Taste Testing-Part 1:The Struggle For Power

Happy Titty Tuesday, Readers!  I’m feeling feisty.  This is going to be a multiple part story and honestly I don’t know how long I can wait to write the next chapter.  Stay tuned, I may surprise you 🙂

I’m not sure how I got roped into this, but I’m going to do my best to enjoy it.  My friend got tickets to a “local” wine and food tasting, but her cardiologist boyfriend got called into work this morning as they were set to leave.  She called me at some ungodly hour telling me she was on her way over and begging me to get dressed to go with her.  In my morning daze, I didn’t have the brain power to ask her why I had to get up so early.  All I knew was I could barely hold my eyes open as she threw some of my clothes in a bag and shoved me out the door to her car.  No one seems to understand that being nocturnal means anything before 10 a.m. is almost unbearable.

Two hours into a road trip and we are nearly to our destination, Long Beach.  It was almost noon and I was beginning to feel alive finally…and hungry.  We were going to a little restaurant a block from the beach and apparently we were to be there for a few days by the way my friend packed my bag.  I couldn’t imagine three days of wine tasting.  Good thing there was food involved, because wine went straight to my head and my intent was to drink something different with the food though I am sure that is frowned upon.  After we stop at our hotel on Ocean Ave and are shown our rooms (my friend graciously paid for a separate room for me), we walk to the restaurant for our seminar on food and wine.

The tables are long and in rows with chairs only on the side facing the front of the room.  As we make our way to our seats, I survey the company surrounding us.  Seems to me that the majority of the couples and people were older or gay, no single hotties for me I guess.  While they could all be fun to chat with during our meals, I didn’t see how I was going to keep myself entertained.  It reminded me of lecture sitting in college.

We go though the first painstaking hour listening to a little lady who looks very much like Sally Field tell us about color, smelling, swirling and finally tasting before we actually have sight of food.  As these glorious meals are placed before us, I have the feeling of being watched.  I look around the room but see nothing out of the ordinary.  Once everyone got their food, the room turned silent.  That’s when I see him.

He walks to the front of the room wearing white sneakers, a snug pair of jeans, and a white chef’s jacket.  His shoulders are wide beneath the jacket but that doesn’t take away from the strength I see  in his thighs, his meaty, strong-looking hands, and that deep, controlled look in his light chocolate eyes.  Instantly I am tingling.  He welcomes us with the slightest hint of an accent I can’t place and begins telling us why the salmon should go with a white and the shrimp with a Riesling.  No wonder this is to take three days…so many foods, so many wines!

The Chef scans the room methodically as he speaks making sure to catch everyone’s eye, but when he gets to me he seems to linger.  My head is already a buzz from the Sally Field lectures and the little bit of wine we had already consumed, but the look in his eye as he penetrates me with his glare has a stronger effect.  The next hour of the tasting is almost torturous as my skin tingles and my lady parts swell just thinking of the things I want to do to The Chef.  To say the least, he is absolutely yummy.

As we finish our deserts with a bit of Moscotto, some of the guests greet The Chef for questions and thank him for a lovely presentation.  My friend is ready to return to the hotel and says she is overdue for a nap.  I tell her since she has been up hours before me that she should catch a cab and head back ahead of me.  I would see her this evening.  I tell her I have a few questions for The Chef and I want so badly to see the beach.  She seems pleasantly surprised that I am so interested in the seminar when in actuality I am interested in the breathtaking man before us.  As I watch her get into a cab, I walk carefully to the front of the room feeling my buzz awaken full force.  I’m such a lightweight, it’s ridiculous.

The Chef is charming with his answers to questions and keeps a light tone about him as he speaks.  He also is very good at not going into too much detail since we have two more days of wine testing on this trip.  The guests slowly filter through and all that remain are a few random bus people clearing the remains of our feast, The Cook, and myself.  I approach him cautiously watching his eyes as I near.  I feel like I am prey and I am walking into enemy territory.  When I get to him he says to me plain and simple, “Where are you staying? I’m taking you there.”  I tell him the name of the hotel and my breath quickens as I feel his strong hand at the base of my spine.

I am taken to his car where he opens my door and waits for me to get settled before closing it, he takes off his chef jacket, then gets into the driver seat.  Before he starts the car, he looks at me and I can see the gears turning.  His eyes are on fire and now that he is in a regular t-shirt, I could see the muscles beneath tight and hard.  As I inspect him, he subconsciously licks his lips and we begin the drive.  He tells me we are going the scenic route because he has to check on his wine order for tomorrow.  Not knowing if it is true or not, all I could do is smile.  He is taking me for a ride…the same thing I want to do to him.  Every fiber of my being is pulsing and alive.  I am having a hard time calming myself.  When he reaches over and places his hand on the inside of my knee just below my skirt, I take it as a “Go”.

I move closer to him, turn his way and put my right hand on his chest.  His heart is pounding slow and hard.  I expected more.  He has more control than I thought though I could see the bulge in his pants growing.  I move my hand slowly down his abs and down to his well packed jeans that are just begging to be opened.  As I rub his cock through his jeans, I begin kissing his neck and jaw.  My fingers find the button on his pants and I begin releasing what is in store for me.

The second I reach in and touch his cock, he takes a big breath and I could feel his heart pick up pace.  I gently move his jeans so that I can get as much of him out as possible.  Since he is driving, I will have to be somewhat cautious of how much effort I put into this.  I lean into him and taste his the crown of his cock, licking it across the top and around the ridge.  He lifts slightly and moves his pants further out-of-the-way before he grabs my hair.  I take him deeper into my mouth and work my tongue so that I am nearly milking him.  I don’t want to make him cum, but I want him to know that I will give him a challenge.  He has a strong exterior, but I’m not sure he can match my will even though he comes across strong.  As I get more into taking care of him, his moans escape him though he tries to contain them.  Just then, I feel the car pull over.  I try to lift up, but he pushes my head back down pushing his cock deep to my throat.  When the car stops, he pulls me up.

We are parked under a pier on the beach.  No one is around but the seagulls.  I climb up on him and rub my pantiless wet pussy around his cock.  I certainly am not giving in just yet especially in a car.  At least that was what I thought until he lifts my hips and brings me down upon him hard.   I let out a yell and he moans just as loud as my pussy stretches around his cock and my already building juices lubricate us both.  He takes control moving his hips to fuck me as I ride him, his hands keeping me in place.  His lips lock on mine stifling our moans.  My clit is swollen and sensitive as it rubs against his body bringing me even closer to climax.  Suddenly, he reaches over and opens the car door.

He moves us outside  as I wrap my legs around him to hold on.  He sets me on the car hood, puts one hand to my throat and leans me back.  From his standing position, he slams his cock deep inside of me holding me in place on the car hood. He is slightly bigger than I am used to but he feels so good inside of me, hitting all the right spots.  I tighten against him trying to make him work harder to thrust and when he feels me do that, he just gets more aggressive.  He fights my control and takes me completely.  The look in his eyes is animalistic, wild, lost in his mission to make me cum for him.  His grip tightens on my throat and hip.  We we’re both ready.  “I’m going to cum, baby, I need to cum,” I say between screams.

“NOW!”  he said, “Cum for me NOW!”  I can’t hold back.  Every fiber of my being surges with energy as I feel his cock grow and explode deep within me.  He fucks me through my orgasm as my body shudders and quivers around him.  When we finish, he leans into me and kisses my lips and neck.  He stands there for a minute as we catch our breath before he slowly pulls away.  Our juices drip down my slit, coating my ass.  He helps me off the car hood and into the car through the driver’s side.  “What is your room number?” he asks.  I tell him the hotel name again and room number.  “Good, you’re mine tonight,” he says and looks into my eyes.  There is a look there that means business and I know the power he had just shown me was only the tip of the iceberg.  My heart skips a beat…

To Be Continued…

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  1. Well shit! I mean, fuck. More of this you say? Yes, please. Thank you ma’am, may I have another? Cold shower time. 😉 Great job, doll.

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