Last Chance

Happy Naughty Post Day Readers!  Here’s a little something for your weekend.  If you have a flight tomorrow or next weekend, keep this in mind and remember…procrastination might keep you from a good thing.

I went out there with no thought of sleeping with him.  Of course there was a little thought, but I wasn’t dwelling on it.  Before I had gone out there, I mentioned that after 21 years we should probably consummate our marriage.  From the day I met him, he called me wife.  We never dated, never even kissed when we were kids, but we continued the husband/wife thing all through school.  It was even written into one of our school performances. We have been friends for 21 years and I guess I figured I wasn’t going to push it if he wasn’t interested.  You know how guys are with me….either they are intimidated or they are up for the challenge.  We were both throwing out little sexual hints all week, but my thought was I wanted him to make a move, I didn’t want to be the aggressor. 
I changed clothes in front of him like it was nothing.  I cuddled up next to him while watching tv, whispered in his ear at the club, and gave gentle touches throughout the day.  That is me, that is normal.  From him, there was NOTHING all week until Sunday morning.  We slept in every day and Sunday I had to make sure we woke up to get to the airport since I had to be back that night.  About 10:30am I started giving him a hand massage then running my fingers over his shoulders and chest lightly as we laid in bed…I wanted him to wake up slow.  I was to the point where I didn’t want to leave without getting some and I was thinking of how to bring it up when he said, “Did you have a good vacation here?”
“Is there anything you are disappointed about?” 
“Did you think we were going to hook up?” 
I didn’t expect anything because I wasn’t sure how you felt about it. 
“Do you want to hook up?” 
I’d love too…I’ve been thinking about it and we keep hinting about it but I was waiting for you to make the move, besides…it won’t change anything between us, it’s been 20 yrs.
“That’s what I was thinking” then he started to say something else but I started kissing him to shut him up.  At this point it was 10:45am and my plane was to leave at 12:30.

He started biting my lips and kissing my neck then he reached across me to the top corner of the bed and said, “And besides, I want to try these on you.”  He was straddling me now. He reached further beside the mattress corner where he had a restraint system set up under his mattress!  He took my wrist and said, “I know how you have a thing about your wrists…”  He took one wrist and wrapped it in, holding me down with his weight.  He kissed and nibbled at me some more and secured the other wrist.  Then he said, “I’ll be right back”.
I was left there, wrists restrained, waiting….when he got back my heart was pounding!  He teased me about keeping me locked up and I played back telling him how I might enjoy that.  He then went to the foot of the bed and told me he was going to restrain my ankles, too.  He was gentle with his grip but I could tell he was more excited because he was a bit more forceful.  Once I was fully restrained, my little nightie riding just above my pussy, he came to me. 
He kissed my tummy and my inner thigh, then he began lapping at my clit and putting his tongue inside of me, tasting my juices.  I was so wet already!  He kissed and nibbled his way up to me moving my nightie so gentle but being rougher with his kisses and bites.  He sucked and bit at my nipples, my neck, my lips, all the while fingering my pussy and teasing me every time he rubbed his cock between my legs without giving it to me.
Finally, I got what I wanted so badly, what I had been stealing glances at each evening as I peeked at his shorts, I finally had his throbbing cock inside of me…deep inside of me.  He kept kissing and nibbling at my lips and neck as he forced his cock in and out of me in a fast steady rhythm.  I was helpless to do anything the only thing I could move was my lips as I returned his kisses and let out the moans of a girl who wants more, more, more!  I squeezed his pulsing erection with my pussy trying to get some control.  I held on as he kept pounding my pussy.  He made me squirt, made me cum, made me quiver at the same time he let loose of his load. 
He kept pumping me, kept giving me his cock.  I was loving it. I asked for control of my legs so I could put them around him and feel him deeper in me.  He set me free at the ankles, reminded me he was in control and continued fucking me.  He wanted me to cum again.  I could feel the head of his cock bottoming out inside of me, trying to push further and further.  He bit my neck, told me to cum, and slammed it to me hard one last time as I came on his cock and let my juices flow as I was told.
As he lay on top of me, gently kissing me and unstrapping my wrists, he told me to get in the shower.  We only had 45 minutes to clean up and get to the airport before my plane departed for home.  When we were fresh and ready,  we drove to the airport.  I said my goodbyes and made it to the plane as they were boarding.  I sat there…on that plane…wet, heart pounding, wanting more.

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