Pounding Skin

Happy Saturday Readers,  Are you ready for a little adult fun to start the weekend?  Hope you like my little adventure…

I had been planning something special for this day for a very long time.  My original plan was to meet the man of my dreams, have a year engagement, and marry him in a beautiful beach ceremony on the day that had triple of my favorite number: Number 11.  The day was November 11, 2011.

Since that plan had never been even close to manifestation, I had a back up plan.  I was going to finish my wrist tattoos and have at least one permanent reminder of the day.  I had made an appointment with J earlier in the week.  I was already prepared for a serious flirt fest after our short phone conversation.  I loved his laugh, his phone voice was great, and I had been warned by a friend not to get lost in his eyes.  Great!  A challenge!

I walked in ten minutes early and J popped his head out of the office to greet me.  All I saw was those happy, blue eyes and I couldn’t help but smile.   I gave him the piece I wanted tattoed so he could put it on transfer paper while we chatted.  I was sitting on the couch and I could see him glancing at my legs.  I wore a cute, mid-thigh length skirt and my 5 inch espadrilles that tied around the ankle.  There’s something sexy about having my ankles bound and I knew those shoes got a lot of glances from and women alike.

As he prepared his ink station, we discussed another piece that I’ll be interested in getting soon.  This was my chance to make sure he was completely focused on me just in case my legs hadn’t done the trick.  My future piece will be between my shoulder blades to join my shoulder tattoos.  I slowly unbuttoned my top to reveal a tiny tank top, let him take in the triple D’s for a second, then slowly turned so we could discuss a pattern for the future project.  Before putting my button down shirt back on, I slowly turned back to him.  Yes, I had his attention and it seemed my girls were at attention, too!  He stopped talking and watched at I finished facing him and put on my shirt.  I could almost hear his lips smacking.

He asked, “Are you ready to get pounded?”  Yes, J!  Yes I am!  I settled into the tattoo lounge chair making sure my legs were properly displayed and gave him my right wrist.  Seconds after he started the ink gun he said, “SO there seem to be a lot of swingers in the area and that’s cool, I sure don’t mind.”  Hmmm…where did that come from?  Is he hinting at me already?  I responded with a sly grin and told him I was happy I was single and sometimes you just never know if your friends are freaks or not, everybody has a hidden life.  With that he told me about the friends he has known forever who finally told him they are into different fetishes but mostly BDSM.  Now we’re getting kinky are we?

I told him I was enjoying him pounding my wrists because I have this little trigger…when my wrists are held tight and I am restrained by my wrists, my world stops.  It’s almost calming and I am pretty much submissive.  With that, he put the ink gun down and grabbed my left wrist.  I adjusted his hand a little to show him the exact spot and we paused.  Right then, my world DID stop and I had no words as I looked into his eyes.  I think he could see the power he had right then and there because a smile crept onto his face before he slowly let go and he resumed filling in my tattoo.  When he finished the right wrist, he did a little touch up on the left and I was finished.  He told me I was not allowed to use handcuffs until my wrists had healed.  I giggled and informed him that I had them but hadn’t used them in forever.

After taking care of my tab, I excused myself to the restroom.  I didn’t really have to go, I was just looking for an excuse to stay around for a bit.  J had me curious and I wanted to continue our conversation.  I stood in the one toilet restroom for a minute adjusting my top and putting on lip gloss, flushed like I had done something, then opened the door while I washed my hands just in case anyone was waiting. 

Someone was waiting…J came in the restroom, stood behind me, closed the door, wrapped one arm around my waist and put his other hand around my throat as he began nibbling on the spot where my neck meets my shoulder.  He found my other trigger.  I’m not sure why a hand around my throat is calming, but it is.  I was like butter in his arms.  I didn’t say a word, barely made a peep, I just let him take control.  I had been aching for him since his eyes greeted me as I walked through the door.  I wanted him even more once he tried my wrist on for size while he was tattooing me.  I wanted him.

I knew the other tattoo guys were probably trying to hear if anything was happening, but thank goodness they each were slinging ink into other patrons.  I didn’t have to worry too much about the whimpering that had escaped my lips as J began to tease me mercilessly.  He continued nibbling on my neck as the hand that was around my waist moved down between my legs.  He pressed and rubbed my clit like he had known it forever, like it was his and he had explored it before.  I could barely breathe my heart was beating so hard with excitement.  Just then, he sunk his teeth into the base of my neck at the same time he plunged his fingers into my juicy, wet slit.  I inhaled deeply through the pain and pleasure glad I didn’t yelp.

He turned me around and kissed me forcefully removing my top shirt, then lifting off my tank top.  His mouth moved down my neck to my tits as he massaged them with his big, strong hands.  He took one nipple between his teeth as he lifted me up onto the sink making sure my skirt was hiked up as I settled into position.  I could feel his cock throbbing against my clit through his jeans and reached for him but he pulled away just enough to be out of my reach.   He was teasing me now lapping and nipping at my tits as his fingers rubbed and pulled at my clit.  I was ready for more.  

I was ready to beg when he got on his knees in front of me , put my legs on his shoulders, and began lapping at my wetness.  Each time he licked me with stronger force so I could barely stand it.  I was having a hard time being still and because the ink was fresh on my wrists, he couldn’t restrain me that way.  Instead, he dug his fingers into my thighs any time I moved.  It was painful, but it kept me right where he wanted me.  I began to moan louder as I wanted more.  His tongue traced patterns around my clit bringing me closer to where I wanted…where I  needed to be.

It was then that he slid his fingers into my dripping wet pussy.  I was quivering as I moved closer and closer to orgasm.  I didn’t want to cum yet, I wanted to make sure I felt his throbbing cock deep inside of me.  I told him I wanted him, I begged for his cock, “Please fuck me, I want you so bad!”  he looked up at me with those eyes teasingly.  “Are you ready to get pounded?”  Again, “Yes J!  Yes I am!”  he chuckled and told me I had to cum for him first.  He wanted to lap up my sweet nectar before he would slam his thick shaft deep into my perfect pussy.  I breathed deeper as he tugged and nibbled at my clit before pushing his tongue into my slit.  It was seconds later that I exploded onto his tongue, into his mouth as he sucked hungrily at my honey.

He quickly stood up unleashed his cock and quickly thrust it into me not allowing me to prepare for him.  I let out a little scream as he forcefully entered and stretched me to fit around his hard, throbbing cock.  I didn’t care if anyone was around, nothing mattered but us.  He pummeled my pussy with amazing rhythm, my juices coating his cock.  He moaned at the sheer tightness of my slit and I began milking his shaft with my pussy.  I could feel his cock head deep within me.  He took my tongue into his mouth, sucking it, biting it in effort to stifle my moans as he pushed deeper and deeper inside of me.

I was on the verge of cumming again but I wanted him to fill me with his seed at the same time.  I begged him to cum for me, “Please cum inside of me baby.  I want it, give it to me baby.  Please?”  He said nothing but his rhythm hastened, deeper, deeper I could feel his cock growing one last time before we both quivered, pulsed, tightened, and came together.  I was shaking uncontrollably as he thrust into me time and time again filling me with his hot, sticky seed.  Finally he slowed and our breathing settled.

He stood there inside of me for a minute looking into my eyes.  He didn’t say anything for what felt like forever.  He didn’t need to, his eyes said it all.  It was absolutely amazing and I think if he didn’t have another appointment, we would have gone again.  He cleaned up and stepped out to let me straighten myself up.  I was in there for a little bit…at least until my legs were steady.  When I walked out we said goodbye and I promised to see him soon.  I shot a glance to his partner and saw a sly little grin pass over his face.  Guess they could hear everything after all.  

I had been planning something special for this day, November 11, 2011.  It was certainly a day to remember.


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