Thanksgiving & Football Hooray!

It’s finally that time it all comes together…Turkey and Football!  I thought it would be a good time to share some things that might make you giggle like a school girl.  Your challenge is to say each of them today!  Ready….GO!

Naughty Things you can get away with saying on Thanksgiving:

  1. Talk about huge breasts!
  2. Tying the legs together keeps the inside moist.
  3. Its Cool Whip time!
  4. If I don’t undo my pants, I’ll burst!
  5. That’s one terrific spread!
  6. I’m in the mood for a little dark meat.
  7. Are you ready for seconds yet?
  8. It’s a little dry, do you still want to eat it?
  9. Just wait your turn, you’ll get some!
  10.  Don’t play with your meat.
  11. Just spread the legs open & stuff it in.
  12. Do you think you’ll be able to handle all these people at once?
  13. I didn’t expect everyone to come at once!
  14. You still have a little bit on your chin.
  15. How long will it take after you stick it in?
  16. You’ll know it’s ready when it pops up
  17.  I like it covered in gravy.
  18. It’s time to inject the marinade!
  19. It’s done when the juices run clear.

Football Terms That Sound Dirty But Aren’t:

  1. The hole closed on him before he could penetrate it
  2. He came at his blind side and got him from behind.
  3. He’s off to the sidelines for a quick blow.
  4.  It’s a game of inches.
  5. That hole was so big, you could drive a truck through it.
  6. When you get down in this area, you just gotta start pounding.
  7. He’s gonna feel that one tomorrow.
  8. He found his tight end.
  9.  End around.
  10. He had to stretch to get it in.
  11. He gets penetration in the backfield.
  12. He blows them off (at the line).
  13. He bangs it in.
  14. He could go all the way.
  15. He gets it off just in time.
  16. He goes deep.
  17. He found a hole and slid through it.
  18. He pounds it in.
  19. He beats them off (the line)
  20. He’s got great hands.

 And remember this holiday season… Enjoy Life, Eat out more often!

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