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Home- *Special Guest Post*

PSHHH! I just released the air brakes on my rig.  I was home, finally, for the next ten days.  I had waited for this moment since the last time I was here.  I walked into the apartment.  I was rushed and licked by the Odd One.  He is always so excited when I get home. Read More

Elle Jae- Fuck the Crazy Out of Her

“Where did He wander off to?” I asked one of the others who were standing at the backyard tiki bar. “Think he went inside to deal with Elle,” one of them said. Deal with her? That means she was drinking too much and on who knows what kind of drugs so she was acting erratically. Read More

10. Nobody’s Bitch

The moss under the bushes is pretty nice.  Soft and thankfully not super wet.  If I had a patch of this back home, I’d be inclined to lay on it at night and look up at the stars. Home.  That’s a nice thought.  It seems like a lot of things are coming back to me Read More

And So It Rained…

I heard the front door slam against the wind.  I peeked around the corner from the bathroom where I was rubbing lotion into my freckled skin to see him standing there looking like a drown rat. I giggled and grabbed a towel. “I fucking hate rain,” he grumbled. “No you don’t.  Shut up and get Read More

Burning Fire

I was only leaned over the passenger seat for a second as I tried to reach my sunblock from the center console when I felt him behind me.  As I lowered myself from my tip toes to the sandy beach, I could feel his erection in his shorts.  I straightened up and he grabbed me Read More


I was a little upset with him.  How could I not have been?  All I wanted this morning was for him to fill me completely.  I wanted to feel him shoot his creamy load deep inside of me and be dripping with it all day.  Usually he likes that.  For some reason though, he pulled out at Read More


I was on the floor, on all fours, naked and begging for more. “Oh fuck YES, give it to me,” I screamed. My knees hurt from the carpet.  My lip hurt from biting it to try to be quieter.  My pussy was sore from playing all day long.  As I looked back in the mirror, Read More

Embrace Your Fantasy

Have you ever walked through a store and looked someone up and down only to wonder what they’d be like in bed?  You begin to envision a few sexual scenarios and either you smile pleasantly to yourself and continue on, or you shake your head and try to release the thought that was once good Read More

Feed My Hunger

I’m not sure where he disappeared to this morning, but no matter…he’ll be back.  He always comes back.  For now I’ll just lay here, my hand upon his pillow and his lingering scent in my nose.  I love the way he smells.  I love it whether he has been working outside all day or working Read More


Five When I came to, I counted five guys around me…or shall I say, five cocks because that is all I really saw.  Each of them had a mask on of some sort.  I had no idea who they were.  The guy under me was holding me with an arm across my waist and one Read More

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