After Sir thinks I’ve had enough spanking, he asks me if I would like for him to fuck me. I say, “Yes, Please Sir” and can see the little smile across his lips though he tries to hide it. Read More

The Journey Begins

The day I met Him I knew we’d have a special relationship.  It didn’t start off immediately with Him being my Dominant, but as I opened up to Him and Him to me, we realized that it would suit us well.  We have a good balance of real life and sexual fantasy, and our balance is what Read More

Dark Vanilla

This is part 2.  If you haven’t read Vanilla, click on the link and start there.  Trust me. ***** “Breathe my little girl, I’m here to protect you and take care of you.” I settled into his arms for a second before He led me to the bed.  He sat me down and walked away. Read More


It was the way he took me on that rooftop that made me think he could be that guy for me.  He was restraining himself to an extent, but when the time came, he was completely and fully mine and I was his.  It didn’t matter that there were people milling about on the grounds Read More