Sweet Torture

Happy St Patrick’s Day, Loves ūüôā ¬†Here’s just a little something for you. ¬†Oh how I hope I find some inspiration for some amazing stories soon!! ¬†

You couldn’t possibly understand. ¬†I’m probably the only girl in the world who thinks about sex all the time, but can’t get off on her own. ¬†Well I can but its not enough. ¬†It’s not the Earth shattering orgasm that I need so badly.

Its my day off but I make myself get out of bed, grab some juice, and sit at my desk to check on the “social” world before my brain wakes up enough for the real world. ¬†I sit with one leg on the desk and am absent-mindedly touching myself. ¬†I seem to have a little habit of touching myself all the time. It’s just something to make me feel good. I’m wet and wanting but I get so frustrated when I can’t get off to full capacity.

I circle around my clit and slowly move index finger in and out. ¬†I do this absent-mindedly. I quickly dip my finger in my mouth and then return it down between my legs.¬†I soak just a tip of my finger in me and then trace slowly with it. ¬†It’s like a sweet torture. ¬†Funny since I am not good at being teased.

From out of nowhere, thoughts about his hard cock cumming for me get me motivated. I need to touch myself, to imagine him touching me. ¬†He is just a combination of the beautiful men in my life, out of my life, ¬†in my dreams… I can’t seem to find one who can keep up with me. ¬†They all end up being liars, cheats, or just pussies so to speak, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be turned on by the thought of some of them.

My hands roam over my breasts, stopping long enough to pinch my nipples just a bit. ¬†I part my legs and my fingers began to tickle my clit, while slowly opening my lips. ¬†I feel the hot wetness and think of having someone’s tongue in place of my fingers. ¬†I visualize him, his face buried against my pussy, licking and kissing me. ¬†I imagine feeling him gently sucking my clit. ¬† ¬†As I work my fingers on my clit, I imagine his tongue, his lips covering me. ¬†I imagine him pressing his tongue down hard onto my clit as I press my fingers onto the perfect spot. ¬†I think of all the dirty talk I like to hear and my excitement grows. ¬†My eyes close tightly as I create this wonderful fantasy of me and a lover, all the while bringing myself closer to sweet relief. ¬†Suddenly I feel the warm rush of cum escape.

Well now I’m awake but not quite satisfied. ¬†What I wouldn’t do for a ground shaking orgasm right now. ¬†I have plenty of time to run errands today so I decide to run a bath. ¬†Might as well do what I can to put my raging hormones at ease. ¬†I sit on the edge of the tub, start the water and add a touch of vanilla bubble bath. I light several candles and turn off the lights. ¬†I love the candles. ¬†There is something about the flame flickering and licking the air that whispers “sexy” to me.

I ease myself into the hot water and watch as my skin turns pink from the heat. ¬†The warmth of the water feels wonderful against my skin. ¬†I part my legs enough to allow the water access to my pussy. ¬†The smoothness of the¬†bubbly¬†water is just what would get me to relax. ¬†My fingers begin to open my lips just a bit, barely touching my clit. ¬† It’s swollen from playing and needs to be soothed. ¬†I lift one knee out of the water and rest it against the wall. ¬†I love the way my clit feels between my fingers as I pinch it and roll my fingers over it. ¬†I close my eyes and begin to fervently rub it, while increasing the pressure and the speed.

With my free hand, I cup my left breast and massaged it.  I push it upwards towards my mouth while I lower my head to reach it.  My tongue could just reach to my nipple that way.  I flick my tongue over it to add to the sensations I was giving my body.  My fingers rapidly hit against my clit and I am completely lost in the moment.  I release my breast and arch my back against the wall as moans of pleasure to escape.  I tensed my legs and braced them against the bottom of the tub until I feel the quivers of an orgasm run through my body.  This one was at least better than the last.

After I settle a bit and¬†wash¬†myself with the¬†vanilla¬†bath, ¬†I get out wrapping myself in a towel. ¬†Damn, I still don’t feel I have had enough but I really need to get a jump on the day. ¬†The funny thing is, it’s days like these when men look at me and just KNOW I need sex. ¬†These are the days I hate myself for being such a good girl. ¬†Oh how I want a nasty romp with a stranger, but with my luck he would just leave me unsatisfied thus the reason for being good. ¬†Oh well. ¬†Guess I will just grab the pocket vibe to keep my tight little pussy happy while I do my running around today.