Sunday Funday

It’s not my normal naughty story day but this is NSFW.  Just be advised Dear Reader…

Today was interesting and I wasn’t going to post about it but it’s the only thing on my mind.  Let me back up to last night.  I was having a random chat with an acquaintance and it got sexual.  I don’t know how this always happens with me, I suppose because I allow it and hell…I love sex, love, flirting.  I just love it all and flirting is harmless fun.

This guy is a friend of a friend and I have only seen him a couple of times with his drunken girlfriend.  They are still together but they “play” so I was ok with how hot and heavy the texts/chat was getting.  At one point he asked me if I have ever thought of fucking him…WHAT THE?!!!  Who asks that?!  Was he looking for an ego boost?  I never though of this guy as a macho, ego type of guy so that threw me off.  Maybe he was drinking.  He wanted to head over to my place at midnight for a booty call and I politely declined.  Generally, booty calls do not do it for me.  I need more than a man wants to give for just a one time thing and that just leaves me frustrated so I am generally a good girl.  I was also trying to be good since I have Mr. Super Sexy in my head at all times even though he is my long distance relationship and I haven’t met him personally (refer back a few posts!!). 

I told Mr. GG (we’ll call him) no and he offered to come over in the morning (Sunday).  Sundays are my super chill, watch football, and nap days.  I work late Sunday night so I never do much.  I told him how I spend my Sunday and he was still interested.  I told him that if he was still thinking about it in the morning to text me.  I thought this way if he WAS drinking, he may forget about it by morning and I was keeping him off the road.

Morning was quiet and I had just emailed a friend and said no word when my phone went off.  Mr. GG still wanted to come over.  Well hell.  I hadn’t had any attention in a while and I thought…sigh…why not.  I gave him my address and told him to just come in when he got to my place.

As for Mr. Super Sexy, he hasn’t gotten a hold of me since Friday night and I feel that when he does this disappearing act, he probably has something else going on.  I may be wrong, but if I’m right, I don’t want to know.  I just want to be the only one when we are finally together.  We’re adults, act like adults and handle this situation as so.

I got cleaned up, put on a pair of 5″ sandals and a little black tube dress and was on my computer working with my 5 fantasy teams while watching football.  I could see Mr. GG walk by my window, and like a good boy, he just came in like I told him.  Perfect.  He walked right up to me, gave me a great big hug and instantly started nibbling at my neck.  Cool, no talk, let’s just play.  This was either going to be good or I would regret it and have a reminder as to why I am not a booty call kinda girl.

He asked for the tour and when we got to the bedroom he instantly stripped.  YES!  He means business!  He is about 6’1″ and with my heels on, I was 3″ shorter than him.  When I went to kick off my heels, he told me not to.  Yay he likes a little fun.  As he finished undressing I looked at him…well no, honestly I looked at his cock.  OMG I hope my jaw didn’t drop!  I am not one to care so much about size as long as a man knows how to please me although there have been a couple that were not very big and well…they weren’t very experienced to boot so that didn’t help.  Mr. GG?  Freakin’  HUGE! OMG!  How is that going to fit in me?!!  I am tiny inside, have never had kids, and am a champion at Olympic Kegels so I’m…tight, tight, tight.  I decided to not think about it for the time being.

Instantly, he went down on me.  I could tell by his technique that he was trying to get me to squirt and I was not ready to give that to him.  I tried to think it away but oh he got me so wet!  One way or another he ended up on his back and I was attempting to get his monster cock in my throat.  NO WAY.  I have never been with anyone who had a cock I couldn’t wrap my lips around and move deep into my tiny throat.  I decided to give his cock head a LOT of attention while I stroked him.  He gave me some guidance and all was good.  I take direction well.

He told me he was getting up for a condom which was nice.  I keep them on hand, but good to know he was being responsible and I wouldn’t have to convince him to use one.  Once he was settled, I climbed on top of him SLOWLY.  He let me do what I needed to get adjusted to that monster cock.  OMG.  Once I was good, he started bucking as I rode him.  He has an amazing way about him…so gentle but yet just forceful enough.  I don’t know how to describe him but now you know why he is Mr. GG.  Gentle Giant.  He ended up behind me, then laying on top of me talking dirty as he was fucking me furiously but he continued to be aware of my limits.  His dirty talk got me going more, I loved it!  After I came a couple of times, he was ready.  He stripped off the condom and came on my ass and back.  Nice guy that he is, he cleaned it all up for me after.  Good thing.

We snuggled up on the bed for a bit.  I wanted to feel my hand in his wrist so I had to tell him about my little desire to have my wrists held and what it does to me.  It wasn’t long after that he was moving my hand back down to his cock.  He kept one or both wrists wrapped in his hands and never let go until we finished.  I went down on him but somehow he ended up between my legs nibbling on my clit and doing his magic to make me squirt.  This time, I was all his.  I relaxed and let him take control.  OMG I swear after I came and squirt he had me quivering for 5 minutes after.  WOW.  This was one booty call that was totally worth it!!

He came back up and laid by me as he was stroking his cock.  He asked about anal, but I didn’t think I was relaxed enough to conquer that monster cock in my ass.  HOLY CATS I mean really?!!  I can’t even fathom that.  I promised him I wasn’t against it…I love anal, but not today.  So instead he said he wanted to cum on my tits and I was fine with that, I wanted to watch Mr. GG cum.  Once the deed was done and we were all cleaned up he asked if we could watch some football. YES!!  Score! My kind of guy!

I have  big, oval-ish couch that I call the romper couch.  It’s 7′ across and about 5.1/2′ deep.  Huge.  He got comfortable and I got settled in next to him.  He pulled me in for cuddles.  PERFECT.  It was cool and rainy out, football was on, and I was cuddled up with someone who took really good care of me.  I was in serious chill mode.  We chatted a little, napped a little, then after a couple of hours he said he had better go and I needed to take a good nap before work.

In all honesty, I don’t know if he will ever call me again.  I don’t know if or when I might see or run into him.  I am ok with all this.  I have been so wound up lately that this settled me down a bit.  The constant phone sex with Mr. Super Sexy and the random email interactions or text interactions I have sometimes get me pretty wound up with no release.  This worked out well.  I can’t remember feeling this calm before!  Sometimes I guess you just have to do something that you normally wouldn’t.  Everything happens for a reason.

So…how was your Sunday Funday?