Home- *Special Guest Post*


I just released the air brakes on my rig.  I was home, finally, for the next ten days.  I had waited for this moment since the last time I was here.  I walked into the apartment.  I was rushed and licked by the Odd One.  He is always so excited when I get home.  While I was showing him some love I could see her long sexy legs to my right, but not the rest of her.  She was on the couch, legs up, reading her kindle.  This sight alone had blood rushing down to my cock, but I needed to greet her and shower first.

She rose from the couch, I hugged her tight again.  We began kissing deeply, I could feel her breathing me in.  I reached down to grasp both her wrists, and she exhales.  I spin her around and pin her to the wall with her arms above her head.  She looks so good in that sun dress and I know there’s nothing under it.  I know because I made it clear she’s to be naked.  She does as she’s told because I own her.  She’s my good girl, my kitten.

This is About Me

I was still kissing her as I released her left wrist so that my hand could roam her body.  I slide up her thigh and cup her ass.  I’m throbbing at this point, and she’s rubbing her right knee against my cock.  I move her into the kitchen and push her swiftly face down into the counter and hold her there by the back of her neck while I slide my shorts down.  She reaches back for my cock but I deny her.  I put her hand back on the counter and tell her to keep it there. This is about me right now.  I’m taking what belongs to me.  I lift her sun dress and tuck it into the top elastic part to keep it out-of-the-way.

My cock is rock hard and I can hear her whimpering.  It turns me on when she vocalizes how vulnerable she is.  I push a finger between her pussy lips.  She’s soaked already and as tight as ever.  I still have her neck pinned down as I push my throbbing cock into her.  There’s no playing around, no tip only, no teasing.  In one motion my cock slides into her until I’m balls deep.  She yelps, that turns me on as well.  She’s in pain but she loves it.  I keep my cock inside her now, to lay where it belongs and to let her pussy relax and accommodate me.  She’s breathing so heavily, I dig my hips into her to make sure every inch of my cock is inside her.  She moans “oh fuckkk baby, slow”.  I ease myself out fully and right away slide it back in.  She’s very tight and I’m already struggling to keep the cum inside my balls.  In, out, in out, in out.  I release her neck and hold her hips.

She tries to lift her face from the counter but I scold her.  She’s on her tippy toes and I feel her slightly fighting my cock.  I pull out, and admire my wet glistening member.  She goes flat-footed once again and I pull her to the bedroom.  She tries to get into the bed but I stop her and pull her dress off.  I tell her to sit on the foot stool.  I want my cock serviced with her mouth.  I grab the back of her hair and slide my cock into her mouth and across her tongue.  She’s got such a little mouth, I love seeing it stuffed with my dick.  I tell her to spit on my cock and make it sloppy.  She does as she’s told and I’m in pure bliss.  I can’t take it anymore, I hold her head with both hands and begin to throat fuck her.  She gags and her eyes begin to water as she places her hands on my thighs.  She knows better than to try to push me away though.

I Use My Property Selfishly

Being owned is not always pretty.  Sometimes, like this time, I use my property selfishly.  I throw her onto the bed on her back and crawl between her legs.  It’s time to pummel her pussy.  I pin her legs back as far as possible and look at her pussy before I plunge into her.  Another gasp.  I’m fucking her as deep and hard as possible.  She’s almost screaming now.  I know she’s about to cum and I give her permission.  I feel her pussy clench down on my dick.  I’m close.  She tells me to cum and I say “soon baby”.  

Little does she know she’s in for a surprise this time.  I pull out and for a moment she has a puzzled look about her.  I crawl up to her shoulder and begin jerking off above her face.  She knows now.  Her eyes are already closed as the first shot of cum sprays across her forehead and into her hair.  Three more squirts of cum follow but these drench her cheeks, nose and mouth.  I’m spent and begin to go limp on her cheek.

“Good girl, go clean up” I tell her. I fall to my back and smile. It’s good to be home.