Taking Him In

Happy Saturday Readers!  Here’s a quickie for you as I get back into the swing of real life again.  

When he walked in the door, I was already wet.  I knew he was only stopping in for a little attention but I couldn’t help imagining more. Good thing I have an oral fixation like no other.

We went into the bedroom and he immediately lowered my sun dress, took a nipple into his mouth, and began kneading my tits.  “Nice,” I thought, “He likes to be rough.”  He had told me he wanted to be aggressive and asked about boundaries.  I’m not sure he believed me when I said there were none.  I’m a sucker for dominance.

With his lips on my tits I had the chance to stroke him.  I only wanted to get him ready enough to gently wrap my lips around him.  I wanted to feel him grow to full potential as he was in my mouth…on my tongue.  I could feel him throbbing through his pants.  I broke from his grasp and turned to put on some music.  When I returned, he was on my bed stroking his cock waiting for me. It was time to compete for my liquid trophy.

I got to my knees before him, wrapped my little hand around his cock and took his perfect head into my lips.  I wanted to spend as much time as I could with my tongue lapping at his throbbing head.  I looked up at him.  I wanted him to know it was his cock I needed to suck and his cock I needed to taste.

I tried teasing for a while, holding his balls gently while pressing my warm wet tongue on the underside of his crown.  For a while I felt I had the upper hand while he moaned and squirmed with pleasure, but soon the tables were turned.  He sat up, grabbed both sides of my head in his hands, and fucked my mouth.  He pressed deeper until tears welled in my eyes as I tried not to choke on his meat throbbing on my tongue and in my throat.

The only thing I could think of while he held me still, fucking me deeper was how much I wanted to taste his cum.  I couldn’t wait to get my prize and suck the juices right out of him.  Just then he pulled out and moved to fuck my tits.  I held them in position for him and watched as the swollen head of his swollen cock disappeared then resurfaced in my cleavage.  He was getting closer.  I reached for his cock with my tongue, lapping at the head, wanting his seed in my throat.

It was then that he re-entered my pretty little mouth and told me he was going to cum for me. I wanted it more than ever.  I cupped his balls in my little hand massaging them gently as I sucked his cock head.  With a slight thrust he released his seed over my tongue and deep into my throat.  I kept sucking and swallowed all the creamy hot liquid he would give me.

When he finished, I grasped his still throbbing cock and licked it from hilt to tip making sure every inch of him was clean.  I gained my liquid trophy and I wanted every bit of it.  Once all of his seed was mine, I backed away slowly and allowed him to dress.  This was only a teaser.  Next time he had better prepare for the full treatment.