2. The Jungle

The humid air hits me and I gasp for air. I step through the door onto the mossy ground of an actual jungle! There are huge trees with vines and the ground is mushy with moss. I know it’s daytime but I can’t see the sky because the trees are so thick with leaves that Read More

8. When It Rains, It Pours

It felt like a damn 747 hit the building the way the thunder shook the loft.  It made my teeth clank together! I can hear the rain, but with no windows other than the sky lights, I have no idea how bad it is.  Jesus!!  The thunder came again sounding like another airplane crash this Read More

13. Back Again

Damn I’m hungry. Wonder if I can make some breakfast magically appear.  Wait…I’m back in bed!  I can honestly say I have never been so happy to be back in a place that I don’t know.  I guess this little apartment has kind of become a home in a way.  Better than all these fucked Read More

Freshly Fallen

It wasn’t the sight of it that bothers her, it is the sound.  That initial crunch then the squishing as the spear goes through their brains and blood starts gushing out is what turns her stomach.  It’s the sound that has her on the brink of tears each time she kills one.  Of course, there was Read More

3: Locked Doors (Darkness of Eve)

I wonder sometimes how Eve came into my life.  Actually, I know nothing at all about my life before Eve.  The first things I remember are from when she was 4 years old (at least, she told me she was 4).  I’ve asked questions of the people nearest me and I’ve talked to my doctors. Read More

4: Emptiness (Darkness of Eve)

Like any teenager, Eve had a dark side. She wasn’t a bad kid by any means, she held good grades, she did her chores, she even offered to pet sit or babysit the neighbor’s clan when they leave town or go out for the night.  But, just like the rest…maybe more than the rest, I Read More