12. Latte

“Hey Amanda?” asked Liz.

“Yes, dahling?” Amanda teased as she started leading them back towards MawMaw’s.

“Do you know anything at all about your parents? I mean…we’ve never really talked about it, but I wonder if you are the way you are because they weren’t around,” said Liz carefully.

“What do you mean the way I am ?”

“Well for one, you are no where near as dark as your grandma.  You are caramel at most, almost latte I would say which makes you so beautiful that men fall over you.  But the problem with that is, you only fall for the broken ones, the ones who need healing.  It’s like you want to fix people and when it’s really time to let them go, you don’t want to.  It’s almost like you are afraid to let go.  Please don’t be mad, I know I said too much,” Liz was looking at the ground by now not sure if she should have said what was on her mind.


“Latte huh? I like it. I’m going to change my name to Amanda Latte!  What do you think?”


“Fine, you’re right.  I know I get weird.  I know I can’t seem to get normal people around me usually.  MawMaw says I’m a healer, but what is wrong with that?  It drains me, yes, but I don’t know how to stop it.  You think it’s because I grew up with no parents?  Maybe.  But MawMaw raised me right, and boy she was strict.”

Just then the girls rounded one of the oak trees and Amanda caught a glimpse of MawMaw on the porch.  She knew that MawMaw found the doll, and if MawMaw found the doll then she knew.  She knew.