Sterling Experience

Hi lovelies!  Happy Titty Tuesday.  Here is a sweet little daydream that we could share.  What do you think…

I learn the hard way.  I always do.  Today I learned that even if I absolutely know not to tap the brake when I get a flat tire, I will probably still do it.  Bad decision.  Amazing all the thoughts that went through my head as my Jeep turned 180 degrees and allowed me to look directly at the highway patrol officer who had been following me the past ten minutes.

 Now stopped in the center median of the highway, I was able to catch my breath and try not to cry as I assessed the damage.  Looked like the tread of my stupid tire had flipped up and taken my fender off, and of course there is the flat to deal with but all in all it wasn’t bad.  As I threw my fender into the back seat, the DPS officer approached me.  I was happy to see he hadn’t flipped on the rollers.  I didn’t need any more attention drawn to me with the red and blue lights.  “Hell uva ride ya had there.  You looked scared.  Did ja hit the brake?” he asked.  I took a breath, his accent was too cute.  How the hell did I know if I hit the brake for sure?  “I guess I did.  It was instinctive.” I said as I tied a bandana into a kerchief on my head to hold the hair out of my eyes better.  I was getting ready to change that stupid flat.  “Where were ya headed?” he asked as he took a peek in the back of the Jeep.  “I was headed out east for the week but I am only 6 hours into my drive and I think I need to chill for a while after I get this beast going again.” I tried being as nice as possible though I was so embarrassed that he had seen what happened.  “Well lemme help ya with the tire, I have a big jack in the trunk of the squad.”  Awesome.

I stepped back from the road and more into the grass.  I was on an eight lane highway and the west and eastbound traffic was separated by a big grassy center section which could have been another two lanes wide.  As I peeked over to see what the officer was doing, I noticed his physique.  He was only a bit taller than me with dark hair, wide shoulders and muscular arms.  He was lean.  It was obvious he didn’t sit at fast food joints or doughnut shops.  His pants were tight and showed the lines of his very muscular thighs.  As he was digging around his trunk, he was also talking on the radio unit on his shoulder.  Finally, he came my way.  “Got the jack and some hand wipes so you can get the fender dirt off yer hands” his smile was enticing “and I do have to do my job and see yer license and registration, but don’t worry.  It’s just procedure.  I’m gonna get ya out of here in a jiffy.” he said with a grin.  When I gave him my papers, he looked at my license with a “hmph”.  “Hey! What does that mean?!” I ribbed.  He chuckled, “Yer eyes are not brown. They’re hazel.  They’re almost golden but I don’t suppose that’s an option to put on the papers.”  Great.  He noticed me and I have noticed him.  This will be an interesting tire change.

His scent gave me goosebumps as he brushed past me and kneeled by my rear tire.  Every move he made from removing the lug nuts to throwing my bad tire in the back of my Jeep was graceful.  Some people are just so clumsy, but this guy was graceful.  He moved like silk and I enjoyed every minute of it.  When he stood in front of me after completing my tire change, I looked to his name tag.  S. Roosh.  Interesting.  “Sterling,” he said.  Huh?  “My name is Sterling, Miss”  Oh southern pleasantries.  I loved the southern charm and adding the accent on…I just wanted to melt.  “Well that’s an interesting name, Sterling.  Thank you for helping me with the tire.  Can I buy you some sweet tea so you can cool off a bit before you get back to work?” I asked.  A smile crept on his face, “Didn’t you say ya had a long drive ahead of you? I don’t wanna inconvenience you.”  I kind of giggled.  I was finally calm from my near death experience and was getting giddy from being a bit tired.  “Well, I think I am going to find somewhere to stay for the night and the least I could do is treat you to a break.”  He cocked his head to the side and a grin spread across his marvelous face.  Oh my goodness his eyes were amazing, how could I have not noticed earlier?  They were a dark green with specks of light brown and they absolutely sparkled when he smiled.  “I am actually off shift right as of ten minutes ago.  I know a great place if you want to follow me.” he cooed.  Mmmm yes.

As I followed his squad car back onto the highway and off the 3rd exit east, I adjusted my hair in the mirror and tried brushing the wrinkles from my little t-shirt.  I was in comfortable shorts and a random t-shirt for my long drive and hadn’t actually thought about which t-shirt I had on until this very moment.  It was the one with Mr. Owl on it and the caption said “How many licks does it take?”  CRAP. Are you kidding me?!  No wonder he had a permagrin while he was talking to me!  He pulled off the exit and down the road I saw a motel/diner combo.  Perfect.  I could treat him to whatever he might want to snack on and then get a room for the night. 

We pulled into a couple of parking spots and he started walking toward the hotel.  “I keep a room here because my shift is so far away from home.  I think you should just stay here for the night,” he said as we walked towards an outer room on the motel.  I had nothing to say, I was tired and curious at the same time and watching him mesmerized me.  He unlocked the door and flipped on the light switch.  There were two full beds.  One had been slept in, one had not.  He went inside and took off his utility belt and badge, then he turned to me.  “I have sweet tea in the fridge and ya had a scare that probably drained a lot of energy from ya.  I was thinkin’ we could just get comfortable here so you can sleep when you’re ready.”  I smiled and he approached me.  His right hand went to my left cheek and I leaned my head into him so he was cradling my head in his meaty hand.  “Thank you,” I said.  He moved his hand behind my neck and drew me in.  He felt good against me.  His body was warm and tight.  I could feel his heart beating and his breath was warm against my neck.  He grabbed my hair just a little, tipped my head back and kissed me. 

As he stood there kissing me, his hands moved over my body.  He moved down my breasts, around to my sides, and down to my ass.  He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist.  As he continued kissing me, he carried me to the unused bed.  He laid me down and came down on top of me gently moving from my lips to my neck then to my tummy as he lifted my shirt to reveal my breasts.  I sat up slightly so he could remove my shirt.  His lips found my nipples and as he sucked and tugged on one nipple, his fingers rolled the other nipple to its full potential.  I could feel him getting hard as he lay between my legs kissing my breasts.  Finally, he sat up and removed his shirt.  Oh my goodness he was beautiful.  He wasn’t chiseled, but he was just perfect in my eyes and tan on top of it.  I wanted to lick every inch of his golden skin.  He leaned forward again and whispered in my ear, “Can you trust me?”  My heart leapt through my chest.  What do I do? I want this man so bad right now!! “Yes,” I said.  He rolled off of me and stood before me on the side of the bed.  He kicked off his shoes and lowly stripped off his pants.  I suddenly couldn’t breathe.  Here I am in a strange hotel room with a cop who is absolutely sexy as hell and I just told him I trusted him.  

He went to the table where he put his utility belt and grabbed his handcuffs.  Oh hell.  I didn’t say a word.  He put them on the bed beside me, kissed my tummy and slid my shorts down my thighs and over my calves until they rested on the floor.  I got the chills and he noticed by the goosebumps.  “Don’t worry, I’ll warm ya up,” he whispered.  His little southern accent came out even more in his whisper and I was mesmerized.  He grabbed the cuffs and slid them on my wrists.  He moved my hands above my head and tightened his grip on my wrists.  I was ready to cum just from sheer excitement.  He kissed me deeply then his lips moved down to the place where my neck meets my shoulder and he bit down hard.  I sucked in my breath and tried to breath through the pain.  I could feel his cock teasing my pussy lips and it took everything I had not to wrap my legs around him and pull him into me. 

He must’ve known because he nudged my legs wider and began slowly entering my pussy.  I wanted nothing more than to have him inside of me.  He released my wrists from his grip and pushed the handcuff link onto a hook on the headboard.  The headboard was an open filigree type leafy artsy thing and there was a leaf that posed as the perfect handcuff hook.  he moved his hands to my breasts and began kneading and sucking them as he slowly slid his throbbing cock inside of me.  I came instantly.  I felt my juices squish around his cock as he pushed into me and my pussy muscles constricted around him.  My legs continued quivering until he was all the way inside of my hot little fuck hole.  He felt so good inside of me.  I’m so tight, I can feel every movement, every pulse, every throb and I loved it.  Once my first orgasm passed, he really started.

He had a certain teasing rhythm about him.  He was pulling all the way out, then slamming his cock deep into the depths of my wet, aching folds.  “Please? I want yo so bad.  Please fuck me” I said.  He stopped mid stroke, looked me in the eye, and then began fucking me full force.  No mercy. I wrapped my legs around him and lifted my hips to allow him deeper entrance.  I couldn’t keep quiet.  I started to hope there were no neighbors on the side of the room with the shared wall when he reached up and wrapped his hand around my throat.  That silenced me to some degree.  I wanted to reach down and hold his wrist but I was still cuffed.  He continued fucking me until I thought I was going to pass out from sheer exhaustion.  He had me squirting and cumming and all the while he kept fucking me and riding me through it.  This man was a machine!!  I begged him to cum for me and he just smiled.


Again and again he thrust into me, non stop, hard-core.  How did he keep going?! The muscles in his back rippled against my calves and I tried milking his cock with my tight little pussy.  He laughed at my attempts to make him cum.  “I’ll stop when you pass out,” he said.  I didn’t know what to think.  “But I want you to cum for me,” I whined.  He turned my head sharply right and agin bit down hard.  I let out a yelp, tightened every muscle in my body and felt him grow inside of me.  With the next thrust he began to moan and I was more than ready for it.  A few more pumps harder and faster and we came together moaning in ecstacy and satisfaction.  His hot, sticky seed filled me and mixed with my own juices.  I felt full, satisfied, and content.   I looked into his eyes as he released one final round into me and that was it.  Everything went black.  I was out.

When I woke I was a bit confused.  The sun was barely coming through the window shade and the room was still.  I turned my head to see a glass of apple juice and a bowl of strawberries…and a note.  “My angel, you are absolutely a gift.  Thank you for last evening.  You are the best sweet tea that has ever touched my lips. Be safe in your travels- Sterling”  I smiled.  His uniform and belt were gone and so was his squad.  I showered, gathered my things, and headed out to my Jeep.  My fender had been reattached and my spare replaced with a new tire.  Who was this guy?  I was speechless.  I felt I should thank him again somehow, but I was clueless and a bit dazed.  I got in my Jeep and hit the road.  Eleven more hours until my destination…eleven hours to daydream about my Sterling experience.

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  1. I’m famous for my love of road trips and none of mine started off like this…which makes me incredibly sad! Well, done, love. What a way to start my day…time to shower again.

  2. I look forward to each of your posts, but, I think, Tuesdays the most! Obviously I’m not the only one!
    Have you had a chance to read “Silken Bonds”? I really would appreciate a critique ….

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