Steamy Inspiration

I wake to the sound of the shower running.  I half want to just lay here, but the other half of me wants to join him.  He kept me up all night pounding me raw, least I could do is treat him to a special shower.  I’ll lay here just for a minute and let him have his guy time before I join him.  I have a plan.  I always try to keep some control over the situation, but somehow he always turns it around.  Of course it always works in my favor, but my ego hates not winning the control game sometimes.

When I walk into the bathroom, it should already be steamy and hot.  Nothing like a little steamy inspiration to get my blood pumping.  I’ll slip in behind him.  Of course he’ll know I’m there.  He always feels me near no matter how quiet I am.  I’m not a good ninja, but I am his good little Kitten.  I’m going to run my fingers over every inch of his body, move my lips over every muscle.  My mission is to be on my knees in front of him before he grabs hold of me.  I’ve already placed a small towel near the tub.  It’s perfect to put in the shower to kneel on.  Much easier on the knees…yes I learned some tricks 😉

His cock is near raw from our overnight fuck fest.  I’ll have to be gentle at first, I’m sure the water is soothing, but my mouth will be more so.  I  look up at him as his cock slips over my lips and into my pretty little mouth.  His body looks great as the water showers down on us.  I decide to give him a little show.  With his cock in my mouth, I begin rubbing my tits.  My nipples are so hard and just calling for attention.  I could literally cut glass with them, he excites me so much!  I bob my head back and forth taking every inch of him over my tongue and deeper into my throat each time.  When he begins to moan, I take his shaft into my hand and stroke it slowly, rhythmically, as my tongue flicks across the tip of his cock head.  I love the way he responds to me.

I move forward to suck and lick his balls.  His skin tastes so good.  Still I stroke him.  I begin kissing my way up his body, I can’t help but nibble and bite him once in a while.  My oral fetish is strong this morning.  I linger at his neck awhile, biting and teasing him.  I keep his hands to the side of us.  I’m not ready for him to touch me yet.  It’s my turn to serve him.  I continue stroking him as I turn my back to him.  The water seems hotter now as it rolls off my tits.  I love the feel of his cock against my ass, pressing at me, asking for entrance.  I release his cock and guide his hand to my hip. 

“I’m yours baby, take what you need,” I purr.

Without a word, his hand slips up to my throat while the other grasps his cock and leads it just to my pretty pink opening.  I suck in my breath waiting for him.  He teases me, teases us both by rubbing my clit with his cock.  I want him so bad.  I’m against the shower wall, bending my ass towards him just a little more to coax him in.  He always does things by his own time…it’s his control.  I think he’s waiting for me to beg and I’m trying not to though a little whimper escapes my lips.  Damn it.  I didn’t mean to do that but FUCK I want him!!

With one swift move he squeezes my throat tighter and slides his throbbing cock into my pussy balls deep.  I have to brace myself as my legs give in. 

“I’ve got you, Kitten.  You aren’t going anywhere,” he says.  I love when he growls in my ear like he does…low…sexy.  I close my eyes and just listen.

“You’re all mine.  I know just what my baby wants and I’ll keep you safe so you can cum hard just like I like.”

I’m like a rag doll in his arms as I concentrate on the way he stretches me as he moves deeper with every stroke.  I didn’t think it was possible.  I feel so empty when he is not inside of me, but right this instant I am filled to perfection.  His hand is still around my throat as his teeth sink into my shoulder near my neck.  God I love that.  He knows every trigger!  I squeeze him tight trying to slow him a little but he shows no mercy.  How could he be so ready to pound the fuck out of me when we went all night long?!  He sees me bite my lip and it encourages him to bounce me on his cock faster.  He releases his grip from my neck and moves both hands to my tits.  He kneads them harder with every cock stroke and I can’t help but yelp as he hits the bruises building from last night.

“I want to see your eyes as you cum for me, Kitten.  You’re going to coat my huge dick with your cum and watch me enjoy it,” he says.

He turns me toward him and lifts me. I wrap my legs around him as he slides me back down onto his cock.  I squeeze his cock like I hate it, but it doesn’t give.  He’s too strong for me.  I’m so full right now!  His cock is owning my tight little pussy. 

“Look at me and cum, Slut,” he says.  I look to him.  I can barely keep eye contact but it’s so hot when he makes me look at him while we cum, that I have to.  “All mine, give me that cum.”

“Baby, you feel so good inside me!”

“Cum all over my huge dick and balls, I want to feel you.”

“OhMyGodBaby YES!!”

“That’s it, be my good little fuck toy and cum with me, Kitten.”

“I”m going to cum so hard baby, keep fucking me, ohmygod here is cummms baby!”

“You are FULL of my fat cock, it’s all yours, Kitten.  CUM!”

“Oooohhhh helll yessss!!!! FUCK here it cums!!!

With that he brings me down harder onto his cock taking the breath from me and every ounce of restraint I have.  He cums with me and fills me with his hot seed as I coat his slick cock with my juices.  When our shudders subside, he holds me there and continues looking in my eyes.

“Baby….Baby Girl….” I hear him faintly.


“Wake up Kitten, you were moaning in your sleep,” he says.

“OH!!!  I um…I was going to join you in the shower…I must have passed out again.”

“Well from the way you were moaning, it sounds like we need to reenact your dream,” he says with a smile.

Oh hell yes!!


Happy Titty Tuesday My Loves….enjoy your morning showers 🙂