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Tonight is the night, Readers!  I will be debuting a Naughty guest post on the adult only site Naughty Nothings.  Check out my post tonight and make sure to look around at the other lovely stories.  Jewels had some amazing tales come her way that I am sure you will enjoy!

Since my Guiltless Naughtiness will be posted tonight, I will not be posting here for you tomorrow.  I will save the next post for later in the week and as always, i promise to steam it up for you.

Right now I am awaiting a friend from another state to come join me for a day of Jeep stuff and lunch.  I have never met him though we have talked online through our Jeep club.  Yes, I know.  I am crazy, but if he was a stalker or a bad dude I would have found out before getting to this point.  He seems nice, but I don’t know how much of ME he can handle so I am going to put a bit of a leash on it.  I know for sure some of the others can handle me no problem and can dish as much as they take.  This guy is still new to me.

Let’s talk about Tomato Man…I have a little, 4′ 10″ round man who lives behind me.  I did very good at avoiding him for 2 1/2 years, but the past 6 months he has been appearing more and more.  Why avoid him?  I’m not one for idle chit-chat with neighbors and you know I have a fear of midgets.  he isn’t a midget but he’s close!!  The other thing that freaks me out is it seems he is always in the shower the same time I am and I have HEARD him “taking care” of himself and it completely freaks me out.

Lately, anytime he sees me in the courtyard, he calls to me to see how I am doing. he always has a little question about my work, my shoes, my dog, etc.  Yesterday he knocked on my door to borrow a hammer.  A HAMMER.  What man doesn’t have at least a hammer at his place?  I had just gotten home from a long day at work and was running on two hours sleep.  All I wanted to do was shower and sleep, but I gave him the hammer and waited patiently for him to return it.  He thanked me and after he was gone, I jumped in the shower.

The very minute I got out of the shower, he was knocking on my door again.  I threw on a t-shirt and shorts and answered the door. This time he asked if he could borrow my broom because his broke.  How do you break a broom enough that you can’t use the head?  I gave him my broom and again waited patiently so I could go to bed.

When he returned my broom he asked, “When do you usually sleep? I know your schedule is weird.”  Really? I am not telling a creepy, little Tomato Man when I sleep!!!  I told him I sleep sporadically and he explained he didn’t want to have his TV too loud.  Yeah sure buddy.  I assured him, I never hear anything from the other apartments.

I am hoping this doesn’t turn into a problem.  At least if I don’t answer, he may think I am sleeping if he knocks on the door again.  it really is time for me to move away from here!

Anyway Dear Readers, Check out Naughty Nothings and stay tuned tonight for my special debut!

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  1. Well, love, I think I got all the kinks (no pun intended) ironed out on your guest post! 🙂 It looks great and it already ranked #5 on my site for total hits!! The comments are low but the hits are NOT! KUDOS! 🙂 I’ll continue to pimp the naughty deliciousness.

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