The Ride Home…

Hello my lovelies,  This is straight from a series of text messages to Mr. Super Sexy.  It’s not very developed but I thought you might enjoy it as he did… I pick you up from work after leaving you 8 hrs earlier with a raging hard on and your mind in the gutter. When you Read More

Break Time

I’m sorry readers.  I couldn’t wait until next week to post something secret sexy.  Can we take a break?  Hope you don’t mind…This was inspired by a friend.  I just made it my own with a twist.  I”m sure he wouldn’t mind.   Hey Handsome 🙂   That was amazing!!  I can’t believe we pulled Read More


Here it is reader.  The first of many. Please, if you aren’t into this kind of thing, just don’t read it.  I have a very creative mind and a lotta secret sexy.  I wrote this for someone…maybe it was you.   I pick you up from the airport.  Of course, I meet you at the Read More

Girl Brain vs Internal Navigation

Sitting here now with an ice pack between my legs…wait!! It’s not like that!  Let me explain… Slept in this morning and I suppose it was a wild hair that overcame me because I decided to go for a walk before yoga.  I realize that half of the country is getting snow today, but here it is sunny Read More

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