Special Delivery

Happy Titty Tuesday Loves.  Here is a special delivery hot off the Guiltless press from me to you…mwah!

I didn’t mean for this to happen.  Yes, I often dreamt about it, but I never expected it to manifest in real life.  I would wake from these dreams, wet, aching,  heart fluttering, and almost ashamed of myself.  How could I have dreams like this about a perfect stranger?  Better yet, how could I have gone through with this?  I’m not sure how to feel.

It was my “chill” day at home and all I had planned was some little chores and catching up on emails, etc.  I literally rolled  out of bed, pulled on a little black tube dress, brushed my teeth and began my day.  It was absolutely beautiful outside so the windows and sliding door were open to allow the fans to catch the fresh air.  As I was sitting at the computer doing my bills, there was a knock at the door.  No one knocks at the door.  I can say I almost don’t allow it.  If I actually invite anyone over, they are told to just walk in.  I have a fear of answering the door so I am very aware of who is expected and  if I am expecting a delivery I am well prepared.  The UPS man knows that I work odd hours and generally leaves my packages on the back porch so as not to wake me.  Lately though, I have seen a new UPS man.  He is the one in my daydreams.

Again, a knock.  I finally went to the door and looked through the keyhole.  It was him.  If I knew he was going to be a day early, I certainly would have worn something.  I felt almost naked in my little tube dress.  It was probably the thinnest material I owned and though it was flowy from my waist to my mid-thigh, it was form-fitting on top and well…I have a lot of top.  Too late to do anything about it, I opened the door.

He took a second to say anything but when he did, his voice was not what I expected.  It was almost perfect.  In a tone that made my heart skip a beat he said, “I have a package for you, but it is so big I left it in the truck.  I wanted to make sure you were home before bringing it.”  I didn’t say anything, my heart was beating too hard.  He said, “Well…you’re home so I’ll go get it.”  I felt like a complete idiot.  I just stood there in the open door and didn’t say a word as he turned to head towards his truck. 

Great.  Not only is he sexy as hell,  but he has a voice to match.  Standing in my bare feet, he almost towered above me.  I think he is about 6’4″, his skin is tan naturally but it seemed like he had some bronzing from the sun, his eyes were the prettiest blue I had ever seen, and yes…I noticed his hands.  He has amazing hands, big, strong the kind I want wrapped around my…

“Do you want me to bring it in?” he asked.  He was at my door again with a giant box on a dolly cart.  I opened the door wider and pointed towards the wall where I thought he should put it.  When he leaned it against the wall, I thanked him.  He said, “Oh I knew you would have a voice like that. Were you trying to hide it?”  I knew exactly what he meant.  For years people have told me I have a radio voice or a baby doll voice.  When I am calm and happy I sound as if I should be on a phone sex line especially when my silly little accent comes out.  I don’t know why, but I do try to mask it sometimes.

I finally decided to chat with him a little as he stood in my apartment.  The door to the outside is near my bedroom  and I saw him peek in.  He mentioned that he had never been in one of the apartments here but was looking for a new place to live.  I told him he could look around if he wanted.  My heart was racing like crazy.  He had already seen the front room which is close to the kitchen area so he just stepped into the bedroom, looked  into the bathroom and walk-in closet then came to me.  I didn’t move.  I stood there in the center of my bedroom facing him…or actually looking up to him as he stood less than a foot in front of me.  His right hand went to the place where my head and neck meet and he said, “You have the most perfect eyes, I think I like them looking up at me.”  His hand was warm and seemed to vibrate an energy right into me.  He moved my hair back and  his hand went to the back of my head as he leaned into me and his lips touched mine.  There was no more hesitation.

I felt like a rag doll in his arms.  He lifted me as he kissed me.  I could tell by the way he used his tongue he was just going to take control.  As he sucked and bit at my tongue and lips, he lifted me onto the bed so I was standing on it before him.  I was looking down at him, my hands on his shoulders as he nuzzled my tummy.  His hands worked their way up to my thighs as he moved my dress out of his way.  I was at the perfect height for him to start nipping and licking at my clit. I could barely stand still! I had never had anyone tongue my pretty little pussy while I was standing.  He moved me just enough to push his tongue into me slightly.  I wanted more.  I wanted to lay down but he kept me standing above him as he lapped and teased my wet slit.  I was literally riding his face as he stood there in front of my bed.  When I was ready to collapse from my legs quivering, he supported me.  My head was spinning.  I wanted it so bad, but this wasn’t me!! I’m not the girl who has random sex with strangers!

He must have felt me tense up. He grabbed me by the waist and laid me on the bed.  He layed beside me and asked if I was ok.  I just shook my head, yes.  He began kissing me again, harder this time, deeper.  I moved to take his shirt off. I wanted him to be just as vulnerable as I felt.  He was well-defined beneath his shirt.  I hadn’t actually expected it.  All I could think about was the fact that I wanted to bite him, to run my lips and tongue across every inch of him.  He had removed my tube dress and somehow we both were naked, each of us filled with a sexual energy like no other.  As my mind started to wander, he caught it.  It was like he could feel my thoughts.  His hand went to my throat.  That was it.  I was his.

My whole body relaxed as he climbed atop me, his hand still on my throat.  He kept me pinned as he straddled me in such a way that his cock was sliding between my tits.  I opened my mouth, welcoming it as his cock head peeked at the top of my cleavage, then disappeared into my triple D’s.   He moved with long, slow stokes and I could feel him throbbing almost to the same beat as my quickened heart.  He kept his eyes on mine.  He said, “I don’t have long, so let me do what I want to do to you.  Don’t worry about anything.  You are mine and I am going to make you cum.”  He kept his hand on my throat as he kissed and nibbled his way down my neck, my breasts, then his hands moved down to my wrists pinning them to the bed as his head went between my thighs.  I let out a whimper.  “Shhh Kitten, I am going to make you cum.”  His hands went up to my thighs holding them apart where he wanted them and I moved my fingers to his head keeping him where I wanted him though I don’t think I had any choice.

His tongue plunged inside of my sopping wet pussy and I moaned loud enough I’m sure the whole complex heard it with my windows open.  He licked from inside of me up to and around my clit with a firm pressure.  He was almost moving me with his tongue as I slid closer to him, wanting him more.  I was starting to get frustrated.  I didn’t know if I just wanted to cum or if I wanted to feel his cock inside of me.  Just as I was beginning to tense up again, he pushed his fingers deep inside of me.  This time, he was biting at me.  My thighs, my clit, my pussy lips were all getting nipped at as he continued fucking my pussy with his fingers.  I was going to cum.  I knew it was going to be crazy, it had been building up inside of me.  This wasn’t going to be mild at all.  I could feel it building and I told him I was going to cum. 

He stopped and in almost one move he said he couldn’t handle it any more, moved between my thighs and thrust his throbbing cock deep inside of me.  I let out a scream, OH MY GOD he felt so good!!  He was so hard and oh I let go. He made me squirt and cum as he continued fucking me with every bit of forceful energy he had.  My fingers dug into his shoulders and back as I held on for the ride.  I could feel every inch of him tearing inside of me, in and out time and again and I just wanted more, more, more!  He moved my head to the side slightly and bit into the spot where my neck meets my shoulder releasing any tension that was left in my body.  I came again uncontrollably.  I could feel the head of his cock getting bigger and I knew he was ready.  He pumped faster and all at once he was farther inside of me than ever before shooting his hot, creamy load deep inside of me.  He kept fucking me as he was cumming and I gripped him with my pussy cumming again.

When finally he slowed and pulled out of me, I whimpered a little.  I didn’t want it to end but I knew he had to get back to work.  He kissed my forehead and said, “I hope I did good for you Kitten.  I don’t think you expected a special delivery like this.”  He got up and went to the bathroom to clean up.  when he came out, I watched him dress.  I watched his muscles ripple as he moved, I watched his eyes twinkle, I couldn’t believe what had just happened but I was euphoric.  Once he was dressed, I went to him.  He pulled me close and kissed me.  As he was walking out the door he said, “I will see you again.  Expect it.”  I had no words.

I’m still high from it.  He left hours ago and I don’t know how to feel.  I am absolutely ecstatic that he was so much better live than in my daydreams, but yet I am torn with emotion because I just slept with, no I got fucked by a perfect stranger.  I’m not that girl!!  Maybe I have been missing out…or maybe, it was just that much better because good things cum to those who wait.

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