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Home- *Special Guest Post*

PSHHH! I just released the air brakes on my rig.  I was home, finally, for the next ten days.  I had waited for this moment since the last time I was here.  I walked into the apartment.  I was rushed and licked by the Odd One.  He is always so excited when I get home. Read More

Elle Jae- Fuck the Crazy Out of Her

“Where did He wander off to?” I asked one of the others who were standing at the backyard tiki bar. “Think he went inside to deal with Elle,” one of them said. Deal with her? That means she was drinking too much and on who knows what kind of drugs so she was acting erratically. Read More

5: Discovery (The House)

“JOHN!!!” The scream woke me, but was that my voice…or hers? “JOHN!! NO! JOHN!! Oh My God!!” Hers. As I run downstairs to see what the bitch is screaming about, 100 things pass through my thoughts.  But mostly, why is she calling THAT name? The name of my dead, cheating husband? I can feel the Read More

Burning Fire

I was only leaned over the passenger seat for a second as I tried to reach my sunblock from the center console when I felt him behind me.  As I lowered myself from my tip toes to the sandy beach, I could feel his erection in his shorts.  I straightened up and he grabbed me Read More

What’s In A Name?

Pet– Always at your feet, Sir. Princess– I’m all yours, Daddy. Kitten– Purrr Purrr Purrr Toy– I am here for your pleasure, Sir Cum Slut– Please Sir, drown me in your seed. Slave– As You Wish, Master. Baby– Yes, My Love? Sub– What is my next lesson, Sir? MINE– YOURS Read More

Cooking Done Right

Daddy told me that if I am going to be in the kitchen, I need to be naked.  Oh of course there is an exception to the rule, like if there are certain people over.  But sometimes, Daddy has me cook for some of his other friends and still be without clothes.  He was kind Read More

The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

I had actually banished him from my life.  I had my reasons.  It was a mixture of an extreme attraction that scared me and the fact that at times he got so pushy he qualified in the asshole division.  Oh…and of course I did have issues with the ring around his finger and the new Read More

Dark Vanilla

This is part 2.  If you haven’t read Vanilla, click on the link and start there.  Trust me. ***** “Breathe my little girl, I’m here to protect you and take care of you.” I settled into his arms for a second before He led me to the bed.  He sat me down and walked away. Read More


It was the way he took me on that rooftop that made me think he could be that guy for me.  He was restraining himself to an extent, but when the time came, he was completely and fully mine and I was his.  It didn’t matter that there were people milling about on the grounds Read More

Sitting Here

So it’s 1:00 am and I really should try to sleep, but I’m wide awake.  Sitting here. I do have a story I should write…the problem is I’m sitting here thinking of all these scenarios and it’s getting me horny as hell.  I have no idea what to do.  How am I going to get Read More

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