Some Control, Any Control

I haven’t forgotten you, Readers 🙂  Happy Titty Tuesday!  Enjoy this little tidbit…

I want to feel you next to me…Feel your warmth…I feel the muscles of your neck as my lips kiss their way down to your shoulders.  I want to play again, I don’t want to wait another minute to have you inside of me.  I want to feel the strength of your hands holding me tight.  I know you want to have control but you allow me to play…if only for a little while.  I see the grin at the corners of your lips and that look in your eye…I know I have only a short while before you put me in my place…somehow I have to get on top of the game before you dominate me again. 
I know if you stand from the chair you are sitting in,  I will lose my advantage.  I have to keep you in place.  I straddle you, facing you, I sit on your lap.  I know I won’t be there long.  I can feel your hands on my hips…lightly they rest there but I can feel your grip tightening as I nibble on your lips, your neck, your shoulders.  I love the strength of your tongue as you return my kisses…biting at my tongue….reminding me who’s in charge.  I can feel your cock waking up beneath me, moving against my ass with every nibble I take of you.  I have to move from your grasp, I know when your power is strongest.
I stand, still kissing you I begin to work my way down your neck, behind your ear, down your shoulders…I would linger there…I love your shoulders, but I can feel  your energy building….  Your hands are searching for control, you stroke your cock with one and the other is on the back of my neck.  I’m determined to stand my ground.  I bend completely at the waist and my mouth eagerly takes your almost fully erect cock. I can’t wait to feel it grow in my throat. 
My stance widens just a little to keep my balance.  Heels can be dangerous during acrobatics….you still have one hand at the base of my skull, on my neck keeping my head in place.  It’s unnecessary, I want to suck on that big throbbing head, but you’re showing your dominance.  You reach for my clit with the other hand,  I move just a little so you can’t reach.  I’m not ready to give up.  I take your cock deep into my throat feeling you grow to your full potential.  I am so wet it’s hard to concentrate.  Your free hand starts gripping my tits, pinching my nipples, here comes the power play…I breathe through the pain and keep my mind on my tongue as it slides up and down the shaft of your cock.  I pop the head in and out of my mouth teasing it just a little, sucking it just a little, wanting it inside of me more and more.
You’re not good at being teased!! How quickly I learn when you grab my hips and bring me down on top of you.  You don’t even give me a second, you pull me onto you so violently that I scream out when your cock enters my pussy and buries itself deep inside of my warmth.  Damn.  I have to get better at this. I try to put my hands on your shoulders but you gather my wrists into one of your hand behind me.  Your other hand goes back to my neck and brings me toward you.  I can barely catch my breath as I ride you, my hands pinned behind my back, your tongue teasing mine as you nip at me and move to bite my neck-my weakness. Right there I am yours, I don’t want to struggle any more. You have complete control now.
You allow me to have my arms back and I wrap them around your neck wanting to feel you closer to me.  You put your hands under my ass lifting me as you stand and turn to push me against the wall.  You allow my legs to fall and my feet to touch the ground.  The minute they do, you grab my shoulders, turn me to face the wall, pin me there and slam your cock deep into me from behind.  Oh I hate you…This surrender is so hard…you grab my hair into one hand, your wrist tight against my neck, your elbow pushing between my my shoulders.  Your other hand is around the front of my throat.  If I move now I won’t be able to breathe.  You slam into me over and over, your cock reaching deep inside of me, I’m dripping now, so wet, all I can do is keep my hands against the wall to keep just a little space between it and me.  You let go of my hair and move your grip to my hip as you slow just enough to allow your mouth to meet my neck again.  I’m yours.  There is no other choice and at this point I wouldn’t want it any other way.
Somehow you move us to the bedroom…your amazing in too many ways…You’re still pounding into me.  My calves are on your shoulders, you have my wrists pinned next to my head.  I feel your teeth sink deep into one of my calves making me cry out.  I can’t help it.  I squirt making us both wetter.  How is it possible for you to slam your cock deeper inside of me? I don’t understand where this all comes from I’m going to cum, your grip tightens on my wrists.  I push against you with my legs my back arches trying to have some control, any control, I can’t take it any more, I scream that I’m going to cum and you slam into me making us cum together violently…We’re both moaning as we release and my body convulses with all the energy between us.  You come down on top of me, our hearts pounding, breathing together, covered in sweat and cum….

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