I Have To Be Strong

Happy Titty Tuesday Readers!  This was inspired by a couple recent texts, but oh it took off from there didn’t it?  Enjoy it my loves….

“It’s not our fault that we’re amazing together.”  Really?  I’m supposed to cave in and forget that he left me hanging because we click sexually?  No.  I have to be strong. 

“You make me feel alive…like a man should feel.”  Great.  You can’t feel that way without me? I’m not falling for it.  I have to be strong.

“The awesome thing about you is you’re smart, balanced, a great conversationalist and super sexual like me.  You like to explore it and I am kind of envious of that.”  Flattery.  He’s trying to make me think he understands me.  He probably says that to everyone.  I have to be strong.

“I want to eat you so hard you drench my face with your cum.  I want to destroy your pussy.”  Shit.  There it is.  He is going to get me all wound up.  Maybe I should just shut my phone off.  I can’t.  I can handle this.  I have to be strong.

“I could just feel how tight your pussy would be around my huge, nasty, throbbing meat.  I would have to push so much…make it inch its way in…feel you throbbing around me.   I want to hear your girly sobs in my ear…make you take every bit of me and LOVE it like a good girl should.”   Moisture.  Fuck.  I hate him.  Or maybe I hate myself for being attracted to him and imagining the whole scene in my head.  NO!  I HAVE to be stong!

“Once I gave your pussy a taste, I would give you a taste.  I want to feel your pretty wet lips around my cock….see how far down my cock you can leave a ring.  You need to be on your knees in front of me…mouth open…let me FUCK your throat.  I want to see you look up at me, eyes watering, your drool dripping off my cock and balls.  Once I shoot my hot, heavy load down the back of your throat and you swallow every drop you will lick me clean and I will take care of you in ways you can only imagine.”  Oh I can imagine them!!  That’s the problem right now.  I’m throbbing and wet just thinking about it.  I want him so bad right now.  It can’t be just anyone; it has to be him!  He’s the one who knows…..NOOOO!!!  I have to be STRONG!!

“When I wrap my hand around your throat and make you look into your eyes, you’re mine.”  Shit Shit Shit!!! 

“I can already feel your pulse quicken beneath my grip. I can see your skin blushing with desire.  I am going to take such good care of you, Kitten.”  He Used The Magic Word.  That’s it.  He wins….NO!  My hand is reaching inside my panties and I am so wet! Oh how I hate him.  I can feel every inch of my skin aching for his touch, I want him but…I have….to…..be strong….

“What’s the matter, Kitten?  Cat got your tongue?…the tongue that I am going to suck on as my grip tightens around your throat and your little hands grip my wrist in protest?  You are mine.  I’m going to lay you down on that bed and pin you there with my body tight against yours.  Can you feel my cock throbbing against you?  Do you want it?  I know you do.”  YES! YES damn it I do!!  Get your ass over here and Fuck me!!!  ….ok ok Breathe.  I can’t…I…oh my clit is so swollen.  I can almost feel his cock throbbing against me.  I’m so wet just thinking…rubbing my clit harder…faster….Oh my Oh  WAIT!!!  Breathe.  I have to be strong.

“With my hand still around your throat I am going to softly kiss your jaw line, down your neck, to the place where your collarbone appears and Bite Down Hard.  You are going to cum right then and there like a good girl.  I know you’re wet now, aren’t you?  Such a naughty little girl!”  Fuck yes I’m cumming!  OhhhmyGod!  Breathe.  I’m still stroking my pretty pink clit and ohmyGod I am quivering.  I hate him.  I hate him for having control like this.  WAIT…he isn’t here.  I’m in control.  I am strong.  I HAVE to be strong.

“That’s my girl.  I’m going to kiss every inch of your body as I spank your wet pussy with my hand.  I know how much you love my hands.  Are you focusing?  Are you feeling them, their heat, their strength?  Of course you are.  I’m going to work my way down your body until my face is nestled between your legs and I can taste you.  I want to roll your clit between my teeth making you squirm…BE STILL or I will punish you.  You love this.  It’s all about you.  I’m going to press my tongue deep inside you and feel you tighten around me.  Stop trying to resist.”  I”m not!!! I want this! I need to get him over here.  I need an Earth shattering orgasm like he was always able to give me.  Ok Fuck I’m calling him.  NO!  I can’t!  I’ll just get my toy out.  This one is good….just about his size.  I can do this.  I can be strong.

“I’m going to eat your pretty pink slit until you squirt all over my tongue.  I want to taste you.  I NEED to taste you.  And one you have given me my sweet nectar then and ONLY then will I give you this throbbing cock.  I know you want it.  Maybe I should make you beg for it.”  Was that me? Did I seriously just whimper for his cock?  Fuck I’m so wet.  I”ll just slip this…ahhhhyeah….yeah baby  God that’s good.  Fuck I want it all the way…God yes I can Fuck this pussy faster and ….harder….fuuuuck  I don’t need his perfect THROBBING cock.  I …I can be…strong.  Please baby? OhGod please?  I want your cock so bad!!!

“Shhh Kitten, I will always take care of you.  I’m going to slap my big, nasty meat on your pussy…hear the sound of it slapping your clit, your wet lips then I’m going to just slide…in…just  a little until I SLAM MY FUCKING COCK deep inside your wet slit! I am going to punish you like the naughty little girl whore that you are!  Every inch, every bit, throbbing inside of you, stretching you while you scream in pain and pleasure.  YOU WANT THIS and I am going to give you every bit.  You will cum for me, squirt for me time and again until I feel you’ve had your fill!”  FUUUUUCKKKK!!!  I can’t stop, I can’t…ohGod I can’t stop slamming this fucking toy into my wet pussy.  Damn him!!!  If I’ve cum this much without him…oh the things I can do with him!!! I want it! I want him!! I neeeeeed this!!!  FUCK being strong!!

“I’m going to fill you with my hot sticky load.  You want it.  You always beg me for it.  I am going to cum so deep inside of you that you drip my seed for days.  Such a naughty little girl….deep and hard in that fucking tight little pussy….I’m cumming for you my angel…I’m cumming and I’m going to give you every…last drop.  You tighten on my cock, milking it, I kow you feel my head swelling, you always do….here it cums baby ohhhhhfuuck yeah!”  OHMYGOD YESSSSSS!!!!!  Fuck ohhhh I didn’t know I could cum so hard using this damn toy.  I have to have him.  I have to!!!  I’m…soaked in cum and sweat.  I can’t stand my legs are so rubbery.  Fuck this.  Fuck him.  I’m calling him. I’m going to use that fucking cock and get everything I want from it.  Everything I WANT.  And this is me being strong!  This is me getting what I want!  Fuck yes!!

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  1. Sweet Gentle Jesus, girl! I’d have caved long before you did! I’m going to need a bit to compose myself….


    …..nope still not ready….

    …okay maybe now….nope…

    …um, yeah it doesn’t look like I’ll be composing coherent thoughts for a bit. Just…wow. Kudos, darling.

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