My Thursday Idea!

Wooooo!!!  Another Naughty story is up called Friendly Skies !  Go check it out on Singles Warehouse 🙂

Here is my idea.  Since every Thursday I post up a link here to get you over to SW, I decided that I will provide you with the back story, the insight if you will, to the story I wrote.  Welcome to my brain.

Friendly Skies was inspired by none other than Jonathan, the brain behind Singles Warehouse.  We were chatting about where to take the XXX side of the site and i mentioned I was taking a break from my studies to chat with him.  What am I studying? My Aviation Bachelor of Sciences.

Let’s delve further.  The story takes place on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.  It’s an airplane that I have been fascinated with since i did a report on a few semesters back.  I have never been on one, but it’s one of those things I HAVE to do!  As you know, I always envision the girl character to be my naughty self, but my playmates are inspired by different things.  My playmate in this story was actually a mystery to me.  I have never seen him, I have never spoken with him, bu I saw him plainly in my thoughts as I was writing.

Maybe he is someone I will meet when I DO get my Dreamliner flight!

Go read, my lovelies.  I have things to do and looks like my Otter Pops are frozen!  What’s an Otter Pop?!

Ok, NOW GO!!  Fly the Friendly Skies with me!


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