay there feeling him, I could tell he was well-built¬†and I couldn’t wait to have him inside of me.¬† “Are you going to do something with that thing?” I asked.¬† He laughed at me.¬† I didn’t know what to do.¬† Why was he teasing me?¬† “Please?” I said, flashing him a slight version of puppy dog eyes.¬† Again, he laughed.¬† I bit my lip.¬† “Breathe” he said.¬† Fuck.¬† He was playing with me. I didn’t need that.¬† I needed to be consumed with sex and filled with cock so my mind wouldn’t wander.
He stood beside the bed facing me and stroking his cock.¬† I moved towards him and just barely, and ever so gently licked the precum¬†from the head of his cock.¬† I grinned.¬† I got this.¬† He backed up.¬† What the fuck.¬† “On your back, right where you are,” he said.¬† Shit.¬† I guess he was taking back control.¬† I did as I was told and he pulled me towards him slightly so my head was hanging over the bed.¬† He brought his cock closer to me and rested it on my lips.¬† I opened slightly and he pushed past my lips into my mouth.¬† He tasted good.¬† I let my tongue¬†explore as much as he would give me as he slowly gave me more.¬† Slowly in and out, deeper and deeper he pushed past my lips, over my tongue and eventually into my throat.¬† He leaned forward placing one hand on the bed next to me and the other on my throat as he began fucking my throat.¬† I did all I could to relax and concentrate on his hand on my throat.¬† That’s one of the things that always calms me.¬† His hand was warm and pulsing on my throat as his cock was getting harder and growing even more against my tongue.¬† Tears were streaming from my eyes as I looked to him.¬† He began pumping more rapidly and then suddenly he stopped.¬† He pulled out past my lips ever so slowly, one inch at a time, watching as his cock came out of my pretty little mouth covered in glistening saliva and precum.
He gave me a chance to breathe.¬† I almost slipped into thinking that I just wanted to be loved, but then I remembered Love is what fucked me over to begin with.¬† I needed to be fucked and I needed to be shown no mercy.¬† Just as that thought was passing through my head, he turned me around.¬† He grabbed his throbbing shaft and slapped my clit¬†with his cock head. Bump Bump¬†Bump Bump.¬† I couldn’t handle it.¬† I whimpered and he laughed.¬† “Please” I said “I can’t handle being teased right now”¬† He plunged two fingers inside of me and continued slapping my clit¬†with his cock.¬† My breathing intensified as his fingers curled against the little bundle of nerves inside of me.¬† It wasn’t long before my world was spinning and I was approaching orgasm number two.¬†
My moans grew louder and shortly after the quivering began, he removed his fingers and slammed his cock deep inside of me fucking me through the pain of his cock stretching me and the pleasure of my second orgasm.¬†¬† He didn’t stop, he rode out my orgasm as my body clenched him and then he continued fucking me harder and deeper pinning my wrists above my head and making me completely his.¬† Everything that was anything in my world was gone the minute his hands closed on my wrists and he throbbed within me.¬† My third orgasm came quickly and it was everything.¬† I came and squirted for him like I had for no other in a long time.¬† He kept thrusting deeper inside of me until my moans and shudders subsided.¬† Then he pulled out of me ever so slowly allowing my juices to run out onto my inner thighs and sheets. “Good Girl,” he said.
I didn’t have time to utter a word or gather my thoughts when he rolled me over.¬† His mouth went straight to my pussy, lapping the juices that still flowed, then up to my ass.¬† He was preparing me for assault.¬† He climbed on top of me and pressed his body against me so I was flat on the bed.¬† His legs spread mine and the head of his cock rested against¬† my tight little asshole.¬† He pushed slowly at fist, but when I squirmed a little and whimpered, he leaned forward, pinned my wrists down with one hand and the other went to my neck holding my head to the bed.¬† His cock entered my ass forcefully and quickly.¬† No Mercy.¬† No Pause.¬† He fucked my ass balls deep as I screamed in pain and pleasure.¬† I knew another orgasm was coming and I could tell he was close too.¬† His moans grew louder matching my own and I could feel him pushing just a little deeper with every thrust.¬† Then finally one last pump and he held it there, deep inside of me, as my body spasmed around him and his cock filled me with his hot sticky seed.
He laid there on top of me for a minute as our breathing subsided.¬† Then slowly he pulled out leaving me filled and satisfied.¬† He rolled beside me and I remained on my tummy feeling the energy.¬† His fingers trailed down my back and over my skin giving me goose bumps.¬† He pulled the blanket over me and laid there with me for a while¬†before he got up to get dressed.¬† I watched as he slowly buttoned his pants and pulled his t-shirt over his chest and abs.¬† It was starting to creep in again…that emptiness.¬† He kissed me on the forehead, smiled, and left slowly and gently closing the door behind him.¬† I fell asleep.¬† The sex coma lasted for a good 12 hours before I woke to reality and life and the realization that nothing was going to completely fill the hole in my heart.¬† Something was always going to be missing.

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