I Want You So Bad

Happy Naughty Saturday Readers.  Today I have a little something from the archives.  It’s an actual email I wrote to a friend a while ago.  I’ve had a few amazing experiences beginning with emails like this…

I’ve had dreams of being forced into sex by men, dreams of being controlled and fucked.  I had dreams no girl should ever have, and now it’s all surfacing again.  I want to know what it’s like to be bound, to have my freedom taken from me and put in your hands.  I want to trust you enough to let go and give you complete control.   It’s how it should have been many times over, but sometimes I want to completely let go and trust, I want to be taken care of in ways no one has taken care of me before.  All of my life I have given and all I have ever wanted was to be taken…what a different experience that would be.  It’s almost scary to lose control. 

I also just realized something else.  There are very few people in this world that know this besides you…my wrists are the key to settling me down and making me submissive.  There is something so secure, so safe about having someone hold my wrists, feel the heat from another person’s hand, feel my pulse beneath the grasp.  Something about it makes me want to give up, give in, settle down.  It’s like my super sexy dominance secret and now you know.  All you have to do is grab a wrist and hold on, settle me down, make me do your bidding.  It turns me on for some reason, it is something I can’t explain but there is your power right there.  It makes me wonder what leather cuffs would do to me, though I know the warmth and pulse wouldn’t be there.  Would it be the same?  I’m almost afraid to tell you all of this.  Do you know how scary it is to tell one man secrets like this?   If you wanted to dominate me…there’s the key.  Why should I hold back, I trust you for some reason.

I can’t help but be horny as hell thinking of all this.  I want to kiss the side of your cock, and make you moan with pleasure. I want to lick the length of your shaft with long strokes. My tongue will dance slowly up and down your swollen prick, teasing you, unleashing you.  I’ll wrap my wet lips around the head of your cock and wait patiently for you to force it deep into my throat making me gag, eyes watering, pussy getting wet with anticipation.
I think you should reach under my skirt, force me to spread my legs and just see how wet I really am thinking of all the things you are going to do to me.  I want to feel you stroking my wet clit, and know you will ignore my protests and my begging for you to stop.  I want to belong to you and do only as you say, nothing more, nothing less.  I want you to own me.  I want what you want and I will complement your needs and desires.

I can feel your arm around my waist holding me tight against you, feeling my body quiver as I wait for your cock.  I want it so bad.  It’s my dream to be forced down and devoured by a man who is passionate and animalistic in his sexual desires.  I would love for you to gather my wrists together in one hand pushing them over my head making me arch my back, surrendering to you, moving my tits closer to your mouth so you can suck on them, bite them while holding down my shoulder with the other hand. 

I want you to fuck me, take possession of me.  I want you to touch me and violate me…have your way with me.  I want you to hold me down so I can’t move and I want to feel you thrust your prick in and out of me.

With my knees pushed into my chest, I want you to fuck me deeper and harder than you have ever fucked anyone.  I know you want to feel my pussy stretch.  You want me to hurt but feel the pleasure of a big cock filling me up like never before…I want you to slam into me with authority until I scream.  I want to be weak, limp, breathless while you fuck me like a piece of meat, helpless and unable to move under your strength.  I’m there for your pleasure and that is just what I want. 

I expect you to keep hold of my wrists and keep me from moving while I arch my back moving my hips into you as you shove harder and harder into me ruthlessly as I moan and cry for more.  I want to be afraid but extremely excited by your dominance.  My pussy is going to grasp your cock so hard, it will be hard for you not to cum, but you will wait and make me wait thrusting deep into me leaving me only with the choice of clinging to the bed with my fists, thrashing wildly, and whimpering while my body shudders and quivers beneath you wanting to cum.  You know exactly what I need.  I know you do.

I’m going to fight you and myself as the feelings get stronger and they implode with my scream and our bodies shudder through an amazingly intense orgasm.  Then I will lie there, panting, dripping with sweat and cum, and waiting for you to be ready for round two.
I want you so bad right now….

2 thoughts on “I Want You So Bad

  1. Emails like that can be scary but so much fun. Letting them know your secrets, especially ones about domination, are terrifying but in the sexiest possible way. I think more women feel that way than they admit (to themselves or others). I know I feel the same and a few lucky men have been honored to know that about me. Sharing like that is beneficial to both parties though…because man it gets GOOD after you do. 🙂 Great post!

    1. Yes very few people know about my secrets. I am always afraid that if the wrong person found out, I could end up in a bad situation. Stuff like this is absolutely for the most trusted inner circle 🙂 Thanks for the comment!

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