Love Park

Happy Titty Tuesday, Darlings!    I really wanted to hold onto this for a little while, but I have a feeling you need something to help you recover from Monday.  Enjoy…

When I get wound up sexually, I am out of control.  For a girl who thrives on attention and loves sex more than breathing, going three months without some lovin’ will nearly put me in a padded room.  These are the days I need someone to talk me down from the window sill and keep me from jumping into a bad situation, ie a random booty call with someone who will only leave me more frustrated.   This time, I had no angels watching over me. 

I had a marvelous day relaxing and pampering myself when I finally decided to cuddle up with my computer and a movie on tv so I could comfortably check into virtual world.  On one of the sites I get on, an interesting and flirty conversation ensued about sundresses and panties…of course I was somehow involved.  I don’t always stay for the flirting, but this time there was someone involved in the chat who I already had a curiosity about.  I had seen him on the site before and he always seemed sweet, witty, but never overly crass.  Something made me stay and lucky for me DING! a private message.

It started innocently enough chatting about work and home until he mentioned he needed to get out of the house.  My wheels started turning.  Then Viola! his cell number.  After text flirting for almost an hour, both of us holding back a little, we decided to meet that night.  Mind you, it was 11pm and we set up a midnight meeting. 

I did like any good girl should and made sure someone knew where I was going.  My friend was concerned but is well aware that I am an opportunity knocks kinda girl especially if it could be fun.  I got dressed real quick in a sundress (though it was 11:30p) and cute flip-flops, pulled my hair into a pony so my shoulders would look good, and took off to our meeting spot.  A smart girl would have picked a public place, but since I was in a mellow mood and didn’t want to be around a lot of noise, I chose a 21 acre park…plenty of room for privacy.  Can you see why I need angels to watch over me?  I’m a prime candidate for a kidnapping.

On my way to the park I couldn’t help but get a bit giddy.  I had lots of questions and answers for myself: Am I crazy? What if he is a jackass?  What if he turns into a stalker?  I hope he’s as adorable as he seems…I really could use some attention.  Hell, I could use someone fun to chat with.  OMG I AM CRAZY!  When I got to the park, I had a minute to park my vehicle and breathe before he got there.  It wasn’t long before he pulled up and the minute I saw him, I knew I would be ok.

We took a few minutes to talk shop about the vehicles, then went into the park itself, found a place by some fountains to sit, and chatted away.  He made me giggle, he was such a joy to talk to but I have a confession…the whole time I was chatting with him and trying to learn about the random stranger sitting next to me I couldn’t help but fantasize about how he would feel.  I wanted to know what his hands would feel like around my wrists, how his teeth would feel sinking into the spot where my neck meets my shoulder.  I wanted to know how is lips felt against mine and I absolutely wanted to know how he would feel deep inside me.

Now you have to understand something about this one, he was a complete gentleman.  He was obviously raised right, very attentive, not egotistical, strong but yet there was something about him…yeah, he was That Guy.  You know the one.  The one that is such a charmer yet flirty at the same time.  The one that makes you curious.  The one that makes you trust him right away.  I was in trouble.

We probably chatted for an hour before we decided to wander around a bit.  As we walked hand in hand down the path, I got curious about a set of spiral stairs and wanted to climb them.  Truth is I wanted to get him up there and make out with him big time.  We started up the stairs and I tried staying beside him since…being the girl I am…I left wearing nothing, and I mean nothing, under my sundress. When we got up the first flight and the spiral was blocked off, we continued on to the roof nearby.

It was perfect.  It was away from foot traffic (not that there was any at 1am), and we were able to look over the area around us.  He was making me crazy being all respectful and sweet when I was ready to be taken down and owned.  I could see the mischief in his eyes.   I moved in so I could feel his arms around me.  Finally I was getting what I had been fantasizing about for hours.   His tongue was strong against mine and as he nipped at my lips I made sure to rub against him to tease just a little.  It may have been working because I felt that very thing that was to be mine growing in his shorts.  He felt so good as he kissed at my neck, his strong hands brushing my body everywhere he could reach.

He started teasing.  I didn’t expect him to have such control because I certainly wasn’t containing myself well.  He reached down and caressed my inner thighs.  BRAT!  Stop teasing!  I kissed him harder, trying not to get too aggressive,  I reached down and moved his hand to my already wet pussy.  My clit was throbbing, wanting, and the instant he rubbed it electricity shot through my body.  Still he held me, kissing and teasing me up on the roof of a random building in a park in the middle of the night.

His fingers pushed into my tight, wet pussy and I moaned into his kiss.  I wanted him so bad.  God, he knew exactly how I needed him to finger fuck me.  I wanted to climb on top of him and take everything he had for me.  I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I had to get my hands on his cock.  I reached in and unzipped him.  He fucked me harder with his strong, perfect fingers and I reached in to stroke my new toy.  I needed it inside me, I needed to feel him, I wanted him fucking me, I got to the point where I couldn’t help myself…I begged for it.

Give it to me baby, please?  He unbuttoned and let my new toy out of it’s hiding space.  I turned to face the balcony wall and look over the lot in front of us, presenting him with my ass and pussy, begging to be fucked from behind.  I was so wet, he slipped into me effortlessly and began fucking me, hands on my hips.  I had not a care in the world other than the feeling of the throbbing cock inside of me.  I didn’t care about the person taking trash to the dumpster, I didn’t care that I was shushed so we wouldn’t get in trouble, I didn’t even care about the fire truck that pulled into the lot below us with his red and white lights on.  All I cared about was the feeling of That Guy encompassing me completely.  

I could feel his cock throbbing harder within me as I squeezed his cock tight, trying to keep him where he belonged.  His head was tight and big when he leaned into me and told me he was going to cum.  “I want it baby,” I said.  He quickened his thrusts, deeper into my dripping pussy and we came together, on the rooftop in the park in the middle of the night with a firetruck nearby.  After our waves of climax passed, he pulled out slowly and his hot, sticky seed, ran down my thighs.  It felt so good to have him warm me inside and out.

After a little bit more sweetness and kissing, we headed to the exit of the park with a quick stop at one of the running fountains.  I didn’t want to leave him.  I wanted to take him home and work on round two.  I wanted to show him all the things I had been fantasizing about during our chats when we got there.  And mostly, I wanted to fall asleep in his arms only to wake in the morning with his cock buried deep in my pussy.  But we were good, we each went to our own places.

As I laid in bed still throbbing from the nice pounding I had gotten from That Guy, I couldn’t help but giggle at it all.  How often can you say that your first sexual experience with a person, a stranger at that,  was on a roof, in a 21 acre park, in the middle of the night, by the lights of a fire truck?  As odd as it seems, it was perfect.

5 thoughts on “Love Park

  1. Nice. Sounds like your guy knew his way around a girl. Not always assured when you meet up with someone. This post made me wish I could meet up with some one for a little grown up time myself if I wasn’t married. Thanks for a great read.

    1. The whole reason I DON’T do Booty Calls as a rule is because I am usually left frustrated and wanting. Genreally the guy is out to get off and never gives me what I need. THIS TIME however, I was pleasantly surprised. How lucky 🙂 Maybe you can do a role play with your hubby! Ask him about it, spice it up! Set it up to pretend you had never met and meet somewhere randome for your own booty call 🙂

    1. Jewels! I guess this was my own “Dirty Stay Out” 🙂 Trust me, I was a bit timid about it and I did make sure I was covered…sort of. I told a friend where I was, but when I checked in on Facebook it placed me in a location 4 hours from where I really was! OOOPS. Heheheheh. Everything happens for a reason. And thank you, I got mine alright 😉

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