Taste Testing-Part 2: Pushing Further

Happy Titty Tuesday, Lovers!  Here we go, Part 2 of Taste Testing.  Have you read part one yet?  Do you want the full effect, or are you going to half ass it?  Get on it! Taste Testing, Part 1. Done? Ok, good job, not let me get you wetter….I’m feeling the need to tease…

“What is your room number?” he asks.  I tell him the hotel name again and room number.  “Good, you’re mine tonight,” he says and looks into my eyes.  There is a look there that means business and I know the power he had just shown me was only the tip of the iceberg.  My heart skips a beat…

We spend the next hour running random little errands for tomorrow’s class.  He really did have to check on the wine order for tomorrow.  It’s almost  a relief to know he wasn’t fibbing.  I have a feeling that he knows this will make me trust him more.  As we finish his errands, he keeps a constant hand on me.  As we’re in the car, he is holding my hand, playing with my fingers, and when we were in checking with the wine vendors, he kept a hand on the small of my back.  He’s showing ownership.  It has to be that because it feels stronger than just affection.

I notice finally that we are heading back to my hotel.  When we stop at a red light, Chef leans into me and says, “Are you ready to be properly taken care of?”  I just nodded and smiled too giddy to speak.  When we get to the hotel, he hands the valet the keys and removes a bag of goodies from the trunk.  We grabbed a bottle of wine from the vendors and we had some strawberries and a tray of shrimp with cocktail sauce.  It would be a nice little snack to tide us over for a while.

We head up to my room and as I get my room key out, he gently takes it from me and opens the door.   It feels good to finally be “home” and kick off my shoes.  I turn to see him turn the deadbolt and he grabs my arm, pulls me to him, and kisses me deep and hard as he walks me towards the wall pushing me against it and pinning my hands above my head.  Seems that this is too easy for the tall guys to do since I am a bit…vertically challenged.  He stops kissing me and I take a breath, not saying a word.  “Wine?” he asks.  I nod my head.

Generally I don’t drink wine.  It makes me sad and needy and I am not that person.  It’s the only alcohol that does that to me.  I figure since I am going to be busy all night, I wouldn’t have time to be sad, wine or no wine.  This felt like a safe situation.  I watch as he grabs the wine, a couple of glasses from the mini bar area, and the strawberries.  He grabs my hand and leads me to the bedroom.

We sit and chat for a while about random things like his career, my love for football and his tolerance of it, the fact that we’re both adrenalin junkies, and then we start talking about sex.   He asks me questions about what I like, not answering the questions I ask him.  Somehow he turns everything around and focuses on me.  I’m having trouble keeping up with his game since the wine is hitting me and I can’t stop looking in his eyes as he feeds me strawberries.

In the blink of an eye, he has me on my back, my shirt unbuttoned, and my nipple deep in his mouth.  His tongue circles my nipple as he sucks it further.  I hear myself moan not quite knowing how we went from talking to foreplay so quickly.  I can’t believe how turned on I am by him.  He works his way down my body nipping at me as I react to every touch.  As he moves past my tummy, I could feel his warm mouth above my clit.  He reaches under my hips bringing me closer to his mouth as he presses his face deeper into my sex.

I’m so wet I know I must be coating his face with my love as his tongue searched and licked my slit  My clit is swollen and just begging for attention, I need attention so bad.  He presses his tongue firmly on my clit rolling it around and making me crazy.  I dig my fingers into the bed trying to get some control.

I could hear my moans as if they were outside of me instead of from me.  He grabs my hips tight as my breath quickens and I wiggle to try to escape his grasp.  I’m not ready to cum…or I don’t want to give up that control.  He continues sucking my clit harder and softer into his mouth as I tense up panting trying to breathe.  I feel him push two fingers inside of me and go direct to that soft bundle of nerves.  Immediately I am moaning and cumming for him.  He continues sucking my clit and pumping me with his fingers as I ride out my climax grinding against his tongue, my juices escaping me, running down his chin, down my thighs.  He kept up his assault on my pussy until my body stops quivering.

He got up, told me to stay put, and went to the bathroom to clean up a little.  I do as I am told and lie there thinking how he is too good to be true.  Just as the wine starts getting to my thoughts, he comes back to me.

“I hope you know that is just the beginning,” he said.

“I thought we started under the pier,” I giggle.

“You haven’t seen anything yet, Kitten.  I am going to own you by the end of the night”.

To be continued…..

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  1. wowsers. You are a tease but in the best possible way. I’d say I’m on the edge of my seat but I had to abandon it as it was no longer suitable to sit on…no worries though, it’ll dry off eventually. 😉 I can’t wait for the entree!

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