My Heart Seeks The Dream

I know that I always write about being dominated;  I always write about rough sex, but I gotta be honest…I do like some sweetness.  I am just like most other girls, I do like to be treated like a princess.  I like holding hands, I like random forehead kisses, I like to look up from the task at hand only to see I am being looked at and adored.

I have dreams sometimes about someone.  I don’t know who it is, or even if it’s male or female.  What I do know is I love how the Dream treats me.  I love the way the Dream wraps its arms around me and holds me tight.  I feel sheltered, loved, at peace.  I love how the Dream kisses me, so light and gentle almost so gentle that is teases me and makes me want more.

The way the Dream touches me is like no other.  It’s a slow, light, tender touch…so caring, so full of warmth.  It’s like the Dream knows every inch of my body, every swell, every line, every dot.  The Dream massages my body, never rushing to fill me but making sure that every ounce of my being is taken care of and loved.  The energy between us gives me more energy and light than a thousand sleeps.  It lifts me up and brings me joy.

I love the way the Dream keeps my mind from wandering always taking care to give me multiple stimulations like sucking on my nipples while fingering my pussy, or massaging my thighs while licking my clit.  The Dream doesn’t “fuck” me, the Dream makes Love to me.  I have never had anyone take the time to make Love to me like the Dream does.

The Dream is calming like a steady spring rain.  It’s never aggressive, never selfish, never in a hurry.  Everything about it is fluid and pure.  It’s almost like slipping under a blanket when it’s fresh from the dryer, its warm, comforting.  It makes me go, “aahhh”, close my eyes, and smile.  It’s my cocoon, my safety.  It’s what I search for with my heart when my brain and my loins aren’t searching for something more.

It’s everything I want and need.  It’s everything I have been missing and never have had.  It’s my quest, it’s my goal, it’s my perfection, it’s my Dream.



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