She Turns Me On

Happy Titty Tuesday my loves ūüôā¬† Today I have a little something special for you.¬† It’s been¬†on my mind for over a month and I finally decided to share.¬† Enjoy…
It was a beautiful day.¬† The sky was blue with gentle wisps of white highlights.¬† The temperature was almost perfect but the stillness of the day was¬†a bit¬†haunting.¬† As I¬†laid there beneath the lone tree on the hill she came to me, almost hesitantly at first. ¬†I didn’t say much.¬† It was a pleasant surprise for her to join me.¬† We remained¬†quiet in the grass there for a while until finally she broke the silence, whispering in my ear.
She began touching me oh so gently.¬† At first¬†I had¬†goosebumps until I was more accustomed to her light touch.¬† Once I settled into the fact that she wanted to do as she pleased, I was able to relax a bit.¬† I laid there as she sucked at my clothing moving it slowly, with the utmost care. I was only wearing a light t-shirt¬†and shorts so it didn’t take much. As I said, the temperature was perfect but I was starting to warm up a bit.¬†She¬†touched my lips, my neck, my chest and my abs.¬† She didn’t stop as she caressed every inch of my body. I wanted to do something but I laid there and focused on her touch.¬† Mmmm and she smelled so sweet,
Things began to happen more quickly and the tension¬†started building between us.¬† I knew she was teasing as she would touch me and then draw back.¬† It was almost like she was an ocean wave coming at me powerfully at first, taking my breath away, making me want her more.¬† Then she would slowly back away, still touching me lightly to keep my attention.¬† I have never felt more wanting, more excited.¬† I could tell her gifts were plentiful…this could go on for hours.
My heart was racing.¬† I closed my eyes.¬† The feel of her was absolutely amazing.¬† I was in love with her little sounds, her scent, the way she knew just what I needed.¬† Just as I settled into the ways she was¬†surrounding me with herself, she¬†became more¬†unforgiving.¬† She came at me harder and I was taken aback by her strength.¬†¬†I was unsure whether I should try to take control or let her have her fun.¬† I decided to see what she had in store for me.¬† Things were getting a little…shall we say wet?¬† I certainly didn’t mind.¬† We were there under the tree, only us, nothing else mattered in the world.¬† Every inch of my body was enticed by her touch as she moved with me, through me, moaning softly at first and then louder.
My body was reacting to her like no other.¬† My skin felt warm but yet the goosebumps were back, I felt completely at ease though I was unsure how long she could keep up her games.¬† Every inch of me was throbbing, pulsing, wanting her more.¬† I felt I was getting close and let her know.¬† With that she rode me harder, more violently.¬† Her moans got louder and I climaxed like never before.¬†¬†After that her energy slowed.¬† She kept caressing me, easing me out of my heart racing state.¬† She calmed me and gave me a feeling of¬†safety I was not accustomed to.¬† My mind didn’t wander.¬† I couldn’t break my thoughts from how much she turned me on. I didn’t think I could ever get enough of her.¬† I was content, I was happy, she was all I needed.¬† How could I explain it?¬† I’m a guy…I get turned on when the wind blows…