Sexual Favors

“Hey…come here.  You have to try this.  I have something for you,” he said.

“Oh really.  What might that be?”

“The most perfect coffee ever, now come here,” he said with a sweet smile.

“Ugh ok. But it better rock my face off.” I actually liked how he was trying to tell me what to do in his sweet way.

“How do you like your coffee?” he asked.

“Well decaf because I’m off the caffeine kick, iced, and…it can’t taste like coffee!!  I like it sweet hehe.”

“You got it!” he said as he started to brew me something special.

I wasn’t sure why he targeted me as I was walking past the coffee shop, but who was I to complain about a little chat with a stranger and a free coffee?  As he made my drink, he chatted me up about how slow the day was, where I was from, and inevitably it led to him asking what I was doing that night.

“Uh, I have no plans.  I’m just taking it as it comes.”

“Yeah, that’s what I like to do, I like to take it as it comes,” he said slyly, “So I get off work at 9, where are we meeting?”

“How did coffee lead to us meeting after work?! Um, I don’t know where to meet.  You tell me…”

I wasn’t sure what I was agreeing to or why I was even agreeing to meet him other than the fact that he was kind of cute and had  a nice personality from what I could tell.  My only concern was that he looked like he was 19 and being in my 30’s I wasn’t too sure about what to think.  We decided on meeting up the road at an outdoor patio type bar.  I’m not much of a bar person but I agreed to it because they have billiards and random video games there.  I figured it could be fun one way or another.  Oh and I figured he must be at least 21 since we were going to a bar.  That’s a bit better in my head anyway.

Let The Games Begin

I had enough time to run home and get cleaned up before meeting him so when I got to the patio bar, I was dressed in my customary sundress, cute panties to match, and a pair of tall, wedge sandals that tied around my ankles.  At least he was about 6′ so I could wear heels and not look down on him.  I hate that.

As I walked up to the doors, I heard a soft wolf whistle and turned to see him coming my way.

“Damn girl, You go from adorable to amazing in a blink of an eye! I’m glad you made it.  I’m Alex by the way,” he said with a smile.

Of course I had no idea how to respond to his compliments, but could feel I was blushing.  21 and he made me blush.  What the hell was going on?!  I thanked him, introduced myself and we walked towards the bar where he held the door for me as I walked it.  He was racking up points in the positive column of my mental check list right off the bat.  I had to be careful!

We were directed to a booth close to the area where the game section began, but it was good because I was able to scan the room for what game I was going to challenge him with after we had a bit of time to get to talk.  He was very well articulated and had a tiny bit of a southern twang that I could tell he was trying to hide.  He asked me a ton of questions about myself, but I kept him on his toes making sure to ask him lots of things, too.  He had me laughing more than not and the longer we sat there, the more comfortable I got.  The more comfortable I got, the easier the margaritas went down and though we didn’t get drunk, we did get a happy little buzz on.

Now I do have a little problem when I drink…my flirty side comes out more and I get, shall we say, a little more sassy.  It was time to challenge him to some fun!

“Air Hockey.”

“What?” he asked laughing.

“Air Hockey. Let’s go.  Grab your beer so you can drown your sorrows when I kick your ass in Air Hockey.”

“OH Ho ho!!!  A challenge has been presented by the little lady!  Well c’mon m’dear, let’s see what you got.  Hope you aren’t a sore loser,” he winked.

I gave him a half closed eyed stare, my game eyes, and took his hand as he led me to the Air Hockey station.  We kept a tied game for quite awhile but then either he or I would win by one point.  When I got my finger slammed by a super fast flying puck, he actually came over to me and kissed it to make it better…ok no, he actually sucked on it.  He took my hand gently, took my finger into his mouth, and sucked it down to the base pressing his tongue all around it all the while keeping eye contact with me.  Let’s just say, my finger wasn’t the only thing on me that was wet.

“Alright Miss Thing, time to raise the stakes.  You ready?” he asked.

“Uh oh.  Ready for what?”

“Well, we are obviously cabbing it home. I think we’ve had enough that we should be careful and there is no point in taking two cabs so, let’s plan on taking a cab to my place and redeeming the sexual favors each loss will rack up,” he said with a wink.

“Whoa! Wait a minute.  Why are we going to your place and…you really are going to owe me a lot of favors.  I’ve been letting you win.  You think you can handle this?!”

“We’ll go to my place because it’s close and I can get my car in the morning before work.  Then I will just pick you up on break and take you to your car when you are awake,” again he said this with the most devious smile, “And yes, I can handle it.  I can handle you worshiping me all night and paying back your losses. Now shut up and drop the puck!”

We played four more games which tied our “favors”, then the fifth game was the grand finale, the big one, and let’s just say my buzzed Air Hockey skills were not as good as my sober Air Hockey skills.  I lost the big game by 2 points and Alex had no intention of telling me what the Grand Favor was until later that night.  This guy was trouble!

We paid our bar tab, asked the bartender for a number for a cab, and went outside to cool off in the chilly, night air.  It was a good night, much to my surprise, and it was only going to get better.  There were favors to be redeemed!

Gotta Pay to Play

The cab ride was literally 8 minutes, almost could have just walked but Alex was worried about my buzzed state and the fact that I was wearing heels.  He didn’t know I was a professional stilt walker and got a laugh out of it when I told him that with a sly, flirty grin.  He lived in a modest sized ranch house which was well decorated and very organized for a 21 year old guy.  I was pretty impressed.  He told me it was a rental, and that his mom was a stickler for organization so he must have picked it up from her.

“Now, enough talk.  We talked all evening.  Let’s get to these favors,” he said, “So let me think…we should mix them together to get the greatest benefit for each other at the same time all leading up to the grand finale.”

“Which is….?”

“You’ll see.  Favors #1 and 2.  Ready?” he asked.


Favors one and two just happened to be that we each wanted oral.  What he didn’t know was that I LOVE sucking on things so I didn’t consider it to be such a horrible thing to have to do though I did find it amusing that he said I had to swallow.  Who the hell doesn’t swallow?  You don’t work for a prize and then throw it away!  Just as I was mid-thought, he grabbed me, threw me over his shoulder, and dashed us into the bedroom putting me down in front of the bed.  He lifted my sundress over my head leaving me in just panties and my heels.  For a second, he just stood there and looked while a little grin came to each corner of his mouth.  He came to me and kissed me moving me back onto the bed until I was comfortably on my back before kissing his way down my breasts and my tummy all the way to my pink parts.  I moaned the second his tongue touched my clit.  I had been waiting all night.

With a little direction, he was good…too good.  Obviously every girl is different and I am not shy about telling someone what I want. Once he figured out exactly what I needed, it was hard for me to be still.  I was doing my damnest not to cum for him though because I had a plan.  I wanted to taste him.

“Come up here.”

“No, I want you to cum for me first,” he said.

“Come up here and let me take care of you at the same time.  Two favors at once.”

“Damn, ok I can’t say no to that.  You just sit there and don’t move.  Let me look at that wet pussy while I get naked,” he said almost licking his lips.

He was nicely built, a little skinnier than what I generally prefer. I guess lanky is the term.  His cock was ready to be played with and as he released it from his boxers, it stood up to his belly button, tall and medium girth.  That was good.  It had been awhile for me and at least he wasn’t going to tear me up too badly.

“You want to choke on my cock for awhile, Princess?” he asked.

“Yes Please.”

I was surprised that he was going to talk dirty to me right away.  Most guys wait until I start first like they’re walking on eggshells or some damn thing.  He hovered over me and I leaned up to take him.  The second my lips wrapped around his cock, I felt him relax a bit and let me take control…at least for a bit.  As I stroked and licked his cock from head to shaft, he went back to devouring my pussy.  I was trying very had to focus but couldn’t help stopping once in awhile just so I could enjoy his tongue pressing in and out of my wet little slit.  When I took him into my mouth again, he stopped eating me for a second and began slowly thrusting into my mouth and throat.  That’s when he took over.  He moved his legs so my arms were pinned to the outside and he forced himself deeper and deeper into my throat making me gasp for air each time he came out.  Somehow, he was able to not only fuck my throat to it’s full capacity, but also to fuck my pussy with his mouth and fingers, restraining my legs with his arms.  He had me completely pinned and was taking advantage of it to both of our benefits.  I squealed around his cock as I was getting ready to cum.

“You ready, Princess?” he asked.

I nodded around the cock in my throat.

“Me too,” he said and with one, two, three thrusts into the depths of my throat, his tongue and fingers deep inside my pussy, we both came drowning and drenching each other with our juices until we were both spent.  I was amazed at how long we had both lasted since we had been teasing all night.

As he rolled off of me, we both wiped our lips with the back of our hands and laughed.

“Wow,” he said, “So um…you want some water or something?” he asked.

“Yes please!”

He got up to go to the kitchen and I went into the bathroom to clean up a little.  While I was in there, I noticed the flushed glow on my skin and knew I was in for a night of trouble.  This was going to be a long night.  Thank goodness I didn’t have to work in the morning, and I had no idea what time Alex had to go in. When I finished, I walked towards the kitchen and he caught me off guard in the living room, pinning me against the wall.

Sexual Favors

Proper Fucked


“Did I scare ya?” he asked.

“No. Where’s my damn water? How do you expect me to live like this?” I asked playfully.

He handed me a bottle and just stood there pinning me against the wall with his body.  I could feel the warmth of his skin on mine and the pulse of his cock against my tummy.  Since I had taken my heels off, I was a lot shorter!

“So I would say we killed 3 birds in round one,” he said.

“Three?!! How do you figure? I counted two.”

“You wanted me to eat your pussy and you wanted to be restrained. You couldn’t have moved if you tried,” he said matter of factly.

“Damn it. Ok, I guess I didn’t elaborate much but I was certainly stuck.  Ok fine.  So what’s left?”

“Anal and a Grand Finale…after I fuck that tight pussy of course,” he winked.

“When are you going to tell me about this grand finale, Alex?”

“I’m not.  You just have to wait and see,” he said still pinning me against the wall.

I finished my bottle of water, handed it to him, and he threw it towards the kitchen.

“Fuck it,” he said, “I’m taking your ass right here!”

He wrapped an arm around me, bent me over the back of the couch, pressed me down by the back of my neck, spit on his throbbing cock, and slid it into me slow and deep.  I could have killed him! I wasn’t prepared for a sneak attack and chills ran through my body as I gripped the couch cushions.  A low moan came from deep within me as he stretched my pink walls to fit his cock.  Every inch made me bite harder into my lip and grip the couch harder.  I screamed out, it felt so good and I wanted more.  Slow and deep is the ultimate tease and I was ready to be fucked and fucked hard.  When he was balls deep, he stopped and let me quiver around his cock for just a minute.

“You ready, Princess?” he asked.

“Are you gonna FUCK me or are you gonna ask me fucking questions?”

With that he tore into me full force.  There was no mercy for a smart mouth little girl, even if it was coming from a 21 year old guy.  I could feel my legs giving as he fucked me harder, making me scream loud enough that I was sure the neighbors could hear.  He had me cumming and squirting in no time telling me what a good girl I was and how he wanted every drop of cum that was in me on his cock and dripping on his balls.  Every bit of him was pounding into me with such force that I had no words.  I could tell he was on the brink of cumming again when he pulled out of my pussy slowly…so slowly that I whimpered.  I didn’t want him to stop.

“Don’t worry Princess, I’m not done.  I’m going to pound your ass and cum so deep inside of you that my seed will be running out of you for days,” he said.

With that he pressed his cock, already wet with my juices, slowly into my ass.  Oh it was tight.  He moaned as he pushed deeper then he began fucking me…slowly at first then with just as much gusto as he had fucked my pussy.  I honestly thought I was going to pass the fuck out!  It wasn’t too long till I felt his hands tighten on my hips and heard him moan as his hot load filled my ass sending me into an Earth shattering orgasm yet again.  Good thing he was holding me up.  When he finished the final pump of cum deep inside of me, he stood there for a minute, balls deep in my ass, kissing my spine.  He pulled out slow and watched for a minute as some of his cum ran down my thighs.  He picked me up, carried me to the bedroom, and laid me on the bed, kissing me the whole time.

He walked into the bathroom and I heard the water run for a minute before he returned with a cool towel.  I kept my eyes closed as he trailed the cold water over my skin cooling me off and giving me goosebumps.  He kissed me softly all over and I passed out completely drained and satisfied.

The Grand Finale

I’m not sure how much later it was, but I woke to a blindfold being tied over my eyes.

“What are you doing?”

“How was your nap, Princess?” he asked.

“Good thank you, what are you doing?”

“Blindfolding you,” he said, “It’s time for the Grand Finale.”

“How am I going to know what to do if I am blindfolded and you don’t tell me anything?”

“I’m going to gag you too if you don’t shut up,” he said.

I shut it.  I had no idea what to expect but I knew it was going to be good no matter what it was.  It was then that I felt my sore little slit being licked again.  I was tender but couldn’t help liking the feel of the tenderness I was receiving.  A finger slowly slipped into my ass and I wriggled a little bit.   Before I knew it, there were lips on mine and someone was kissing me hard and deep.

WAIT A MINUTE! Who was licking my pussy? What was going on?!  It was then that I realized Alex was kissing me and that tongue on my clit was surrounded by some very smooth skin and a thin finger in my ass…had to be a woman.  Either he invited a friend over to join the fun or he had a girlfriend or wife!  I decided to stop thinking and just BE.  This was his Grand Finale and I knew it was certainly going to benefit me.

As I laid there enjoying being licked, kissed and nibbled on, I felt Alex grab my wrists and slip them into bracelets…restraints.  I smiled.

“You get your favor after all, Princess,” he said as I felt the woman tighten my ankles to the bed too.

For the next hour I laid there bound and blindfolded sucking cock and licking a very soft pussy.  I was kissed, rubbed, and fucked.  I had cock and fingers in every hole on my body and I came more times than I could count.  I was in heaven.  Finally, the woman removed my blindfold.  She was a pretty brunette, built similar to me with big breasts but a smaller waist.  She had kind eyes and a beautiful smile.

“I hear there is a Grand Finale to be had,” she whispered.

I nodded.

“We are going to untie you, my pretty little girl, and then you two are going to fulfill my fantasy.  Hopefully your night has been much more than you expected?” he asked.

I nodded.

“All I want for the Grand Finale is for both of you fine ladies to suck on my cock after I slip my dick into each of you for a few strokes.  Then I want to cum on your faces and tits and watch as you lick my seed from each other,” he said with a smile.

Again, I nodded, this time with a smile.  Was he too shy to just ask me about it in the beginning?  I didn’t mind.  The second I was unbound, he pushed my legs to my chest and slid into me for a few deep strokes while she licked my ass.  I couldn’t help but cum.  I was overwhelmed by it all.

He moved to her and fucked her slowly from behind as I laid beneath her licking her clit as I had done earlier blindfolded and bound.  She came almost as quickly as I had, but she was the quiet one.

He stood before us at the foot of the bed and we moved to sit on the edge.  As I kissed the pretty lady in front of me, Alex slid his cock between our lips for us to suck on.  We all tasted of cum and sweetness.  He moaned as we took turns sucking him down into our throats, or one of us licking his shaft while the other sucked the head.  It wasn’t long before he was ready to cum and we sat back just a little, stroking him and licking at him.  When his head swelled just that little bit, we opened our mouths for him to aim his seed into and he showered us with white, sticky hot seed all over our lips and tits.  As he squeezed the last bit out, she and I began sucking and kissing on each other making sure to gobble up every drop.  We fed each other cum from our nips and fingertips giggling as we fed.

When finally we were clean, we looked to him where he sat with a big grin on his face.  We sat at his feet and he held each of our heads on his lap, stroking our hair.  I know I dozed off, but wasn’t sure when.  By the time I woke, it was daylight and no one was home but me.  Alex had left me a note:

“Thank you for the perfect night.  Call me so we can go pick up your car.  Maybe I’ll do it for a favor.”

I giggled and picked up the phone.

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